Who Is Deadliest Catch Sig Hansen Wife? Does June Hansen has Cancer?

Sig Hansen is one of the biggest names in TV shows. He came to fame from his work in The Deadliest Catch. Sig Hansen wife is someone who has been talked in recent times.

sig hansen with his wife june hansen during the emmy awards
Sig Hansen with June Hansen during Emmy Awards.
Image Source: Country Living Magazine

Her name is June Hansen she has been the better half of the captain of the ship. With so much talk about Sig Hansen we talk about Sig Hansen wife in this article. Be with us.

Who Is Sig Hansen wife, June Hansen?

Sig Hansen wife June Hansen is famous as the better half of the fish and crab hunter. June Hansen has never talked about her personal details but helped her husband.

Sig Hansen and June Hansen Relationship

There is no exact data as to when Sig and June met each other. However, they have not been separated since the day they have been married.

Both Sig and June met each other in the 19th century. Although Sig was out in the hunting journey, he found time for his loved ones.

Sig Hansen wife has not been open about what she does in her personal yet professional life. June and Sig walked down the aisle in 2001.

The event saw the closest of family and friends being part of it. Since then they have not been separated their marriage is an example.

Until 2023, Sig and June have been married for 22 years. There has hardly been any news of issues in their marriage be it extramarital affairs or even divorce.

June Hansen Kids

Sig and June have been supportive of each other. But they have had kids in their relationship. Sig and June Hansen don’t share the common kids but they have kids from the previous marriage.

June Hansen has two kids from her previous marriage. Their names are Mandy and Nina. Sig Hansen wife has been supportive of his previous marriage too.

june hansen with her daughter
June Hansen with her daughter.
Image Source: Distractify

Sig had been married previously and shared a kid name, Melissa Eckstrom. In total, the Hansen family has three kids with all of them being daughters.

What Does Sig Hansen and June Hansen Kids Do?

Like Sig and June, their kids are also successful professionals. At times Sig has issues with his daughter Melissa Eckstrom but things are good with others.

Mandy another daughter of Sig has been in the business with him. She has been able to work in the Northwestern ship and do a good job.

She has taken up the mantle from her father. Looking at things it seems like she will be the captain one day. Mandy Hansen has also been married to Clark Pederson.

Clark is deck and both of them walked down the aisle on 10th June 2017. It was under the presence of the family and the loved one.

Nina being the remaining daughter has worked her way as a lawyer. She is proficient in lawyering and made a name.

No matter what legal issues, Sig Hansen gets through he tends to contact Nina for the issues. She has fought cases for Sig and won it too.

June Hansen Previous Relationship

There has been much talk about the past relationship of Sig Hansen wife. If we believe sources, she has been married previously.

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Sadly the exact data of the husband in the previous marriage is not known. In recent times though it has been all about Sig for June.

June Hansen Has Cancer

Sig Hansen wife has been suffering from cancer which has brought in news. All of the fans of Deadliest Catch got the sad news when he stated about his wife having cancer.

In the 15th season of Deadliest Catch the news came to all of the fans. Sig also has faced issues of cancer in the past which was highly motivating.

Sources claim that June Hansen has cancer in some parts of the neck. It was in 2019 for the month of July when the actual news of cancer for June came through.

In the Emmy Awards as well, June was accompanied by her husband Sig into the event. They looked like a power couple fighting over their issues.

June Hansen in 2023 has been free of any cancer issues. With the early detection of the disease, June and Sig Hansen were able to get rid of the threat.

Currently, Sig Hansen wife loves to enjoy her time with the family. All of the Hansen family can be seen having holidays and also going on road trips.

June Hansen Net Worth 2023

With the career achievements of Sig Hansen wife hidden under the radar, it is fair to say that she is silent.

mandy hansen with her husband clark pederson
Mandy Hansen with her husband Clark Pederson.
Image Source: Distractify

There is no data about the professional achievements of June Hansen. On the other end, Sig Hansen net worth touches the roof.

The talented fisherman and crab hunter’s net worth is $4 million from his career. If something about June Hansen net worth comes up readers will be made aware.

June Hansen Instagram

With the silent nature of Sig Hansen wife, it is very hard to find her on any social media handles. On the other hand, Sig is highly active on the Facebook page. Readers can follow him on:

Facebook: 700k followers

Instagram: 48.8k followers


Is Sig Hansen still married?

Yes Sig Hansen has been married since 2001 and the relationship is still going strong.

Who is Sig Hansen wife?

Sig Hansen wife name is June Hansen.

Is Mandy Hansen married?

Yes Mandy Hansen is married to Clark Pederson who works in North Western. The pair walked down the aisle in 2017.

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