Everything About Laura Ingraham Children: All Three Are Adopted

Laura Ingraham is one of the leading examples that you should be married to have kids. An inspiration Laura Ingraham children are all adopted and are doing well.

laura ingraham is a news reporter for fox news
Laura Ingraham is a reporter for Fox News.
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Laura is a well-known American conservative TV host who works for the Fox News Channel. She has done well as the host of The Ingraham Angle since 2017. Today we will talk more about Laura Ingraham children rather than her.

Who are Laura Ingraham Children?

Laura Ingraham children are all adopted and she has never been married. The first kid’s name is Maria Caroline with the second being Michael Dmitri. Likewise, the third kid’s name is Nikolai Peter.

Laura Ingraham First Kid

When Laura Ingraham career was booming upward and onwards, she made some life decisions that are to be respected.

The diva was able to adopt kids for life. Laura Ingraham children list starts in 2008 when she adopted Maria Caroline.

laura ingraham with her oldest child marie caroline at an event
Laura with her daughter Marie during an event.
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Maria Caroline was born in 2008 and the exact date of her birth isn’t known. Laura adopted her from Guatemala and she is 18 years old as of 2023.

Maria’s parents passed away when she was an infant. Since then she has been living in an orphanage. Gracefully, Laura found her and adopted her.

Ingraham wasn’t able to adopt Marie immediately. She had to wait for more than three years in order to complete the adoption process. Laura even went to Guatemala to pick her up.

Being a mother for the very first time, the FOX news reporter was ecstatic and joyful. Later on, Laura also stated that adopting Marie was the best decision of her life.

Marie Caroline is a very shy individual. She has been rarely seen in front of the media. It was in 2019 when she appeared with her mother at Conservative Political Action Conference.

Laura Ingraham Second Children

After being a mother for the first time, Laura Ingraham children count does increase. She went a step further to adopt Michael Dmitri Ingraham.

Interestingly she went to Russia in order to adopt Michael. Michael was born in 2009 in a city in Russia.

When Laura came forward with the adoption, Dmitri was only one year old. Things weren’t easy in the case of Laura Ingraham children for the second time.

Russians aren’t too keen on allowing the American people to adopt kids. But Laura didn’t let the opportunity go.

In the end, after quite a legal fight, Laura was able to win the adoption process. It was a moment of sheer joy for Laura and elder daughter Maria.

Laura Ingraham Children (Third)

The last of the three kids in the life of Laura is someone special. With so much love in the family, Laura Ingraham children in the third number is Nikolai Peter.

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Nikolai Peter similar to Michael is also from Russia. Seems like Laura Ingraham has fallen in love with Russia.

Nikolai was born in 2010 in Russia. There is no data about the name of his parents. The youngest Laura Ingraham children, Peter was adopted at the age of 1.

Nikolai although a kid, displays the trait of being strong, compassionate, and also silent. Laura lives with her three kids in North Virginia.

Laura Ingraham Advocates about Adoption

With the second and third kid adoption, Laura Ingraham had to face some serious issues. As a result of that she has been advocating about the advocating policies.

laura ingraham son nikolai peter
Laura Ingraham son Nikolai Peter.
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Laura Ingraham has shown her interest saying that politics shouldn’t be involved in the adoption policies.

Kids are free to choose who they want to be adopted with. With the ever-increasing rules and policies, adoption is harder.

On the other, the opposing people have said that Laura Ingraham is a true hypocrite and all of her children are immigrants.

Laura Ingraham Relationship with her children

When we dive into Laura Ingraham children and the relationship, things look very motherly. She has adopted kids from around the world and given them a great life.

The oldest Laura Ingraham children are about to complete high school. Similarly, the two of them are still in their schooling days.

Besides their study, Laura Ingraham takes them to various meetings and provides them with the right exposure making them feel homely.


Did Laura Ingraham adopt all her kids?

Yes, Laura Ingraham has adopted all of her kids.

Does Laura Ingraham have a daughter?

Yes, Laura Ingraham is blessed with a daughter named Marie Caroline.

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