Street Outlaws Jeff Lutz Net Worth 2023, Earnings, Cars, Wife, Kids, Ig

If you love Street Outlaws, you will have to love the personality of Jeff Lutz. Jeff has been an integral part of the show. Important has been Jeff Lutz net worth as well.

jeff lutz advertising his own product
Jeff Lutz advertising his own product.
Image Source: Ebay

With so much talk about his value in the show, we will be looking more at Jeff Lutz net worth in detail. Be with us till the very end.

Jeff Lutz: Quick Facts

Full Name Jeff Lutz
Net worth $800k
Date of birth 15th May, 1970
Birthplace California, USA
Age 48 years
Sun sign Taurus
Father name Richard Lutz Sr
Mothers’ Name Kathleen Delores
Height 5 ft 11 inches
Weight 72 kgs
Religion Christianity
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Sexuality Straight
Eye color Blue
Hair Color Grey
Profession TV personality, Racer
Partner Christine Lutz
Children 2
Marital Status Married
Social Media Presence Instagram, Facebook
Last update on May 2023

Who Is Jeff Lutz?

Jeff Lutz is an American street car racer who rose to fame from Street Outlaws. The talented driver uses a 1969 Chevrolet Camara called the Mad Max.

Jeff Lutz Net Worth 2023

One of the finest riders in the show, Jeff Lutz is one of the wealthiest as well. From a very young age, Jeff Lutz has been a fan of cars and riding it.

jeff lutz net worth is $800k as of 2023
Jeff Lutz net worth is $800k as of 2023.
Image Source: Instagram

From the Street Outlaws show, Jeff got much-needed media coverage. As of 2023, Jeff Lutz net worth is $800k. All of this is the result of TV appearances and sponsorships.

Jeff Lutz Earning from Street Outlaws

Jeff Lutz isn’t much talked about but he is an important member of Street Outlaws. The talented rider joined the show in 2013. Since then Jeff Lutz net worth has only gone higher and higher.

From the show particularly, Jeff Lutz earns $10k per season. His bravery along with his passion for street racing has earned him a massive amount of fans.

Street Outlaws Jeff Lutz House

Jeff Lutz has been able to live the best life. After finding his love at an early age, Jeff was able to build a home for himself. A smaller chunk of Jeff Lutz net worth has been used for the house.

Lutz purchased a house when he was barely 18 years old and has been there since then. Being a native of Pennsylvania, Jeff has his home in the same place.

The talented street racer has lived in Pennsylvania all his life and has no plans to move around. There is hardly any detail about his living property.

Jeff Lutz Cars

There is no doubt that Jeff Lutz is fond of cars and loves to ride around them. In the show Street Outlaws, Jeff Lutz loves to flaunt his Mad Max.

Mad Max is the nickname for his car 1969 Chevrolet Camaro which rides like wind. He appeared in the show in the same car.

Besides his Mad Max, some of Jeff Lutz net worth has been used to buy other beauties as well.

  • Yellow 57 Chevy
  • 632 CI Big Block Chevy
  • 434 CI Small Block Chevy
  • 1957 Chevrolet
  • 2006 Pontiac GTO

Jeff Lutz Business Ventures

A lot of the fans might be thinking Jeff Lutz net worth is the result of his TV appearance. Well, you are wrong. Besides street racing, he loves to spend time in his own business.

jeff lutz 1957 chevy got into an accident on21st may 2021
Jeff Lutz 1957 Chevy got into an accident on 21st May 2021.
Image Source: Motor Trend

Jeff is the owner of Lutz Race Cars which is present in Pennsylvania. The particular shop works in the customization of different types of vehicles.

The online review of Lutz Race cars have been brilliant and the customers have been highly satisfied. By this, we can say that Jeff Lutz business is doing pretty well in time.

Jeff Lutz Does Charity

You might not hear the name of Jeff Lutz attached to any charity. But he loves to do charity in silence. Some amount of Jeff Lutz net worth is utilized in charity work too.

Most of the time he collaborates with other racers to help people in need. Jeff with Alexis Dejoria did some charity in the past.

It was a peace, love, and happiness charity event where Lutz helped people in need. This goes to show that the rider has a soft corner.

Jeff Lutz Accident

When you play a hard sport, you tend to get bruises. In the case of Jeff Lutz, he has suffered from a major accident at times.

The last Jeff Lutz accident include the one that took place in May 2021. When the racer was shooting for Street Outlaws, his 1957 Chevy Yellow got the crashed pretty hard.

Although not a huge amount of injury appeared to Jeff Lutz, his car was useless when you talk about it.

In the end, Lutz was able to replace the vehicle with Yellow Pontiac GTO. The 1957 Chevy was his favorite car until the crash.

Jeff Lutz Is Married| Who Is Jeff Lutz Wife?

The love story of Jeff Lutz is a match made in heaven. He is the perfect husband and one woman man when you talk about it.

Jeff has been in love and married to Christine Lutz since his teenage. They met each other at the age of 16 and have not been apart.

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After dating for some time the love birds walked down the aisle on 31st July 1989. It has been 34 years since they have been married.

Being closer to four decades, there has never been any issue in their relationship. Hardly have there been any extramarital affairs of the street car racer.

Does Jeff Lutz Have Kids?

From 34 years of their marriage, Jeff Lutz and Christine have been blessed with kids. They have two kids with one being a son.

jeff lutz with his wife christine lutz
Jeff Lutz with his wife Christine Lutz.
Image Source: The Family Nation

Interestingly there is no data to the name of the kids. Seems like the pair loves to keep it a secret from everyone.

Jeff Lutz Instagram

Although Jeff has his car racing and business to handle, the racer finds time to use social media as well. Some amount of Jeff Lutz net worth is also the contribution from his sponsors on social media.

Instagram: 588k followers

Facebook: 568k followers


Who is the highest-paid Street Outlaw?

Big Chief is the highest-paid street Outlaw.

What is Jeff Lutz net worth?

Jeff Lutz net worth as of 2023 is $800k.

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