Edgar Hansen Wife Louise Hansen Bio, Wedding, Kids, Net Worth 2023

Edgar Hansen came into the limelight for his work in Deadliest Catch. A talented relief skipper, crab hunter, and engineer, Edgar is a well-known celebrity. However, Edgar Hansen wife has also been a matter of interest.

edgar hansen with his family
Edgar Hansen with his family.
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Fans after hearing so much about Edgar Hansen are willing to know who Edgar Hansen wife is. Fair to say Louise Hansen isn’t as famous as her husband. We will talk in detail about her today.

Who is Louise Hansen?

Louise Hansen is better known as Edgar Hansen wife. With little to nothing known as Louise Hansen she is termed to be a silent individual. Louise has never explained herself openly.

Louise Hansen and Edgar Hansen Relationship

Edgar Hansen and Louise Hansen have known each other since the earliest of 2000s. They dated for quite some time before Edgar dropped in the query of getting married.

The exact date of their marriage has not been known to anyone. However, Edgar proposed to his wife Louise in one of the 2009 episodes.

This shows the love birds have been together for a very long time. From their marriage, they have been blessed with quite some kids.

Edgar Hansen Kids

Edgar Hansen wife has given the family some lovely kids. They have been blessed with three kids to this point.

Stephanie, Logan, and Erik Hansen are the names of Edgar Hansen kids. They have been together with the family for a very long time.

Besides these three, Edgar and Louise don’t share any kids at all. With the age getting better they might be limited to three kids only.

Edgar Hansen Sexual Assault Controversy

Edgar Hansen was rising up the ranks when we talk about success. He was able to be the captain of the deck and also accumulate fans.

But things went upside down for the TV star pretty quickly. In year 2017, Edgar was legally charged with assaulting a 16-year-old.

With the case turning into a minor issue, things didn’t go as planned. He went on to plead guilty and he had to serve time. Edgar spent his time in jail for almost two years.

edgar hansen was convicted of sexual assault in 2017
Edgar Hansen was convicted of sexual assault in 2017.
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Edgar also confessed that he had touched and kissed the girl. The victim opened up about it with her therapist and everything went wrong for Hansen.

Along with time spent in jail, Edgar was also convicted of a fine of $1653 which tainted his image pretty badly. For the wrongful conduct, Edgar took the sexual deviancy evaluation and also treatment.

Are Edgar Hansen and Louise Hansen still married?

With the controversy Edgar Hansen has been through a lot of the fans are willing to know about his marriage.

Edgar accepted the mistakes that he has committed which was an issue. For his wrongful actions, Edgar has not been part of Deadliest Catch since 2018.

To make things more complicated, Edgar and Louise have never talked about the sexual claims of the TV star.

Edgar and Louise have never come forward to answer the queries related to the controversies. The TV actor Hansen has deleted all of his social media handles as well.

With no interest to connect to the real world, Edgar has made the distance. No news of their divorce has come through.

This is enough to prove that Edgar and Louise are still married. In the silence, the love birds have been taking care of their kids and family.

Husband Edgar Hansen

On 14th January 1971 Edgar Hansen was born in Seattle, Washington. Sverre Hansen and Snefryd Hansen is the name of his parents.

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Both of his parents and ancestors have been in the field of fishing and he learned the art of fishing with ease. From a very young age, Edgar learned fishing and grew up alongside his brother.

Edgar was a deckhand at the age of 18 but was carefree as a teen. This did affect his promotion in the work. Edgar has worked alongside his brothers for more than two decades.

Edgar has suffered from a heart attack twice but still made the comeback into the show and also win hearts for bravery.

Louise Hansen Net Worth 2023

Edgar Hansen wife has never talked about her personal and professional life. The biggest image for Louise is due to her husband which is the key aspect of it.

edgar hansen with cast members of deadliest catch
Edgar Hansen with the cast members of Deadliest Catch.
Image Source: Tv Shows Ace

Therefore Louise Hansen net worth is tougher to find. On the other hand, Edgar Hansen net worth is on the higher side.

Edgar Hansen net worth in 2023 is $700k. It has been almost five years that Edgar has not been part of TV so his net worth is quite limited.

Besides the earnings and net worth, Edgar has not talked about any of the assets owned. Sadly it is due to his controversy that he has gone silent.

Edgar Hansen Facebook

Edgar Hansen wife is not active on social media handles. She loves to handle her life away from the eye sight of others. On the other hand, Edgar Hansen has also not used his social media handles.  Still, he has quite the fan following present.

Facebook: 444k followers


How Old is Edgar Hansen?

As of 2023, Edgar Hansen age is 52 years old.

Who is Edgar Hansen wife?

Edgar Hansen wife name is Louise Hansen.

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