Who Is Moonshiners Mark Ramsey Wife? More on Mark Ramsey Net Worth

Moonshiners is one of the famous shows when we talk about TV. The process of making whiskey, and spirit under the moonlight explains the show. Mark Ramsey has been a famous personality from the show. More so Mark Ramsey wife has always hauled the limelight.

mark ramsey with his wife sally during holiday
Mark Ramsey with wife Sally Jane during the holiday.
Image Source: World Wide Tune

With so much to talk about Mark Ramsey today, we will focus more on Mark Ramsey wife, his net worth, and also his career achievements. Stick with us.

Who is Mark Ramsey Wife?

Mark Ramsey wife name is Sally Jane Clark. She is also the co-owner of the show Moonshiners. She has appeared plenty of times in the show.

Mark Ramsey and Sally Jane Clark Relationship

Mark and Sally met each other way before the show premiered. Talking about it, they met each other a couple of years before they got married.

Interestingly the accurate data for their meetup is not known to the general media. After dating for quite some time, Mark and Sally walked down the aisle.

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The marriage ceremony took place on 27th December 2022. It was an auspicious event with the closest and family being part of it.

It has only become more than four months to the time they have been married. However, they have been friends for a long time.

No news of any fights or even the extra marital affairs has come out from the two of them. Seems like the husband-wife duo is enjoying life.

Mark Ramsey Kids

Although Mark Ramsey wife has been on his side for a long, they don’t share any kids. Both of the lovebirds might have known each other for long but they have no kids.

mark ramsey at his distilling factory
Mark Ramsey at his distilling factory.
Image Source: Discovery

Currently, Mark and Sally are working on taking their business to newer heights. If any news on the kids comes through readers will be made aware.

Mark Ramsey Wife is the co-owner of Moonshiners

It is fair to say that Sally Jane Clark is no less compared to her husband. She is also the co-owner of Moonshiners.

Moonshiners Distillery has been doing well under the guidance and work effort of Sally Jane Clark. Not only in the Moonshiners, but her contributions tend to expand.

She is also the shareholder in Sugarlands Distilling Company which is quite famous. Sugarlands is closely related to the Discovery Channels’ Moonshine Legends.

Appearing together with her husband in the show, Sally has created a positive and inspirational image among the fans.

With her dedication and success, Sally has launched her own moonshine flavor called Moonshiner Sally Jane’s Sinn a Shine. It is quite popular among users.

There is no doubt that Mark Ramsey wife is a hardworking and talented individual. She has also worked as a store general manager at Adventure Distilling since 2021.

Mark Ramsey is Leaving Moonshiners after Season 12

This has been one of the most shocking yet talking points of the show. As the fans know that Moonshining isn’t legal and cant be above the law, things can be tough.

Amidst all the rumors of the show, things have been clarified stating that Mark Ramsey might leave the show. In the muddle, there has been no clarification from Mark himself.

However, in one of the episode named Above the Law, Mark showed his interest to bring in Beaz as the partner in the process. By this fans does circulate the idea that he might be leaving the show.

Sally Jane Clark Early Life and Parents

Sally Jane Clark was born in May 1971. She has been highly positive and active since an early age. The diva comes from a family of business experts.

There is no specific data on the name of her parents. However, we can say that Sally Jane doesn’t have a father as he passed away.

Being born in Tennessee, Sally has spent most of her life in the same place. She is fond of her childhood and talks gladly about it.

Mark Ramsey Net Worth 2023

It is a well-known fact that Mark Ramsey came to prominence from his appearance in Moonshiners. Besides this show, he also has his own business to run.

As of 2023, Mark Ramsey net worth stands at $300k. The net worth of Moonshiner Mark Ramsey is massively increasing and it will turn in an upward direction pretty quickly.

Mark Ramsey Earnings from Moonshiners

It is a well-known fact that Mark Ramsey doesn’t appear in every episode of Moonshiners. However he has been able to create an impact with his performance.

mark ramsey with his friends at his distilling factor
Mark Ramsey with his friends at distilling factory.
Image Source: Northescambia

In all of the episodes that Mark Ramsey has been part of his account has been fulfilling. Mark Ramsey salary from Moonshiners is $5k. With such a good pay scale, Mark Ramsey net worth is only bound to increase.

Sally Jane Clark Instagram

Just when you thought that Sally Jane Clark isn’t a social media person you are wrong. The diva is highly known to be a social media sensation. Be it from the show or business, she has gained a massive fan following.

Instagram: 814 followers

Facebook: 1k followers


Who is Mark Ramsey wife?

Mark Ramsey wife name is Sally Jane Clark.

Who is the owner of Sugarlands Shine?

Ned Vickers is the owner and founder of Sugarlands Shine.

What is Mark Ramsey net worth in 2023?

Mark Ramsey net worth in 2023 is $300k.

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