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Yeong-Su Oh- Old Man

Many actors and people in the world have influenced their fans around the globe; similarly, Yeong-Su Oh is one of them.

Yeong-Su is a tremendous personality who has entertained the world in many ways by his outstanding acting.

Yeong is the kind of actor who uses the technic called “Method Acting” to act in this the person go deep into the character.

Similarly, this actor has done many films and other roles on tv, but he got a huge name and fame lately after doing a series on Netflix called “Squid Game.”

Yeong-Su Oh
Yeong-Su Oh

Yeong played character number 001 in the series “Squid Game,” and his popularity skyrocketed immediately.

In this article, you will learn about his age-life-career and many more, so let us move further to know him more.

Quick Facts | Yeong-Su Oh:

Full Name Yeong-Su Oh
Birth Date October 19, 1944
Birth Place South Korea
Current Residence South Korea
Nick Name Oh Yeong-Su, Yeong, O Yeong
Religion Buddhism
Nationality South Korean
Ethnicity Asian
Education High School Graduate
Horoscope Libra
Father’s Name Not Known
Mother’s Name Not Known
Shoe Size 9 US
Age 77
Sexual Orientation Straight
Height 5 feet 7 inches, (174 cm)
Weight 67 kg, (147 lbs)
Movies A Little Monk, The Happenings, etc.
Television  Queen Seondeok, God of War, Squid Game
Achievements Dong-A Theater Award, Baeksang Arts Award
Hair Color Grey
Eye Color Dark Brown
Build Aged
Hobbies Acting, Cooking
Profession Actor, Television Personality
Marital Status Married
Kids 2 Sons (Name Not Known)
Wife Son Ji-Chang
Net Worth $4 million
Social Media Instagram
Favorite Food Sushi, Steak

Yeong-Su Oh | Height, Weight, Age | Physical Appearances:

The talented actor was born in South Korea on October 19, 1994, and he is 77 years old as of now; likewise, he is pretty fit according to his age.

Similarly, Yeong has short grey hair and puffy dark-brown eyes, and he stands at the height of 170cm and weighs around 147 lbs.

Yeong has a distinctive physical appearance: his wrinkled face, slim body, and a bent back; likewise, at this age, also he does yoga and cardio to make himself fit and healthy.

Early Life

Yeong was born in the small town of South Korea, and his father and mother were farmers, and his early life was not so pleasant.

Yeong’s parents and his family members are not disclosed by him on the internet yet as he is a simple man and wants to live a low-key life.

Accordingly, Yeong has done his schooling at a private school in South Korea, and he has been very fond of acting since his childhood.

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Even though he was born was a tough time, he was so interested in acting that he used to do dramas and acts in his hometown in many festivals and functions.

Yeong is an excellent writer also, and he has written many dramas and theater shows in his career and is very passionate about his work.

Yeong-Su Oh | Career:

  • Yeong has a desirable and long career in his acting life, and he is well recognized in South Korea.
  • Yeong-Su Oh is a famous South Korean Writer, Actor, Tv character, media face, and Internet star.
  • After his exhibition in the famous Netflix series called ‘Squid Game.’ Similarly, he is featured in numerous films and TV series.
  • Likewise, he started his profession as an essayist (writer). In 1965, Yeong wrote a script for ‘Seashore Village’ and ‘Anna’s Will’ in 1975.
  • Besides this, Yeong started his professional acting career as a theater artist, and he was also part of a crew named “The Square.”
  • He chipped away at numerous films and Tv series like The first republic, The Soul Guardians, The fairy of shampoo, Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring.
  • Likewise, Yeong acted in: A Little Monk, The Return of Iljimae, Queen Seondeok, God of War, and in his long career, he has won the heart of many fans.
  • Yeong additionally won the Dong-A Theater Awards for Best Actor for ‘The Desire of Baekyang Island’ in 1979.

Personal Life | Yeong-Su Oh:

Many people around the globe are now fans of the character that Yeong played “001” in the web series; similarly, Yeong has now opened his social media account to connect with his worldwide admirer.

Yeong-Su Oh is a very reserved and introverted type of person when it comes to his and his family life.

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Similarly, the great actor has not portrayed his personal life in the media and on the internet because he believes in simple living and stays out of the controversies and limelight.

Yeong was married to his wife, Son Ji-Chang, a long time back, and the beautiful couple is blessed with 2 kids.

Accordingly, like father-like son Yeong’s sons are practicing and taking training to become an actor because, since their childhood, they have idolized Yeong.

Theater Shows Done By Yeong-Su Oh:

There are much theater shows done by Yeong, and he has earned the most respect and popularity, and he is famous for his “Method Acting.”

Similarly, Some of his renowned theater shows names are listed below if you are interested in watching them on the internet.

  1. The Square
  2. Requiem for a Nun
  3. Goethe’s Faust
  4. Death of a Salesman
  5. Prince Yeonsangun
  6. How Chun Deok-goo Lives
  7. Father and Son
  8. I Love You

Television Acting Done By Yeong-Su Oh:

There are many television works done by Yeong in which some of the memorable and hits are given below.

  1. The First Republic
  2. The Fairy of Shampoo
  3. The Soul Guardians
  4. A Little Monk
  5. Queen Seondeok
  6. Squid Game
  7. God of War

Squid Game 

“Squid Game” is a South Korean endurance show TV series gushing on Netflix, written and directed by famous writer Hwang Dong.

Its cast incorporates Lee Jung-Jae, Park Hae-soo, Wi Ha-Joon, Jung Ho-Yeon, O Yeong-su, Heo Sung-Tae, Anupam Tripathi, and Kim Joo-Ryoung.

The series rotates around a challenge where 456 players, drawn from different backgrounds yet each profoundly in debt.

They had to play a progression of kids’ games for the opportunity to win a 45.6 billion South Korean Won prize, with a death punishment on the off chance that they lose.

Squid Game was delivered worldwide on September 17, 2021, to essential recognition and global consideration.

Attracting more than 142 million part families during its initial month from dispatch, it is the organization’s most-watched series to date.

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The character of Yeong-Su Oh in Squid Game:

Netflix’s Squid Game had a ton of staggering exhibitions, yet it’s fair to say that probably the best was by Oh Yeong-su, who played the character of an older adult.

Squid Game is seemingly the most famous current show on the planet, with it besting Netflix’s rundowns around the world.

Millions of fans take apart and investigate each scene and character, and a few have communicated interest in the elderly’s person, Oh Il Nam, played by Oh Yeong-su.

Yeong-Su-Oh-Squid Game
Yeong-Su Oh Who Played Squid Game Character 001

One of the best revels of the episode was the mastermind’s identity, and it ended up being the alleged sweet Old Man! Finally, in the season finale, it is uncovered that the maker of this horrendous, perverted game is the one who the crowd had adored and surprisingly never thought for Yeong.

Regardless of being old and having a brain tumor, the older person ends up being savvy enough to sort out most games, helping the group win the back-and-forth.

The uncover ended up being a snapshot of shock and twist for most watchers. However, the older adult was one of the most generous characters in the show. When he generously seemed to sacrifice himself to save Gi-hun, the vast majority of the crowd got emotional and cried.

As the viewers discover eventually, the sacrifice made by the older man isn’t genuine, and the whole game was a wound technique by a wealthy older person to earn money and enjoy.

Everyone gets shocked after knowing that the mastermind behind all is the older adult, aka Yeong-Su Oh.

Why Did the Old Man Create the Squid Game:

In the season finale, the older person concedes to a stunned and startled Gi-Hun that he was the game maker.

Yeong explained that this game is to get rid of his boredom and see what people can do to survive.

O Il Nam(001) even ventured to such an extreme as he compared this game with horse racing. Very much like individuals overall bid on horses, the older adult, alongside other rich men, chosen to take it a bit further and bet on people instead!

The elderly person’s defense was that”when one has cash, they, at last, get bored of everything and want to do crazy and fierce things.”

O Il Nam and his similarly wealthy customers want to make a game so fierce thus twisted that it would make life surprisingly tricky.

Yeong wants to prove that Roman Gladiators shows were nothing in front of this game that he created.

Yeong-Su Oh-Squid-Game-001
Yeong-Su Oh In The Set Of Squid Game

Lastly, Yeong said that he did not force anyone to be part of the game; they all had agreed to play by their own choice, and they had been given a chance to exit.

Yeong was dying due to his brain tumor, and he wanted to relive his childhood through the game, no matter if people died in the game.

Similarly, his motive to start the game is for wealthy people who want to see real entertainment and death in games.

Social Media

Due to the enormous popularity and craze in the whole world for Yeong, at last thought about going on social media. But sadly he didn’t do so. Fans might not be surprised to know the fact that there are no social media of the man.

Neither there is Facebook, Instagram, or also Twitter, he comes out clean. There are a lot of fan accounts that don’t resemble his presence as well.

What is Yeong-Su Oh Net Worth?

Yeong is famous, and he has a long career of his acting and working in the television industry and has a good amount of fortune.

Similarly, his net worth is estimated at around $4 million, and he is living his life in an exemplary manner with his wealth.

FAQ | Yeong-Su Oh

What is Yeong doing these days after Squid Game?

After the success of the Netflix series “Squid Game,” Yeong was offered by the Kkanbu Chicken to be their endorsement model, but he refused the offer saying that he wanted to focus on his acting.

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