Memes and Things you need to know about Squid Game

Memes on Squid Game

Every great series comes through a long journey. There is quite a lot to know and admire. Similar is the case when we talk about Netflix’s “Squid Game”. The show has touched new heights and there is divided opinion about the success of the show. The article is more about the memes on squid game.

Squid Game memes
Netflix’s Squid Game owns 132 million viewers in 23 days

Not only relating through the memes of the series, but we will also be looking at the series with the aspect of the unknown fact. There are more followers and also likable content related to the show. According to sources, there have been 132 million views on the show in the period of 23 days. Quite the ravishing stats to look forward to.

13 Unknown Facts about Squid Game

There are 132 million viewers and counting who loved the series to the core. It was the time when the suspense came through and a lot of people were left jaw dropped with ease. But there are a lot of unknown facts about the series which the viewers have missed with the greatest of ease.

13 unknown facts about Squid Game are:

  • Squid Game first came into existence in the year 2008. The script for the show was over in 2008 only to hit the audience in 2021. Quite the amount of time taken for the dream to become the reality.
  • The real name of the series was never meant to be Squid Game. Interestingly the show was termed to be named, Round six at the start. It was after the holding through by Netflix that the name was changed to Squid Game.
  • Hwang Dong-Hyuk lost six of the teeth while writing the script of the series. It is a fact that there was a lot of pressure on the writer of the series. Henceforth he lost six teeth in the process.
  • The phone number that is used in the series is real. Yes, you read that right. The phone number which is given to the contestant to call is real. In fact, the owner of the number got bombarded with tons of calls and messages a handful of times.

Other Unknown Facts

  • Squid Game was termed to be a movie. You read that right. At first, the director of the project focused on making it a movie. Some of his great work include Silenced, The Fortress. However in the end the series came through.
  • The doll used in the series for the Red Light, Green Light game is real. Yes, the doll that was used in the first game of the series is still available at a museum that is present in the north of Seoul.
  • Jung Ho-Yeon never acted before. This can come as a huge surprise but the actress in the series by the character of Sae-Byoek had never done acting. In fact, she is a well-known model who came through from Korea’s Next Top Model. Quite a stellar debut to have.
  • Abdul Ali, the character played by Anupam Tripathi hails from Indian origin. He moved to Korea in the year 2010. After doing a lot of smaller roles, his role of Ali is something of higher substance in his career.
  • Park Hae Soo who plays a likable and hateful character in the series is about to be part of another project. Yes, he will be part of the Korean version of Money Heist which will make things interesting for him.

Added Unknown Facts

  • The sets in the series are actually real and also the players. Yes, the director used 456 exact players to shoot the project. In like manner, the sets for the games are in real life rather than the VFX effects for the audience to enjoy.
  • This is pretty interesting. The doodles on the wall of the players had all the games they would play for the time being. If you watch closely the dorm where the players slept had clues for all the games.
  • Ji Young who tends to partner with Sae Byoek in the marble game was actually a boy. The director thought out that player to be a boy but later used the girl was mainly to create the bond between the two. Fans too were able to connect with the bond of Sae Byoek and Ji Young.
  • The room where the body was burned after the death was inspired and remodeled as per Auschwitz concentration camp. This shows the dedication of the crew members who wanted everything to be perfect.

Memes on Squid Game

Memes are an important part of any project. This not only allows the fame to go one notch higher but it also allows for the smile to come through. Creating worthy memes is an easy part to get the required advertisement for the show which is understandable.

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Some of the best memes found on the internet have been listed below for the readers to enjoy.

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