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Street Outlaws has been one of the most famous shows recently. This shows focuses on the street race among a number of individuals. Kye Kelley has been a central figure for the show. With it, Kye Kelley net worth has jumped to places.

kye kelley net worth in 2023 is $500k
Kye Kelley net worth in 2023 is $500k.
Image Source: Car TV Shows

Kye Kelley has been the leading driver in the show, Street Outlaws. Since a very young age, Kye has been fascinated by cars. Today we will talk more about Kye Kelley net worth.

Kye Kelley: Quick Facts

Full Name Kye Kelley
Net worth $500k
Date of birth 19th May, 1987
Birthplace Mississippi, USA
Age 36 years
Sun sign Taurus
Father name Kyle Kelley
Mothers’ Name Tammy Kelley
Height 6 ft 1 inch
Weight 95 kgs
Street Outlaws Salary $150k per episode
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Sexuality Straight
Eye color Brown
Hair Color Black
Profession Street Racer, TV Personality
Partner Lizzy Musi
Children 2
Marital Status Engaged
Social Media Presence Instagram, Facebook, Youtube
Last update on May 2023

Who is Kye Kelley?

Kye Kelley is an American street car driver who rose to fame from the show Street Outlaws. Kye competes with other street car drivers along with his team.

Kye Kelley Net Worth 2023

Kye Kelley has been one of the leading faces when we talk about street car racing. With the success of Street Outlaws, he has been able to add up to his net worth.

kye kelley personal car camaro "shocker" ready to race in australia
Kye Kelley favorite car Camaro “Shocker” ready to race in Australia.
Image Source: Instagram

As of 2023, Kye Kelley net worth is $500k. This is the result of his contribution to the Discovery Channel reality show.

Kye Kelley Earnings from Street Outlaws

Street Outlaws is one of the famous shows which premiered in 2013. Since then the show has gone from strength to strength.

Kye Kelley net worth has been highly boosted by the show. As a result, he has also been part of the spinoff shows as well.

From Street Outlaws: Go Fish to Street Outlaws: New Orleans, Kye Kelley has been massively successful to establish a name.

Kye Kelley salary from Street Outlaws is $150k per episode. He is one of the highest paid on the show similar to Big Chief, Daddy Dave, Murder Nova, etc.

Kye Kelley Works in Petroleum Refining Industry

If you are thinking that Kye Kelley net worth comes from Street Outlaws only, you are wrong. He has a main time job which provides him well.

Kye works in the petroleum refining industry where he started as a fire watcher. His payment at the start was $10 per hour. Kye has also been able to go up to the role of superintendent who looks after 250 people.

Above all of this, the Street Outlaws actor works at his performance shop in Mississippi. He sells performance upgrading for vehicles.

Kye Kelley Cars

It is no doubt that Kye Kelley is fond of cars. He has been able to add up to his tally for the car lovers. Some of Kye Kelley net worth does go for the purchase of some brilliant cars.

kye kelley with the team of street outlaws usa
Kye Kelley with the team of Street Outlaws USA.
Image Source: Paul Shock Photography

His most loved one has to be the Camaro Promod which is also known as Shocker. The Shocker from Kye is a beast. With the presence of 900 horsepower, the car tends to fly through.

With the help of the Black Shocker, Kye has been able to win so many competitions. This black Pro mod Camaro is faster than Bugatti Chiron which shows the value of the car.

Kye Kelley net worth has also been used in other cars that arent as famous as this one. Therefore data on other cars are tougher to find.

Kye Kelley Illness

There have been massive speculations when we talk about the health of Kye Kelley. He has been subdued by an illness which isn’t true.

Although the online medium talk about the illness, there isn’t much talked about from his side. Kye Kelley illness as of now is a hoax and there is no data about it.

However, Kye Kelley wife, Lizzy Musi suffered from a lump in her breast in 2022. If anything on Kye Kelley illness comes up readers will be made aware.

Lizzy Musi is Kye Kelley Fiancee

Kye Kelley is famous, handsome, and matured at the same time. As a result of that, he has a good female following as well.

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Talking about it, Kye Kelley wife name is Lizzy Musi. Lizzy has been with Kye for a long period now. Interestingly Lizzy Musi is also a street car racer who belongs to Musi Racing Engines Pvt Ltd.

Their dating started in 2017 and the pair even got engaged on 31st July 2021. It was under the presence of family and friends.

Interestingly the pair has been together for more than six years. However, they haven’t been married or even share kids of their own.

Kye Kelley Past Relationship

Lizzy Musi isn’t the first love interest of Kye Kelley. He has been in a relationship twice before this. The first lady in the life of Kye Kelley isn’t known.

kye kelley with his wife kye kelley during the race
Kye Kelley with his wife Lizzy Musi during the race.
Image Source: Paul Shock Photography

However, he has a daughter named Haleigh from his first relationship. Later he found love in Alisa Mote. They dated for quite some time and even decided to get married.

It was in 2010 when they met for the first time. Later on 21st May 2014, Kye and Alisa got engaged.

Within a span of a year, Kye and Alisa even got married. It was in August 2015 when the big news came through.

Following their wedding, they gave birth to a lovely daughter Kenadeigh Alexa Kelley on 25th March 2016.

Although everything was going brilliantly between Kye Kelley and Alisa Mote they decided to get separated. The sad news for the fans came in 2017.

Kye Kelley Instagram

When you are a talented street car racer, fans tend to laud you with attention and respect. For Kye Kelley he has been able to put through a considerable amount of social media following.

Instagram: 218k followers

Facebook: 550k followers

Youtube: 102k subscribers


How much does Kye Kelley make from Street Outlaws?

Kye Kelley makes $150k from every episode of Street Outlaws.

Is Kye Kelley and Lizzy still together?

Yes Kye Kelley and Lizzy Musi have been engaged and still together.

What is Kye Kelley net worth?

Kye Kelley net worth in 2023 is $500k.

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