David Letterman Son Harry Joseph Letterman, Age, Kidnap, Net Worth

Harry Joseph Letterman is the son of famous tv hosts of all time David Letterman. He is young, diligent and is often the talk of the town because of his celebrated father.

For the time being, Harry has not been involved in any other profession and is a student. When it comes to the talk show hosts, they spend years talking about our favorite celebrities and unravel different aspects of their life.

Hosts rarely get a chance to boast about themselves and their offspring in front of their beloved audience. In some cases, tv show hosts cannot stop themselves from praising their son and revealing how much they meant to them.  We have heard one of few things from David about his one and only son, Harry.

Well, being the son of one of the legendary tv hosts might be tough for Harry. He was on the verge of getting kidnap by sone stranger to receive a ransom.

Here in this article, we will reveal everything you ever wanted to know about David’s son Harry.

Some Quick Facts About Harry Joseph Letterman

Full Name Harry Joseph Letterman
Nickname Harry, Letterman, David Son
Date of Birth  2003/11/03
Birth Place North Salem, New York, United States of America
Age 18 years old
Sun Sign Scorpio
Father’s Name David Letterman
Mother’s Name Regina Lasko
Siblings None
Height Updating Soon
Weight Updating Soon
Nationality American
Sexuality Straight
Ethnicity White
Body Measurements Updating Soon
Eye Color Updating Soon
Hair Color Updating Soon
Shoe Size Updating Soon
Education Updating Soon
Body Type Fit
Marital Status Not Married
Net Worth To be determined
Social Media Presence None

Who Is Harry Joseph Letterman’s Mother?- Parents and Siblings

Being the son of one of the wealthiest people in the world, Harry was silver-spooned since her childhood. He was born to his mother, Regina Lasko, who is active as a production manager.

She is best known for her work in Another World, Saturday Night Live, and Late Night with David Letterman: 7th Anniversary Special, to mention a few.

david letterman son
Harry with his father and mother

As per David, he is a brilliant host in Hollywood who has taken every celebrities interview. As a matter of fact, Harry is the only kid of this lovey-dovey couple. Therefore, for the time being, he does not have any step-siblings or biological siblings.

What Is The Conspiracy Theory Behind Kidnapping David Letterman Son?

When young Harry was 16 months old, a stranger was conspiring to kidnap this little boy for the ransom of $5 million. Eventually, David asked for the help of law enforcement to find the culprit, and he was caught.

The man was Kelly A. Frank had been working as a painter in Letterman’s house, which spread about 2,700 in Rocky Mountain Front.

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The 43 years old kidnapper was planning to kidnap the child and his nanny so that the nanny could take care of the kids while they were abducted.

According to some resources, it was surfaced that he already had a key to David’s house and was scheming to take the baby when he was sleeping. When he was convicted, the judge sentenced him to prison in Pondera County on $600,000 bail.

During that time, he did not have any lawyer to represent himself. Previously, Kelly was convicted in 1999 for holding his girlfriend against her will.

He is not the single one who has broken into Letterman’s house. There was a stalked who called herself Mrs. David Letterman often broke into his house in Connecticut. In addition to this, she was pleaded guilty to breaking seven times.

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Later on, that woman was diagnosed with schizophrenia and was prisoned for ten months to 14 months in a mental hospital. Unfortunately, in 1998 she committed suicide kneeling in front of a train at the age of 46.

Where Does David Letterman Son Study? Childhood and Education

As he was the one and only son of David, most of his requirements were fulfilled instantly. His parents made sure that Harry would have a decent childhood and his wishes and dreams were only a step away. Although Letterman is very vocal about himself, he is very secretive about his beloved son.

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Henceforth there is no information about where he had been to study. But we are sure that David ensured Harry receive the top-level education in the country. Added to that, Harry was named after David’s father, Harry Joseph Letterman. David’s father was a florist who died in 1973 because of a heart attack. Furthermore, Harry is an American citizen who comes from white ethnicity.

How Old Is David Letterman Son?- Age, Height, and More

David Letterman, son, was born in 2003, and in 2021 he is 18 years old. He is a very young, enthusiastic individual who is not involved in any field of show business.

However, Harry often makes the headline of the news because of his father. Recently Letterman celebrated his birthday on the 3rd day of November. Therefore he has a zodiac sign of Scorpio. Just like his sign suggests, he is hardworking and can charm anyone’s life.

Moreover, Harry looks amazing in white skin tone. There is no doubt that Harry looks a lot like the younger version of David. Furthermore, he is at a growing phase, and expecting his height is a bit difficult.

However, this man has a fit body that girls go crazy for. Career This young and brilliant man is a student for the time being and has not been involved in any work or labor.

david letterman son age
David Letterman son is 18 years old Source: David Rohmer

Also, there is no need for Harry to work vigorously at such a young age because his father is the wealthiest host in the world. Currently, Harry is studying his favorite subject and looking out for himself.

Looking at his pace, it appears that he will find a job like a normal person rather than being an actor or host. We are saying this because Letterman has plenty of chances to showcase his talent on the Tv as his father has a huge link.

However, Harry has become hesitant and has not even appeared on a single commercial for some reason. Despite all this, we believe that Harry will also pursue his career as a host or acting because it runs in his family when the time comes.

What Is The Net Worth of Harry Joseph Letterman?

As mention above, this young fella is only 18 years old in 2021. Currently, he is studying and trying his best to shape a career like his father.

Therefore it is crystal clear that he is not involved in any profession that the media knows of. Maybe Harry is studying hard to make a career out of it. In contrast to this, Harry’s father is one of the greatest tv show hosts in the world.

With his work and contribution to the industry, he has accumulated a total net worth of $400 million in 2021. Previously he could easily make around $50 million per year, but this number has slightly lowered at present.

This 74-year-old host has an excellent property in Westchester County, New York, for $5 million. Added to that, he wons a 2700 acre ranch near Chateau, Montana, and a home in St. Barths.

david letterman son
David Letterman with his son Harry

With each passing day, this host has been spending his money on real estate. We hope that Harry will also follow in his father’s footsteps and reach fame just like his father.

Social Media Presence

We wish him all the best wishes and luck in his future endeavors. Social media presence, as we all know that teenagers tend to spend a significant amount of time on social media platforms.

They follow their favorite celebrity and chat with their close friend. But not Harry. We have to search for this dandy man all through the internet, whereas we have not successfully found his presence in any of it.

Either he has a fake account, or Harry does not have one. Henceforth we have concluded that Harry is not active on any social media platforms.


  • In 2021, Harry is just 18 years old. When this man was 16 months old, a stranger was conspiring to kidnap him along with her nanny but was unsuccessful.
  • Harry is the son of famous worldwide host David Letterman.
  • He was named after the father of David, Harry Letterman.
  • Harry is a student and is not working for the time being.
  • David has often mentioned how the birth of Harry has changed his life significantly. He is the only kid in his family.
  • Unfortunately, this man is not active on any social media platforms.

Some Frequently Asked Questions About David Letterman Son

  • Who is David Letterman son?

Harry is the only son of American host cum actor David Letterman.

  • What is he doing?

Currently, he is a student and studying hard.

  • Who Is Harry Joseph Letterman’s mother?

Harry’s mother is none other than the famous actress Regina Lasko.

  • Is Harry an actor?

No, until now he has not played any role in any movies.

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