Thabo Bester Wife Nandipha Magudumana Age, Height, Death, Net Worth 2023

Everybody might have heard about the Facebook killer. Well his real name is Thabo Bester. Due to his recent outgoing from custody, Thabo Bester wife has been an important concern.

dr nandiphe is an aesthetic doctor
Dr Nandipha is an aesthetic doctor.
Image Source: Times Live

Thabo Bester is better known to lure the ladies from Facebook and kill them. With the news of Thabo Bester wife and the criminal being on a run, things have heated up. We will talk more about Thabo Bester wife.

Who Is Thabo Bester Wife?

Thabo Bester wife name is Nandipha Magudumana. She is a doctor by profession who is known to help Thabo in the escape and criminal activities.

Thabo Bester and Nandipha Magudumana Relationship

Thabo Bester wife is Dr Nandi. She has been close with the criminal for quite some time. Dr Nandi is an aesthetic doctor who is also a popular socialite.

Thabo and Dr. Nandi have been dating each other for quite some time. The pair are known to have been seen together in June 2022.

Thabo Bester wife was also seen claiming the body of Thabo Bester after the fake death of the criminal.

The regular appearance at the mall states the fact that Thabo and Nandi have been seeing each other for a long time now.

There is no data about their engagement or even wedding. Meanwhile, they are having the best of their time running away from the police and the law.

Murder and Fake Death

Thabo Bester has been known for his notorious activities. Thabo Bester wife in the present time has accompanied him to the highest level.

Thabo Bester and Dr. Nandi have done everything possible to hide out from the media’s eyes. The Facebook abuser was convicted by a court of law for abusing two women in 2011.

Meanwhile, the serial killer was convicted of luring the girls into his hotel room and also abusing them. This didn’t end too well at all.

dr nandi was the lead doctor to declare thabo dead
Dr Nandipha was the lead doctor to pronounce Thabo dead.
Image Source: PBKSnews

In the quest of harming girls, Thabo was able to molest and also murder his own girlfriend Nomfundo Tyhulu. She is a well-known model and celebrity who was killed.

In like manner, Bester did fake his own death. To the surprise of many, Thabo was seen with his expected girlfriend at Woolworth in Sandton City.

Dr Nandi Bio

Nandipha Sekeleni Magudumana was born in Bizana, South Africa. She has been one of the silent individuals right from the start.

Growing up in a small village in South Africa, Nandi aspired to become a medical doctor. Until the prime, Thabo Bester wife was a well-known socialite, celebrity doctor, etc.

Being born in 1989, Nandipha age is 34 years old. Sadly she has never talked about her physical outlook.

This medical doctor has a slim body type along with a positive personality. Talking about it she has curly black hair along with eyes of the same color.

Dr Nandi Net Worth 2023

One of the finest yet propelling careers belongs to Thabo Bester wife. However, she chose not to be on the right track.

Working more as a businesswoman and doctor, Nandipha was able to amass a good amount of net worth. As of 2023 Dr Nandipha net worth is in the million. However, she has remained silent on the exact amount.

Although the net worth information is not known the diva loves to drive some brilliant cars. Some of the car collections for Dr Nandipha include:

  • Range Rover
  • R4M
  • Porsche Cayenne

What does Dr Nandipha do?

Dr. Nandipha might be famous as Thabo Bester wife but she has more to her achievements. This diva has been able to earn fans with her great work.

dr nandipha with dr pashy
Dr Nandipha with Dr. Pashy.
Image Source: The Citizen

Working more as an aesthetic doctor, she has medical practices as well. She is also the owner of Optimum Medical Aesthetics which runs more for hairline restoration, botox, and chemical peels.

With a colossal net worth, Thabo Bester wife has lived in some big mansions which are quite understandable.

Dr. Nandipha Magudumana Husband Thabo Bester

On 5th November 1979 Thabo Bester was born in South Africa. The name of his mother is Maria Mabaso. Maria and Thabo don’t have a pretty good relationship.

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At a very young age, Thabo was left by her mother. As a result, he grew up with his grandmother. She has a massive role in his life.

Thabo has a pretty bad record when we talk about crime. At the age of 17, the criminal was arrested for scamming YoTV.

With the increase in age, Thabo has been more violent. The wanted criminal has been using various ways to lure the pretty woman.


Who is Thabo Bester wife?

Currently Thabo Bester wife name is Dr. Nandipha.

Is Thabo Bester dead?

No Thabo Bester is not dead. Meanwhile, he staged his own death to be free.

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