Masked Singer Identity Reveal: Who Are Fairy and Axolotl?

The Masked Singer has been one of the most highly appreciated shows on TV. There have been some serious reveals when we talk about it. In the Wednesday episode, the masked singer identity reveal left everyone shocked.

As the host Nick Cannon kicked off Wednesday night, it showed how well the show would start. Spoiler alert the masked singer identity reveal will leave you shocked.

masked singer fairy robinson peete performing during wednesday episode
Masked Singer Fairy AKA Robinson Peete performing during Wednesday show.
Image Source: The Masked Singer

As the judge’s Ken Jeong, Robin Thicke, Nicole Scherzinger, and Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg took the stage, things heated up pretty quick and momentarily.

The first hit was brought down by Fairy with the soul-moving performance of Angel From Montgomery by Bonnie Rait. A true performer, Fairy went on to make the song her own and leave it to us.

Another performance was from Axolotl which left the judges in a frown of pronunciation. They took all night to get the pronunciation right. Other performers in the night were Le Ann Rimes and Macaw.

Masked Singer Identity Reveal: Who Actually Are Fairy and Axolotl?

When we talk about the masked singer’s identity reveal, the judges went on to make their vows and it was interesting. Nicole guessed Tracee Ellis Ross while Wahlberg went for Corrine Foxx.

Moreover, Thicke chose Lori Harvey and the last panelist went for Jennifer Aniston. Sadly nobody was able to match the actual name.

In the end, it was Robinson Peete who left everyone in shock and awe. The fairy tone of voice and quality of singing was something to behold on Wednesday’s episode.

Talking about the masked singer’s identity reveal, Axoltl was guessed right by one of the judges. Thicke guessed it to be Nikki Bella while Jeong went for Brie Bella.

Lastly, Nicole went for McKayla Maroney but the last judge Jenny Wahlberg got things right. She went on to say, Alexa Bliss and she was right.

Alexa Bliss was a big surprise and her performance left the audience and panelists in a state of awe. Meanwhile, The Masked Singer just gets interesting with every new episode.

Alexa Bliss Skin Cancer Diagnosis

One of the famous WWE superstars and fighters, Alexa Bliss has missed most of her 2023 season with hardly any booking.

What’s important to notice is that Alexa Bliss has been through with skin cancer diagnosis. After the masked singer identity reveal, she has come up with other revelations.

Bliss opens up saying that she was diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma which is a type of skin cancer. Fans thought she wasn’t part of WWE due to the tussle with Triple H.

It was through Instagram that Bliss opened up about her skin cancer and a bandage over her face. It was due to the proper treatment that her issue of cancer has been resolved.

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