Friends’ Star Gunther AKA James Michael Tyler Passes Away

Are you ready to be freaked out? Hold on to this news then. My first goal is to get past by my 59th birthday. Those were the first words from James Michael Tyler after being diagnosed with prostate cancer. Gunther passes away at this moment and that too in the peacefully in his home. The aura and charm provided by James Michael Tyler were surreal in the show.

When did he get cancer?

This is an interesting question that has been raised around the world. Everybody around the world wanted to know when and how did the actor got cancer. To make things very clear, James spread the news out in the year 2018 which was a shock to the world.

Not only that he also added he would love to help one more people who were suffering from the same issues as him in the time being. This made him go the extra mile to help as well.

James Michael Tyler Friends
James Michael Tyler plays the role of Gunther in Friends
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To be precise it was the routine check in the September of 2018 that brought in the news. James Michael Tyler stated that he had stage four prostate cancer and there is no light at the end of the tunnel.

Things went from bad to worse when the actor was not able to be part of the Friends Reunion that took place in the year 2021. He was part of the event through the Zoom call. It’s a matter of despair that he leaves the world.

James Michael Tyler as Gunther

James Michael Tyler might not be the most prominent actor in the show Friends but he did make things happen. The talented actor was the waiter at Central Perk.

His witty nature along with the humor around his screen time made a lot of people his fan. If you have ever watched Friends, Gunther is one character for whom you will have a soft corner.

Friends Star James Michael Tyler has prostate cancer >>

In detail, Gunther owns a secret crush on Rachel as well. This brought in the fun and chemistry to the likable manner. Things would get messy and comical at the same time with Gunther being in front of the screen. The happy soul Gunther passes away at this point.

When did Gunther Passes Away?

This news is one thing that fans will be willing to know. When did the sad news break and how did he go after leaving the world behind. Well, Gunther passes away on 24th October 2021 in his home in LA. It was a peaceful passing away as well.

James Michael Tyler might only be remembered for the fun and also the comic timing that he provided to the show but it is also the liveliness. Gunther passes away and leaves the world in pieces which is a sad event.

James Michel Tyler Movies and TV shows

A lot of the readers might think James Michael Tyler is more about the movies and TV shows. But the close ones know he loved his music pretty dearly.

The actor has a special place for Clemson Tigers with ease. Other than that he is also a loving husband, a cancer awareness advocate, and also a social worker for the good of society. However, his best suit will always be movies and TV shows. Some of his famous works in the entertainment world remain at:

  • Friends
  • Scrubs
  • Motel Blue
  • The Roommate
  • The Disturbance at Dinner
  • Processing
  • Episodes etc.
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