Zahi Hawass Net Worth 2023| The Rise and Fall of Zahi Hawass

If you love ancient art and culture, Zahi Hawass is the most common name. He has been one of the finest individuals who has been under scrutiny. Zahi Hawass net worth is the determinant of it.

zahi hawass net worth in 2023 is $2 million
Zahi Hawass net worth in 2023 is $2 million.
Image Source: Middle East Online

Hawass has been into controversy for faking his skill which is a huge problem. The former minister even had to face exile which is the problem. Today we will talk more about Zahi Hawass net worth in detail.

Who is Zahi Hawass?

Zahi Abass Hawass is a former minister, archaeologist, Egyptologist, and former minister for Antiquities Affairs.

Zahi Hawass Net Worth 2023

At one point in time, Zahi Hawass was one of the wealthy people in Egypt. Sadly things started to change for him. As of 2023 Zahi Hawass net worth is $2 million.

This is due to the fact that he has been exiled and also caught faking his identity. With all the controversy surrounding Zahi Hawass net worth might be hidden exact amounts.

Zahi Hawass House

It is fair to say that Zahi Hawass net worth is used for rightful purposes. He has been able to not spend too much on houses and cars.

Hawass has a basic home in Egypt where he spent his quarantine during the COVID outbreak. Meanwhile, the archaeologist was able to complete his book as well.

During his stay at home, Zahi used to write books until 4 pm in the evening and spend the remaining time with his family, and kids and also watching TV.

Zahi Hawass Books

Being one of the finest historians, it is all right to say that Zahi Hawass has some books written as well. Zahi Hawass net worth has been accompanied by the books he has written. His books list includes:

  • Tutankhamun and the Golden Age of the Pharaohs
  • Mountains of the Pharaohs: The Untold Story of the Pyramid Builders
  • Valley of the Golden Mummies
  • How the Great Pyramid was Built
  • Curse of the Pharaohs: My Adventures with Mummies
  • Hidden Treasures of Egyptian Museum
  • The Island of Kalabsha etc.

Zahi Hawass Controversies| The Rise and Fall of Zahi Hawass

The life of the inspector of the pyramids is filled with controversies as well. The biggest controversy about Zahi is the attitude he shows against fellow archaeologists.

zahi hawass attending his son wedding
Zahi Hawass attending his son’s wedding.
Image Source: Guardians

They arent allowed to share the findings with the general people. After taking the case to court, Zahi said that the findings were too amateur to share with everyone.

In a 2009 interview with Egyptian television, Zahi stated that Jews tend to cover up a huge amount of decision-making in the American economy. Not only that he was backlashed for his opinions on the Jews population and how things are.

The last yet the most promising controversy about Zahi Hawass is his commercialization. Being a well-known archaeologist, he has lent his name to various brands. Zahi Hawass net worth has been assisted with it too.

The New York Times has used his name for a line of men’s apparel which consists of khakis, shirts, jackets, etc.

During the photoshoot for the clothing line, the models sat and disrespected the clothing line which was highly acceptable for many Egyptian people. For this act, Zahi Hawass was badly dragged in.

Zahi Hawass Biography

On May 28, 1947, Zahi Hawass was born in Damietta, Egypt. There is hardly any information when we talk about the parents of Zahi.

He has even hasn’t talked about the sibling’s information which is quite interesting. Zahi Hawass however wanted to become an attorney from a very young age.

Zahi Hawass Age and Body Measurements

As Zahi was born in 1947, he is 76 years old. Although the legend is approaching his 80’s you can hardly find the motivation and positivity getting down on him.

Hawass has maintained a pretty good body shape and works most of the time. There is no information about Zahi Hawass height, weight, and even body measurements.

Looking at the images of Zahi Hawass, he has dark brown hair along with eyes of the same color.

Zahi Hawass Ethnicity and Religion

Zahi Hawass the historian was born in Egypt and holds Egyptian nationality. Along with that he also has a mixed ethnicity.

zahi hawass standing infront of egyptian mummy
Zahi Hawass standing in front of Egyptian mummy.
Image Source: Egypt Today

Zahi has openly talked about his religion and he follows the Muslim religion. He was born in the month of May and has the zodiac sign of Gemini.

Zahi Hawass Education

The talented individual Zahi had an interest in the field of attorney and law as a kid. Interestingly he got to choose his career path with the shift in his interest.

Zahi Hawass obtained a bachelor’s arts degree in Greek and Roman Archaeology. Moving along he was able to earn a diploma in Egyptology from Cairo University.

Immediately after education was complete, Hawasss worked as an inspector for the Great Pyramids which did make him quite famous.

Zahi Hawass Wife

Although Zahi Hawass loves to be in the media’s eyes, he has been silent about his personal life data. According to some sources, Zahi Hawass wife name is Fekhira.

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There is no proper data as to when the love birds got married. Along with having a wife, Zahi also has multiple kids whose names and other information are a hidden mystery.

Zahi Hawass Instagram

Without a doubt Zahi Hawass loves to be active on social media platforms. As a result, you can find the archaeologist on Instagram and Twitter handles.

Instagram: 125k followers

Twitter: 4502 followers


What is Zahi Hawass net worth?

Zahi Hawass net worth is $2 million.

Who is Zahi Hawass wife?

Zahi Hawass wife name is Fekhira.

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