Is Shou Zi Chew Linkedin Available? Everything About the Tik-tok CEO

Once in a while, you must have used the social media platform TikTok or heard about it. But how many of you have heard about Shou Zi Chew. He is the present CEO of this successful business venture. Let’s put a detailed study on Shou Zi Chew Linkedin.

shou zi chew with his wife vivian during an event in 2023
Shou Zi Chew with his wife Vivian Kao during an event in 2023.
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The use of TikTok along with its good and bad aspects has made Shou Zi Chew worried to some extent. Recently Shou visited the USA to clarify the misconceptions about the app.

Is Shou Zi Chew Linkedin Available?

One of the burning questions is whether Shou Zi Chew Linkedin is available or not. To that, the answer is simply no. He has not been using the app for business purposes.

Most of the time, Linkedin is known to have the best services for business people and also business entities. It is pretty interesting to see that Shou isn’t active on the platform.

Meanwhile, there are other famous business tycoons who are active on the social media handle Linkedin. This Singapore born isn’t active on most of the social media not only Linkedin.

Shou Zi Chew Testifies Before US Congress

One of the biggest news of the time is the fact that Shou Zi Chew will be testifying against the US Congress. He will be throwing in his comments in front of the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

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It will be a two-way debate where lawmakers will question the safety issues thrown in by Tik Tok. Meanwhile, the age gap along with the time limit have been some considerate factors from the side of Shou Zi Chew.

US government and lawmakers arent too pleased with the amount of data that will go to the parent company of Tik Tok, Bytedance.

The biggest concern that remains is the fact that the relationship between TikTok with the Chinese government isn’t too good. Therefore the concerns on the side of the American government also rose.

Similarly, the major concern is about the teen mental health that Tik tok will push through. To that Shou has presented some hard-earned security process which is breached by the new age generation.

It will be key to see where the discussion will end up.

Who is Shou Zi Chew?

A lot of the fans of Tik Tok might not know much about Shou Zi Chew. There is little known or written about the man. Shou doesn’t like to come in front of the media which is the key.

Being born on 1st January 1983 Shou is a silent individual. He was born in Singapore and spent his childhood in the same place. Talking about his education, the Tik-Tok CEO was part of the University of London for his education.

Shou Zi Chew Wife

For someone as charming and successful as Sou Zi Chew, he has been able to marry a beautiful diva. The wife of Shou Zi Chew is Vivian Kao.

Both of them met way back in time when Vivian and Shou were studying at Harvard Business School. Later both of the love birds would go on to marry and have kids. Currently, Shou Zi Chew has two kids.

Shou Zi Chew Net Worth 2023

If someone is wealthy and popular as Shou Zi Chew, there are talks that float the town. In all of that Shou Zi Chew has been able to make some serious money.

To the readers unaware, he worked even on Facebook and Bytedance. As of 2023 Shou Zi Chew net worth is $49 billion. Although the billionaire doesn’t open up about it, Shou has made some serious money with his works.

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