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The most challenging skill set in the world is to make people laugh. Martin Lawrence does that with great ease. He is a very famous comedian who knows his way around the game. With the help of comedy, Martin Lawrence net worth has increased to touch greater heights. He has been the star.

Besides being a comedian, Martin Lawrence is an American actor, film producer and filmmaker.

Martin Lawrence age
Martin Lawrence is 57 years old.
Source: Instagram

His exploits in front of the screen have been pretty brilliant. Lawrence’s work in the Bad Boys is something intelligent to talk about.

Martin is an allrounder when you talk about it. He is pretty good in the movies and is a premier active in the case of social media handles. This shows how good the actor can be with the performance and execution.

In this write-up, we will talk about Martin Lawrence net worth, personal life, movies, and everything in between.

Martin Lawrence: Quick Facts

Full Name Martin Fitzgerald Lawrence
Known name Martin Lawrence
Nick Name Martin
Net Worth $110 million
Birth Date 16th April 1965
Birthplace Frankfurt, Germany
Age 57 years
Father’s Name John Lawrence
Mother’s Name Chlora Lawrence
Siblings 6
Name of siblings Under Review
Major Works

Bad Boys, Blue Streak, Big Momma’s House

Education Thomas G Pullen School of Creative and Performing Arts
Distinctive Features Positive Attitude, Comic Timing
Religion Christian
Nationality American
Ethnicity African-American
Sexuality Straight
Zodiac Sign Aries
Marital Status Married
Height 5’7″
Weight 74 kgs
Kids 3
Shoe Size 11
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Black
Wife Roberta Moradfar
Income Source Acting
Social Media Instagram, Twitter
Last Update July 2022

Martin Lawrence Net Worth 2022

Martin Lawrence has been a prominent actor for a very long time. His earnings and stipulations have been brilliant to talk about. As of 2022, Martin Lawrence net worth stands at $110 million.

All of that has come through his acting work and also comedic contributions.

Martin Lawrence net worth
Martin Lawrence net worth is $110 million.
Source: Zimbio

Most of his earnings have been from the success of Bad Boys, where he plays the lead role. When we talk about work per episode or salary, Martin made $6 million from work on Bad Boys for Life project.

What he earned more was his friendship with Will Smith from the movie.

Martin Lawrence Net Worth in the last five years

Lawrence has made some big bucks when we talk about acting. His net worth has undoubtedly spiked with the increase in fame and better movie appearances.

Not only that, the growth has been gradual and pretty commendable. His net worth in the last five years include

Net Worth Amount
2022 $110 million
2021 $100 million
2020 $80 million
2019 $75 million
2018 $65 million

As the age and experience of working in the showbiz world have come into existence, Martin will surely add up more of their net worth in the coming years with ease.

Stay tuned to the same page to know more about it.

Martin Lawrence’s net worth in various currencies

Name of the Currencies Value of net worth
Bitcoin 5,384.5329 BTC
Litecoin 2,162,970.37 LTC
Ethereum 96,166.554 ETH
Dogecoin 1,688,223,338.603999 DOGE
Indian Currency 8,734965,647 INR

Martin Lawrence Houses 

Martin Lawrence is a fun-loving guy. Like his Bad Boys movie franchise, this actor is an upbeat personality who loves to live a more meaningful life. In all of that, his assets collection has been surreal.

Starting the list is that Martin Lawrence purchased a massive 116-acre ranch in Purcellville.

Lawrence announced the property for sale at $8.5 million, which is pretty massive to talk about. Most of the time, he would spend weekends riding horses, enjoying himself with friends and family.

Martin Lawrence house
Martin Lawrence’s 116 acre ranch.
Source: Page Six

Similarly, it was renovated in 2004, with around 22,538 sq feet. It has five bedrooms, seven bathrooms, and three half baths.

Added to that, Martin has a house in Encino, which is massive. A mansion that falls through in the area of 10.211 sq ft has a total of seven bedrooms and seven and a half bathrooms, with a valuation of $10 million.

To round up the house collection, the actor has bought a mansion in Beverly Hills at Beverly park neighborhood for $26.5 million. Big Momma’s House star says this property is very close to his heart, such a massive mansion in place.

An area of 15000 sq feet with ten bathrooms and seven bedrooms is heaven on earth. It was the same place when Martin got m married when 120 guests arrived on occasion. Such is the value of the house for the actor.

Cars Collection

Big boy Martin Lawrence loves to ride the big vehicles. He loves to own some high-functioning cars that tend to rule the road most of the time. He isn’t an ordinary man with basic needs but someone who loves to rule things.

His car collection also speaks volumes of what he can do with the tools. In total, he has five cars in his collection.

  • Plymouth Barracuda
  • Ferrari 458 Italia
  • Aston Martin V12 Zagato
  • Porsche Boxster
  • Porsche Panamera

Martin Lawrence Movie Salaries

Bad Boys II- $20 million

National Security- $20 million

Black Knight- $16.5 million

What’s the worst that could happen?- $13 million

Life- $8.5 million

Nothing to Lose- $6 million

Wiki Bio 

Martin Fitzgerald Lawrence was born on 16th April 1965 in Frankfurt, West Germany. John Lawrence and Chlora Lawrence are the names of his parents.

His father served in the army when Martin was born. Along with himself, six other siblings in the family say Martin has a more extensive family.

The early days for the actor weren’t too good as he had to face issues one after the other. His parents separated at the age of eight years. This ended up taking him to live in Washington DC.

Lawrence would hardly meet his father, and his mother had to work odd jobs to make ends meet.

Age and Body Measurements 

Martin Lawrence was born in 1965, which makes him 57 years old as of now. This talented actor belongs of the African- American ancestry. This television producer nationality is American.

His height reads at 5’7″, with his body weight being 74 kgs. Looking at the physical outset, Martin isn’t someone who hits the gym more.

Martin kids
Martin Lawrence has three kids.
Source: Instagram

He has been able to look funny with the average body type and comical timing and skills. With the average body type, the shoe size for Martin reads at 11, which is pretty good.

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There is hardly any information when we talk about vital body statistics.

His smile is the biggest asset, with the sparking pair of light brown eyes to go with the black hair. With a cheerful personality, Martin tends to follow the Christian religion.

Being born in April, his zodiac sign is Aries.


When we look into the man’s acting career, it has been good. But his education has been even better. As his parents divorced early, he had to change many schools in his teens. The first of the name include Fairmont Heights High School.

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Eleanor Roosevelt High School and Friendly High School are some of the other names. In like manner, the Thomas G Pullen School of Creative and Performing Arts changed his life as an actor.

Martin learned all the traits of the actor through this particular facility.

Early Career

The early career of this outstanding lead actor is pretty brilliant to talk about. He started his career more with the feel of being a boxer. As a teenager, the actor was glowing in boxing and competed in the Mid Atlantic Gloves boxing championship.

Lawrence friends
Martin Lawrence is a close friend of Will Smith.
Source: Instagram

This helped to shape the career of the man in the field of boxing, but he couldn’t take his dream forward as acting came in the way. At times, he competed in Eleanor Roosevelt and Friendly high schools to train as a boxer. Acting took center stage in the end and a stand-up comedian became the food for life.

Big Achievements

Martin Lawrence began his acting break with his most significant start in What’s Happening Now? It was the TV show where he played one of the big break and put him in the acting map.

This brought the actor an opportunity to shine in HBO’s Def Comedy Jam.

One after another, Martin Lawrence entirely became the comedy king. He ruled the industry quite well. Some of his biggest hits in the case of movies include Blue Streak, Big Momma’s House, Nothing to Lose, etc.

In all of this his own sitcom, Martin also caught the eye of the general people. His own television series gave him good fame.

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Life always hasn’t been fair for Martin Lawrence, who has also had his fair share of flop movies. Some of them include Black Knight and National Security.

Over the time in his career, Lawrence has worked with actors like Will Smith, John Travolta, Luke Wilson, and Eddie Murphy. More of his acting works are on the way to impress.

Martin Lawrence Comedy Films

  • Big Momma’s House franchise
  • Bad Boys franchise
  • Rebound
  • Life
  • Blue Streak
  • Open Season
  • Boomerang
  • Do the Right Thing
  • Death at a Funeral

Martin Fitzgerald Lawrence Famous Television Series

  • What’s Happening Now
  • Hammer, Slammer and Slade
  • Def Comedy Jam
  • Saturday Night Live
  • The Soul Man
  • Partners


Arrest and Martin Lawrence has been the love story to talk about. This Big Momma House star has been in and out of the legal system several times.

The first instance includes during the filming of A thin line between love and hate.

This was when he went to lash out violently and was later hospitalized. Additonally all of these incidents took place in the July of 1995. Similarly, the May of 1996 brought another weird incident.

He displayed the pistol in the middle of LA, saying they were trying to kill me.

After two months of this incident, Martin was trying to take a gun to a flight and was provided with two years probation and a fine. As time passed, legal actions came his way.

His co-star Tisha Campbell Martin filed a lawsuit against Martin in January 1997 for sexual harassment on and off the set.

Health Issues

If you grow so successful and work under so much stress, things might not always be good. Lawrence has had issues regarding his health and degrading of it from time to time. Some of the sources things he tends to take substances.

There have been episodes for the man where he has been out of control, taking the pistol into the open street.

During the shooting of Big Momma’s House, Martin was found collapsed as he went jogging in high heat along with heavy clothes and a plastic suit.

Things went wrong when he was taken to the hospital. His body temperature kept increasing; he was almost taken into a fatal coma.

All thanks to the breathing-assisted ventilator that saved the life of this performer. A strong performer Lawrence continued performing acting and comedy.

Martin Lawrence Personal Life

Martin Lawrence wives have been quite the lot of women. Talking about it, he has dated many women in his prime. The first in the list includes Lark Voorhies.

Both of them dated for many years and married in 1993. Things didn’t get too good, and the break-up came in 1994 immediately.

It started a saga for the Death at a funeral actor. Patricia Southall was the name of his second wife, whom he married in 1995.  She was also Miss Virginia, USA of her time. Patricia also remained for a year.

After focusing on his work for five years, Lawrence married actor Shamicka Gibbs in 2010. It was a two-year relationship that didn’t go well, and the divorce came through sadly. In the most recent turn of events, Roberta Moradfar is the lucky girl.

Martin Lawrence wife
Martin Lawrence with his wife Roberta Moradfar.
Source: Showbiz Cheat Sheet

Both of the love birds tied the knot in the year 2017 and the month of March. The nuptials took place in a very sacred event. As everything goes well, one might say she is the girl of the dreams for Bad Boys actor.

Martin Lawrence Kids

When you are married a plethora of times, there are chances you can have kids. Kids, that will be the reason for your joy. Martin Lawrence has been blessed with kids from various wives over the period.

The first kid for talented performers is Jasmine Lawrence. Jasmine was born in the year 1996 of January. Since that, he has been attached to a fair bit of women. Kids have come as a byproduct of man.

Iyanna Faith in 2000 and Amara Trinity in 2002 are the two lucky kids. Shamicka Gibbs is the blessed mother of the child. It is tough to say whether he won’t have more kids. Only time will tell.

Social Media Presence

How would a jolly actor like Martin Lawrence not be on social media? He has a pretty colorful life both on and off-screen. As a result, you can see social media Lawrence pretty lighten up.

Instagram– 8.6m followers

Twitter– 293k followers

Interesting Facts

  • Martin Lawrence is a perfect friend of Will Smith.
  • Additionally, Lawrence career started through stand up comedy in the New York city comedy scene.
  • Interestingly, Lawrence initially wanted to be a boxer.
  • Martin has been married thrice in his life.
  • Furthermore, there was a time when Lawrence worked as a phone salesman.
  • Martin Lawrence is banned from appearing on Saturday Night Live.
  • Likewise, Lawrence is a film director with A Thin Line Between Love and Hate.
  • Similarly, Martin Fitzgerald Lawrence own sitcom is called Martin.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Did Martin Lawrence have a stroke recently?

Yes, Martin Lawrence suffered a stroke. In the quest to lose weight, Lawrence was seen wearing too many clothes and jogging in the hot summer. He went into a coma.

  • What is Martin’s net worth?

Martin’s net worth is $110 million.

  • Was Martin Lawrence a boxer?

During his teenage, Martin Lawrence was a boxer who competed in local competitions.

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