Steve Harvey Ex Wife (Mary Lee Shackleford) Age, Husband, Divorce, Net Worth

A lot of the time, marrying a well-known personality tends to bring the spotlight to you. When we talk about Mary Lee Shackleford same is the case. She is highly regarded as the ex-wife of Steve Harvey rather than her identity.

There is hardly anyone who wouldn’t know who Steve Harvey is. A talented TV host, comedian, radio personality, and what. They were tied in the nuptials  for almost two decades, but things turned sour late in the piece.

Mary Lee Shackleford age
Mary Lee Shackleford is 62 years old.
Source: ABTC NG

Other than being the wife of a very famous man, Mary is a talent in herself. She is a makeup artist doing well with the net worth side. In this write-up, we will talk about Mary Lee Shackleford and her identity rather than her being the ex-wife of Steve Harvey. Stick with us.

Mary Lee Shackleford: Quick Facts

Full Name Mary Lee Vaughn
Nickname Lee
Date of Birth 20th October 1960
Birth Place Texas
Age 62 years
Sun Sign Libra
Father’s Name Leonardo Vaughn Sr
Mother’s Name Will update soon
Siblings 9
Sister/brother name Will update soon
Nationality American
Ethnicity Black
Height 5 feet 7 inches
Weight  65 kg (121 lbs)
Body Measurements Will update soon
Eye Color Black
Body Type Will update soon
Hair Color Black
Shoe Size Will update soon
Education Will update soon
Religion  Christianity
Sexuality Straight
Marital Status Divorced
Husband Steve Harvey(1996-2005)
Children 1
Children name Wynton Harvey
Net Worth  $500k
Salary Will update soon
Social Media Presence None
Source of Wealth: Makeup artist
Last Updated July 2022

Early Life

Mary Lee Shackleford was born in Texas to father Leonardo Vaughn sr. The name of her beloved mother is not known. But one can say she was raised in tough times. Sources claim that she had nine siblings in the family regarding the siblings.

With her father marrying twice, she also had some step brothers and sisters. Growing up in the city of Texas, Leonardo had a tough time feeding the family well. Mary used to live on the weekly wages that tended to arrive from her father’s earnings.

Mary Lee Shackleford net worth
Mary Lee net worth is $500k.
Source: Radaronline

At times Shackleford has openly talked about the hardships she had to face as a kid. She also adds that there was no proper treatment for her in her childhood.

To make matters worse, their parents used to isolate them from the outer world to make them feel deprived and not talk about what was happening around them.


Before meeting Steve Harvey, Mary wasn’t much of someone who would be talked to. She wasn’t into the limelight, so most of her information regarding academics is tough to find.

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The school she went into the graduating college, information on any of them has been tough to find for us. It might be due to the secret nature and no interest in the limelight that the data is tough to find.

Looking at how she holds herself up high, one can say Mary is quite educated.

Mary Lee Shackleford Age and Height

Mary was born on 20th October 1960, which makes her 62 years old. Shackleford has done an excellent job of maintaining a brilliant outlook. She is lean and thin and loves to flaunt her smile most of the time.

With the enduring height of 5’7″ along with body weight being 65 kgs, one can say she is health-focused. Mary loves to hit the gym when she finds the time to do so. Meanwhile, Shackleford has played it safe when we talk about sharing information regarding the shoe and dress size.

With sparkling eyes that are of lack color, she also has flawless black hair to aid her outlook. Meanwhile, Mary has also chosen to remain silent on the vital body statistics. Being born in October, her zodiac sign remains Libra.

Mary Lee Shackleford Husband

The most considerable boost for Mary Lee Shackleford is her personal life. She met the ever-successful Steve Harvey in the year 1989. He was performing standup comedy, and things went from funny to romantic.

It was in Arlington, Texas. Both of them had an immediate connection, and things transpired.

Mary Lee Shackleford husband
Mary with her husband Steve Harvey
Source: Suggest

After being together for some time, they decided to marry each other. Their big marriage came on 21st June 1996. It was a big event as prominent personalities were called for the wedding.

Interestingly when they married, Steve was already a divorcee. Mary is her second wife, with Marcia Harvey being the first.

Everything was going in the absolute perfect direction for Steve and Mary. They had a son named Wynton Harvey on 18th July 1997. With the presence of the newborn, their relationship flourished.

But every good thing doesn’t last for long. After knowing and being with each other for 17 years, they decided to separate. There were multiple reasons for their divorce. With all the legal processes, their divorce was formally done on 3rd December 2005. Such a sad ending to something beautiful.


  • Mary was instructed not to publish any public remarks regarding the divorce after all of the issues were resolved in court. Steve had a significant problem with her continuing to share her private life on video and in the media.
  • This unequivocal declaration about the separation and Steve resulted in a violation of court orders, things became tense, and she was sentenced to 30 days in prison as a consequence of her actions.
  • Even after all of this, Mary’s situation remained bleak. She made another press announcement immediately after her release, saying that she had not broken any court requirements.

Mary Lee Shackleford Reason of Divorce

According to sources, numerous factors contributed to their breakup, but Steve’s side has emerged as the most significant. While married, Steve had an extramarital romance with Marjorie Bridges, Marjorie Elaine Harvey.

Mary refused to accept this and sought a divorce. Mary said after their divorce that Steve had murdered her soul and caused her a great deal of mental anguish and suffering.

Another reason for divorce that came through was the case of the infidelity of Mary. There was no hard and fast proof of this fact, but this did come out pretty bad. After the divorce news was circulating, Mary did wrong things to accuse Steve.

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In like manner, some sources claimed that the exponential growth of Steve Harvey had issues for Mary. She couldn’t stand being called a celebrity’s wife, which made things even worse.

She went on to Youtube and uploaded videos stating how bad Steve is. Also, she accused him of being physically and mentally abusive and had hurt her too many times.

Steve wasn’t the one who would remain silent on this. In the end, things went to court, which didn’t end very well. One who paid in all of this was the eight years old Wynton.

Following their divorce, they had a custody struggle over Wynton, who was just eight years old. However, in 2011, Steve could win the battle among them and took his child with him.

Even though Steve won custody of the kid, Mary was awarded the home and $40,000 per month as the welfare fee. This welfare fee lasted for four years.

Post Divorce

A lot of the time, divorce is not the end of the road. Sometimes the aftermath of divorce tends to affect the outcome of the couple. Since the divorce of Steve and Mary, Steve went on to live his larger-than-life image while Mary went under the radar.

Even after the court case was lost, Mary didn’t stop her wrongful deed. Court had ordered her not to do wrong to the image of Steve, but she didn’t listen. She kept on posting videos regarding the bad things Steve had done.

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Ultimately, there was no option but to put Mary behind bars for 30 days. Steve, after the divorce, went on to marry Marjorie, while Mary has slightly gone under the radar.

According to some sources, she was last seen in the media accusing Steve of killing her soul. This happened in 2016, and she demanded $60 million as compensation. At this point, she is remarried to a man with the surname Vaughn but the exact details arent known about this matter.

Husband Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey is one of the biggest names when discussing TV host, comedian, and presenter. He has done a brilliant job of keeping a name for himself in the TV world.

Steve’s career started with standup comedy so well that he didn’t have to look back.

His personal life might be an issue at times, but his professional life has been brilliant. After starting his career in the ’90s, his show, especially in 1996, did the trick.

Steve Harvey wife
Steve Harvey with his current wife Marjorie Harvey
Source: Blogograph

The talented comedian started his show, The Steve Harvey Show, and since then, there has been no turning back. The audience loved what he offered, and things went from good to better quickly.

Harvey is a multi-talented personality, and there is no doubt about it. His book Act Like a Lady, think like a man has received critical acclaim pretty well. In the field of radio, The Steve Harvey Morning Show is another dose of his skills.

Mary Lee Shackleford Net Worth and Salary

Mary Lee Shackleford got huge acclaim due to the relationship with Steve Harvey. Besides that, she is more of a makeup artist who tends to earn a living. Before being introduced to Steve, she was known as the makeup artist, more or less.

Almost all of the net worth has come through from the same role.

As of 2022, Mary Lee Shackleford’s net worth reads at $500k, which is pretty good. Some of that amount has been received from the divorce settlement that has come through. Since being separated from Steve, Mary has not been seen in the media.

There might be occasional viewing of her, but the higher fame isn’t available. Therefore the net worth doesn’t tend to rise too much for the ex-wife of the superstar. On the other hand, Steve makes a bucketful of money from his successful and hardworking professional career.

Social Media Presence

Spotlight isn’t something Mary Lee Shackleford enjoys quite a lot. After having the issues regarding her divorce, she has gone under the radar. There is hardly anything on the media and also the social media platforms. It is tough to find Mary on social media.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many children does Steve Harvey have with his ex-wife?

Steve Harvey and Mary Lee share a son named Wynton.

  • Is Marjorie Harvey rich?

Marjorie Harvey’s net worth of $50 million shows she is wealthy.

  • What happened to Mary Lee Harvey?

After the divorce from Steve, Mary went under the radar. Sources claim she is married to someone with the surname Vaughn.

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