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Marvel Cinematic Universe is known to make dreams come true. Not only that MCU is known to find talent and nurture it from the bud. Lia McHugh is one such talented kid who will be playing a crucial part in the new release The Eternals. Her role as Sprite is expected to make the heartbeat and awe the audience. Lia McHugh age might be deceptive to her talent for many.

Lia McHugh age
Lia McHugh is 14 years old as of 2021

Steamy eyes with the acting genes laced in this kid, Lia has bigger dreams. Moreover being part of famous movies like Totem, The Lodge and Into the Dark does help her acting instinct. It needs great care and utter consistency to chose a child actor and make them work. Well, Chloe Zhao has surely found the gem from the ocean of the acting universe.

Lia McHugh at such a young age will have some pressure to deliver the skills to the bigger mass as she hails from an acting background. Surely a family of acting professionals. Other than being an actor in the daylight there is a lot more to McHugh behind the scenes and in the dark. Be with us to know about her other intricate details and news.

Lia McHugh: Quick Facts

Full Name Lia McHugh
Nickname Mia McHugh
Date of Birth November 18, 2007
Birth Place  Pennsylvania, U.S.
Age 14
Sun Sign Scorpio
Father’s Name Michael McHugh
Mother’s Name Lisa McHugh
Siblings 3
Height 4’6″
Weight 35 kg
Nationality American
Per Episode Income $8k
Ethnicity White
Dress Size 4
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Active Year 2016- Present
Education Under Review
Shoe size 6.5 US
Marital Status Single
Net Worth $250k
Social Media Presence Instagram, Twitter

Lia McHugh Age and Body Measurements

Lia McHugh’s age is 14 years old as she was born in 2007. The teen always owns a positive attitude and wears a smile on her face. This makes the character of Lia no matter what she plays automatically likable. She stands at the height of 4’6″ and weighs around 35 kgs. With the growing age, surely the height and weight will plummet.

Lia McHugh height
Lia McHugh stands at the height of 4’6″

Besides the available height and weight information, McHugh beholds the body measurement of 34-24-34. As her age grows this might also change subject to how tall or slim she will be. Moreover, the dress size of 4 along with the shoe size is 6.5.

The bubbly character along with the always happy personality helps, Lia, to win over people. With such a charming persona what aids her growth is the pair of blue shining eyes along with the short grey and blonde hair. Although McHugh is a kid, she takes better care of how she looks and appears in front of the media and paparazzi.


On 18th November 2007, Lia Ryan McHugh was born in the beautiful city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Being born to the parents Michael McHugh and Lisa McHugh. Besides her parents, Lia has quite a handful of siblings. The elder brother Logan and Flynn McHugh along with the younger brother Gavin McHugh make it a family of six.

Sadly her younger brother Gavin has cerebral palsy. But such a horrendous condition too hasn’t halted the progress of Gavin. He is also an actor who has been working in the series called 9-1-1. Lia since the earliest of the days had the dream of being an actress. Growing up in the acting fraternity also helps her cause.

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Lia was born in the US so she holds American nationality. Along with it, she belongs to the white ethnicity. This talented actress is born in the month of March owns the zodiac sign of Scorpio.

Early Life and Education

The seeds of the tree depict its shed. Lia comes from an acting family and almost all of her family and siblings are in the same entertainment business. Being born in the beautiful city of Pennsylvania, Lia had all the goods and greats of their childhood. The good nurture meant that McHugh found her career option soon in life.

It might not be her choice fully but the growth in the lines of acting made her to chose this as a career option. Looking back on the decision to be an actress though, Lia has done justice to the talent she beholds. Even though she was born in Pennsylvania her family shifted quarters to Los Angeles when she was eight years old.

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Sources say that Lia’s foundation to acting and growth along with proper exposure was seen in LA. Although her father was a baseball pitcher for Texas Ranger, she pitched her skill to the showbiz world and made a big name at a small age. There is no information on her schooling.

Looking at her age though, Lia might be in her schooling days. Not only that the diva might be receiving the services of homeschool which helps her to do acting as well. What’s motivating is the balance, Lia has maintained in her education and also acting. One has hardly overpowered the other in her case.

Early Career

Lia has not even touched her sweet 16’s and the diva has been a brilliant actress up until now. At a very young age, the diva has been a star for the liking of many. It is due to her acting works that a name has been made. Talking about the acting works of the diva there is a pretty worthy list that can be made.

  • As a kid, Lia was part of various plays in school. The most recognizable work in her schooling days was the role of Mary in the musical named The Secret Garden. Lia’s work was in full praise by the audience.
  • Before being part of the acting world, McHugh was seen in a lot of commercials and ads where her cuteness took over the camera and made a foundation for her.
  • In the initial days, Lia worked as a child model in various brand endorsements and photoshoots. Sadly the accurate information on them is not available out in the media.

Acting Career

  • Her first work came in the TV series in the year 2016 with Haunting. The role of Jacey was played well by her.
  • She has been part of two other TV works in the year 2018 and 2019 respectively.
  • 2018 saw the brilliant work in American Women by Lia while 2019 was the turn of Into the Dark as Maggie Singer.
  • Lia McHugh has been brilliant in movies with the debut coming in the year 2017.
  • Lia McHugh age was ten years old when she was part of the movie Hot Summer Nights as Summer Bird Sister.
  • The regular work schedule from Lia McHugh meant that she was part of Totem in 2017, Along came the Devil in 2018, The Lodge in 2019, and Songbird in 2018
  • The most recent works of the child actress include the likes of The Eternals in 2021. However, there is a project named A House on the Bayou where she will play the role of Ana. This movie is in the post-production stage while the dates have not been finalized.
  • McHugh will be playing the role of Sprite in The Eternals. With the movie being part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it will be interesting how well Lia performs her role.

Boyfriend| Who Is Lia McHugh Dating?

Lia McHugh is one of the talented child actresses present in the industry. She has been doing brilliant work for almost a decade. However, the Eternals’ actress likes to keep personal information out of the eyes of the media. Keeping facts into perspective, Lia is just 14 years old as of now.

Being so young on the age front, she has not been in a relationship. For a schooling kid who is focused on studies, Lia has never been linked to any man. There is time and maturity left for Lia McHugh to have a boyfriend. Henceforth she doesn’t want to jump into any cupids rather give time to things.

Lia McHugh boyfriend
Lia McHugh with Tom Holland during the MCU shoot

With her age and no relationships being the factor, Lia has never been married nor engaged up until the age of 14. The achievements of McHugh are quite out of the box so that people think she is old. Well, that’s not the truth. There is more time for her to make a boyfriend and also get into a serious relationship. But for now, the into the dark actress is more of the career focus teen.

Lia McHugh Net Worth

What were the readers doing at the age of 14? Well most of them were looking out their syllabus of studies and working hard for the session. But here is Lia McHugh who is making a fortune with her acting skills and also balancing her studies simultaneously gaining perennial success.

Being part of the acting world for five years now, Lia has earned quite a lot of money. As of 2021, Lia McHugh sits at a net worth of $250k. All of this is the result of her actions. Likewise, The Eternals’ actress tends to make around $8k from one episode in the TV series. This sets a brilliant foundation for the future.

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According to sources Lia’s career kickstart was from the modeling and ad world. Without a doubt, this has also added up to the net worth and annual income counter. Interestingly the child prodigy has done all the basics well to keep the annual income and assets owned out of the media’s eye.

Growing up in the actor’s family she surely had dreamed of having possessions and wealth. With her earning a huge amount of wealth is tough to amass. Henceforth with time more of the assets and the information about them will be out in the eyes of the media. If something fruitful pops out readers will be made aware.

Social Media Presence

Social media has been the norm of the present generation and it is tough to be far from it. Being a celebrity face, social media presence is important. It helps to be famous and the sponsored posts help in net worth growth. Lia McHugh is also not untouched by all of the social media cycles and is highly active in it.

Instagram– 18.4k followers

Twitter– 274 followers

Lesser Known Facts about Lia McHugh

  • Lia is a gym freak and tends to keep her body fit.
  • Lia’s brother, Gavin is suffering from cerebral palsy.
  • Al Pacino, Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, Denzel Washington, and Richard Burton are the favorite actor of Lia.
  • Her favorite holiday destination is Venice and Italy.
  • Pink, Blue, and White are the favorite color of McHugh.
  • Reading, photography, and traveling are the hobbies of Lia McHugh.
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