Joe Johnson Wife: Is Joe Johnson married and has kids?

When you have played in NBA for almost two decades, a brilliant image sets up for you. But for Joe Johnson things went the opposite way. In the fag end of his career, Joe Johnson wife was the major highlight.

shannon becton has custody of both the kids
Shannon Becton has custody of both the kids.
Image Source: Twitter

With all the controversy surrounding the player, he had to go through some tough times personally. There is so much written about Joe Johnson so today we will talk about Joe Johnson wife in detail.

Who Is Joe Johnson wife?

One of the biggest questions that arise is who is Joe Johnson wife. The immediate answer to that is no one.

He is not married at present but the same is not the case. Shannon Becton and Candise Zepherin braced the NBA star life.

Is Joe Johnson Married?

Yes, Joe Johnson was married but not in present. The main lady in the life of Joe Johnson was Shannon Becton.

There is no exact date when Shannon Becton and Joe Johnson walked down the aisle. However, the pair do share two kids.

Their son name is Gavin and they have a daughter named Justice. They had a hard and fast relationship. Joe Johnson wife wasn’t able to share much of her time with her beloved husband.

They went on their merry ways and their relationship ended in divorce which wasnt pretty good to talk about.

Joe Johnson Divorce

Following the divorce of Joe Johnson wife and the player, things went from bad to worse. The legal proceedings took center stage with child custody being a major concern.

joe johnson with his ex wife and daughter justice
Joe Johnson with his ex-wife and daugter Justice.
Image Source: Abtc

In the end, Shannon got the child custody and Joe had to pay a certain amount of money. He paid cash and also brought Shannon a new house for the stay.

All of this came through due to the agreement, Shannon and Joe signed to give Gavin the perfect luxurious life.

Joe Johnson Suing Ex-Wife Shannon

There was a time when Joe Johnson was ruling NBA. But with his career coming to an end, his finance was also limited.

The wrath of his end was faced by Joe Johnson wife too. He went on to sue Shannon Becton stating that he had pretty less money.

With the child support being $6250, Joe decided not to pay so much amount. He has filed his case in court related to decreasing the amount to be paid for child support.

Recently he has also paid for the moving expenses, rent, and other bills which is literally harsh for Joe Johnson.

Joe Johnson Girlfriend

Following the heartbreak as Joe Johnson wife, the superstar NBA player went on to find love the next time too. He was in a relationship with Candise Zepherin.

Candise and Joe met in New York and were immediately together. They went on to meet in regular intervals and the bond between the two kept on growing.

After dating for some time, Joe Johnson went on to announce that he is getting engaged to Candise on Instagram.

The vague announcement did make the fans very interested to who the woman was. When everything was going right, Joe and Candise parted ways.

The answer to the diva being Joe Johnson wife is a no. Zepherin and Joe called off their engagement and also their wedding.

There are no clear reasons from both Joe Johnson or Candise Zepherin why they called off their precious bond. However, it was meant to be.

Since the breakup with Candise, Joe has not been in any known relationship. With his NBA career coming to an end, Joe remains under and over the radar.

Who Is Candise Zepherin?

There is very little to no information about Candise Zepherin. She rose to fame as Joe Johnson girlfriend.

joe johnson with his mother sara johnson
Joe Johnson with his mother Sara Johnson.
Image Source: AY Magazine

However, she is a student at Kingsborough Community College in Manhattan. Candise Zepherin was born in 1998 in the United States.

As of 2023 Candise Zepherin is 25 years old. She has a slim body type. Moreover, Candise has dark brown eyes along with blonde hair.

Boyfriend Joe Johnson

Joe Marcus Johnson was born on 29th June 1981 in Arkansas, USA. The name of his mother is Sara Dianne Johnson while the father’s name is not known.

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His mother was a state psychiatric hospital nurse. Joe is the only child in the family. From a very young age, Joe was interested in basketball and made a career in it.

Joe Johnson played for Boston Celtics as a shooting guard and small forward. He came into the team in the 2001 NBA draft.

Recently Joe has given up on the game. As of 2023 Joe Johnson net worth is $90 million. All of this is the result of his NBA career.

Interesting Facts about Joe Johnson Wife

  • Joe Johnson was married to Shannon Becton.
  • He has two kids from his first marriage.
  • Candise Zepherin and Joe Johnson met for the first time in 2015.
  • Joe Johnson is currently single.


Who is Joe Johnson wife?

As of 2023 Joe Johnson is single and unmarried.

Does Joe Johnson have a son?

Yes, Joe Johnson has a son named Gavin.

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