Deadliest Catch Phil Harris Wife and Kids: Everything We Know About The Fisherman

One of the biggest names in the case of Deadliest Catch is Phil Harris. A talented fisherman, Phil Harris has been famous for various reasons. Today we will look more at Phil Harris wife.

phil harris during an interview for deadliest catch
Phil Harris during an interview for Deadliest Catch.
Image Source: Entertainment Weekly

Harris might not be alive at the moment but the legacy of the man lives on. With so much talk about Phil, this article will be more about Phil Harris wife.

Who is Phil Harris Wife?

Phil Harris the fisherman has been married twice in his life. Phil Harris wife names are Mary Harris and Teresa Louise Harris.

Phil Harris Wife Mary Harris

The fisherman from the sea, Phil Harris had a brilliant time in his love life. Phil Harris wife has been two beautiful ladies.

Mary Harris is the first lady in the life of Phil Harris. There is no data on how Mary and Phil met each other.

However, both of the love birds walked down the aisle in 1982. It was under the presence of family and friends.

Although there was massive love between the two, the lovebirds decided to separate their ways. The divorce came through in 1991.

Phil Harris wanted to remarry his first wife

As Phil Harris divorced his first wife Mary, there are sources claiming that Harris wanted to marry Mary again.

Two of Phil Harris sons explained in their book that their father wanted to go back to Mary. Before Phil married Mary, she was already in a married relationship.

Harris knew the fact that Mary wasn’t too happy with her marriage and wanted to approach her.

Previous to being married to Deadliest Catch Phil Harris, Mary used to work as an exotic dancer at a nightclub named Goodtime Charley.

Phil Harris Second Wife

With the heartbreak from their first marriage, Phil Harris took a couple of years away from their love life. He had been focused on his career of being a fisherman.

Interestingly love came to him once again. It was in the form of Teresa Harris. Both of them decided to get married in 1993.

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While the marriage took place everyone thought it was best for the pair. But Phil Harris wife didn’t stick around for a long time.

After a decade of being in a love relationship, the pair decided to make ways. In 2003, Harris and Teresa got divorced. Until the relationship was in place nothing went right.

Phil and Teresa had tough times. At times fans thought that the work scenario of Phil Harris did affect the outcome of their relationship.

Teresa Harris and Phil Harris Relationship Issues

In quest of finding true love in the second attempt, Phil Harris married Teresa Harris. But things didn’t work too well as predicted.

According to Phil Harris kids, the second relationship was very bad. Phil had to go through depression due to Teresa’s abusive nature.

Jacob and Joshua even claimed Teresa to be evil and someone who wasn’t right. She is one of the meanest people the kids of Phil Harris have ever met.

Does Phil Harris Have Kids?

There have been two occasions when Phil Harris wife has come into his life. Meanwhile, he has been able to have kids with his wife.

phil harris with his son
Phil Harris with his son.
Image Source: Distractify

It was Mary Harris who gave Phil two kids. Joshua and Jacob Harris are the names of the two sons of Phil Harris.

Both Joshua and Jacob are fishermen and work as crewmen for the show. After the passing away of Phil both of his sons inherited the boat.

Phil Harris Early Life

Phil Harris was born on 19th December 1956 in Washington. There is no data about the name of his parents.

However, it is proven that Harris was born in a fisherman family. Meanwhile, he was able to learn the art of fishing and hunting crabs from a very young age.

Phil Harris Deadliest Catch

Since a very young age, Phil was a passionate crab hunter. By the age of 21, the talented fisherman had received the captain’s batch.

However, it was in 2005 when Harris was introduced to Deadliest Catch and his life changed. The first episode was about Opilio crab portion and there was no looking back for him.

He went on to make 13 appearances in the show. Things weren’t always brilliant when we talk about the career of Phil Harris.

Phil Harris Fishing Injury

Things arent always great at sea and you have to make amends for it. In the case of Phil Harrris, he was thrown from his bunk due to a storm in 2008.

It looked serious and Phil went on to do the medical checkups. The results came out indicating a pulmonary embolism and missed the next fishing season as well.

Besides being frequently injured on deck, Phil had some issues with his habits too. Harris was an avid smoker who has teased off by his kids and other crews.

Phil Harris Cause of Death

For a tall and bulky individual with a pleasant smile, Phil Harris left the world in despair. During the offloading of C Opilio Crab in Saint Paul Island, Phil suffered a stroke.

The stroke was quite serious and he was taken to the hospital. This incident took place on 29th January 2010.

Although he suffered the initial stroke things weren’t bright for the man. It was on 9th February 2010 that Phil died due to intracranial hemorrhage in the hospital.

At the time of his death, Phil Harris age was 53 years old. It was way too soon for Phil to leave his fans and the world.

Captain Phil Harris Net Worth 2023

Although Phil Harris left the world in 2010 his memories stay. Sadly Phil Harris wife isn’t present as he died single.

phil harris died on 9th february 2010
Phil Harris died on 9th February 2010.
Image Source: Hotcore

Harris was able to become the youngest captain and also ride the boat. This shows his passion. As of 2023, Phil Harris net worth is $2 million.

This is the result of his crab hunting along with the reality TV presence which he maintained at the utmost level.


Does Phil Harris have a wife?

During the time of his death in 2010, Phil Harris was single and didn’t have any wife.

Who is Phil Harris wife?

Phil Harris wife names are Mary Harris and Teresa Harris.

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