Becoming Elizabeth Trailer, Cast, Release Date, Fans Expectations

The younger year and life of Queen Elizabeth I is what Becoming Elizabeth comprises. Becoming Elizabeth is a British-American historical drama series. Anya Reiss created this TV show. Similarly, Anna Jordan, Emily Ballou, and Suhayla El Bushra with Anya Reiss worked on the screenplay of this series.

Becoming Elizabeth release date
Becoming Elizabeth’s first episode will release on 12th June 2022
Source: Insider TV

The producer is Lisa OsborneGeorge Ormond, George Faber, and Anya Reiss are the executive producers. Likewise, The Forge is the production company to produce this series.

Trailer of Becoming Elizabeth

The trailer for Becoming Elizabeth was dropped on 21st August 2022. Becoming Elizabeth is a historical drama that represents the origins of the British. From the trailer, we can get the sight of intense acting, castles, and refined designs of costumes and pieces of jewelry.

Becoming Elizabeth is a historical drama that represents the origins of the British. From the trailer, we can get the sight of intense acting, castles, and delicate designs of costumes and pieces of jewelry. Queen Elizabeth, I am still recognized as one of the most powerful women in the world. This TV series focuses on young Elizabeth Tudor. The death of the king makes her an orphan teenager.

Further, in the process of securing the crown, Elizabeth gets involved in the politics of England. Becoming Elizabeth prioritizes the young life of Queen Elizabeth I. This show is about the struggles and sexual politics that Elizabeth Tudor Faced before becoming the queen.

Main Cast of Becoming Elizabeth

Alicia Von Rittberg

Alicia Von Rittberg is a German actress. The actress belongs to a German noble and royal family. Rittberg started her film career in 2000. The actress played a lead role in Fury beside Brad Pitt. The actress also worked in other movies as well as TV shows. Our Kind of Traitor, Charite, The Old Fox, and Genius are some movies and TV shows starring her.

Furthermore, Rittberg represents the role of Queen Elizabeth I in this TV show. Queen Elizabeth 1 ruled England and Ireland until she died in 1603.

Romola Sadie Garai

Romola Sadie Garai is a British actress. The actress was born in Hong Kong. Garai has been active since the year 2000. This actress made her appearance in Atonement, Glorious 39, Emma, The Hour, and Amazing Grace. In 2014, Garai married Sam Hoare. They have two children together.

Thus, Garai is portraying the role of Mary I of England. Queen Mary 1 also ruled England and Ireland until she died in 1558.

Jessica Helen Lloyd

Jessica Raine is a British actress. The actress has been present in the film industry since 2008. Raine’s roles in both Call the Midwife and An Adventure in the Space and Time are prominent. Likewise, Raine and Tom Goodman-Hill married in 2015. In2019, they had a baby.

The actress is portraying the character of Catherine Parr. Catherine Parr is the last wife of King Henry VII. Additionally, Catherine was the final queen consort of the House of Tudor.

Additional Cast 

Thomas Cullen is knowns as Tom Cullen. Tom Cullen is portraying the role of Thomas Seymour. Thomas Seymour is the brother of Jane Seymour. Jane Seymour was the 3rd wife of King Henry VII. Bella Ramsey is acting as Lady Jane Grey. Lady Jane Grey is the great-granddaughter of the king.

Likewise, Oliver Zetterstrom is serving as King Edward VI. Jamie Parker acts as John Dudley, the 1st Duke of Northumberland. We can also glimpse John Heffernan, who portrays the Duke of Somerset.

Moreover, Jacob Avery, Alexandra Gilbreath, Leo Bill, Alex Macqueen, Jamie Blackley, and Robert Whitelock are starring in this TV show.

When is Becoming Elizabeth Releasing? 

The first episode, “Keep Your Knife Bright,” of Becoming Elizabeth dropped on 12th June 2022. Hence, the first episode begins with the death of the king. The siblings get Information about the death of their father in the middle of the night. Similarly, the next episode is set to release on 19th June 2022.

Becoming Elizabeth is available on the Starz streaming service. Starz drops every episode weekly. The TV network has previously succeeded in developing Outlander and The Spanish Princess period dramas.

Thus, this show will have eight episodes in total.

Fans Expectations

Every one of us has learned about the reputation of Queen Elizabeth I. We know the queen either as the white face makeup queen or the virgin queen. As long as the viewers expect to see the queen after her rise. Then, this show is not for them.

This show explores the complexities that the teenage Elizabeth faced. Likewise, it only concentrates on how the reign of monarchs started.

Thus, viewers can watch the truth and complexities the monarchs face through this series.


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