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A very familiar face Rachel Bilson loves to make headlines one way or another. She has been famous for her work in movies and as a model. Bilson has been part of some of the best movies.

Rachel Bilson age
Bilson is 41 years old.
Image Source: Instagram

In recent times though, the comments made to the ex-partner Bill Hader have caught some fire with ease. Bilson has been part of notable projects like Hart of Dixie, Take Two, The Last Kiss, etc.

This talented yet gorgeous diva runs through the media attention for all the good and bad reasons. Her achievements in the field of acting have been simply superb. But more than the headlines, Rachel has much to learn and admire. Stick with us.

Rachel Bilson: Quick Facts

Full Name Rachel Sarah Bilson
Net worth $12 million
Date of birth 25th August 1981
Birthplace The U.S.A.
Age 41 years
Sun sign Virgo
Father name Danny Bilson
Mothers’ Name Janice Stango
Height 5’2″
Weight 48kgs
Body Measurement 33-23-34
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Sexuality Straight
Eye color Dark Brown
Hair Color Brunette
Profession Actress, Model, Fashion Designer
Partner None
Children Briar Rose Christensen
Marital Status Single
Social Media Presence Instagram, Twitter
Last update on August 2022

Rachel Bilson Family

Rachel Sarah Bilson was born on 25th August 1981. The talented actress was born to father Danny Bilson and mother Janice Stango. Other than that, she also had three other siblings in the family.

Rachel Bilson height
Rachel Bilson stands at 5’2″.
Image Source: Instagram

Her parents had two different career goals, but the father was the real motivator. Bilson’s father was a director, writer, and producer who inspired her to try the showbiz world. Things weren’t the same after that.

Age and Body Measurements

Bilson, being born in 1981, is 41 years old. A smiling beauty, Rachel has been able to make a mark with her stunning performances in the movies and T.V. shows. Even though she only has a height of 5’2″, her work speaks.

Maintaining the right weight is essential to being a model in the showbiz world. Therefore her body weight is just 48 kgs. A healthy diet and also a regular workout is the way to go. Rachel is very slim with body measurements of 33-23-34 inches.

She also has a shoe size of 5, with two dress sizes. This actress was born in the states and held American nationality along with the white ethnicity. Her sparkling dark brown eyes, along with her brunette color hair, can make you her fan.

Early Life and Education

Rachel Bilson was born into a well-to-do family. With her father in the field of showbiz, there was no issue in looking for motivation. Her childhood was quite the mixed bag. Rachel’s father divorce her mother and went on to marry another woman. This was hard for her at that time.

Still, she was loved and pampered by her father as a princess. With the constant back support and pushing towards the goal, Rachel launched herself into this acting world. Talking about education, she is well educated.

Starting her education, she was part of Notre Dame High school, California. After the completion of her schooling, Bilson was part of Grossmont College and later graduated from the place with an acting degree.


The career of Rachel Bilson has been quite the rollercoaster ride. Even though her father helped the diva to gain some ground, she had to do the hard yards. Like all successful careers, Bilson’s also started through commercials.

She was part of some of the best commercials around the circuit. To name a few, they are Pepto- Bismol, Subway restaurants, and Raisin Bran. Movies were coming her way with the cute face and talent in the piece.

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Her first work that came to the fore was the appearance in an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer in 2003. 8 simple rules of dating my teenage daughter provided her with comfort and a homely feeling.

The 2003 series The O.C. was the breakthrough in her career that made her career spark pride. Summer Roberts’s character was the fan favorite very quickly. Playing in the series made her career transformation to movies easier. The Last Kiss in 2006 was her first work.

One after another, multiple roles made her famous and also able to make a name for herself. In simple comparison, her most recent work came in the year 2019. It was in the T.V. series named Lovestruck. Interesting, she hasn’t been part of T.V. or movies since then.

Rachel Bilson Podcast

Don’t be surprised to see that Rachel Bilson can do it all. A multi-talented personality also started a podcast with the former O.C. cast, Melinda Clarke. It was a fun-going podcast that was loved by many.

Rachel Bilson ex partner
Rachel Bilson with her ex-partner Bill Hader.
Image Source: People

To be precise, the host and the co-host used to re-watch the episodes of The O.C. and also discuss how all of that panned out. To make matters more interesting, they would call the former actors of the show Adam Brody, Peter Gallagher, and others.

Fashion Designs

As we all know, Bilson started her career as a model and fashion designer. What is more, to appreciate is that she has continued with it. Most of the fashion houses recognize Bilson as the fashion junky.

Rachel adds by stating that Kate Moss and Diane Keaton inspire her. She has tried her hand at designing by collaborating with DKNY Jeans, and Edie Rose was born in 2007. Almost all the products in the launch were below $100, which became quite the hit.

Her house has been burglarized on multiple occasions of the quality of her fashion sense. Bling Ring was the culprit who went on to make the burglary possible. To add value to her fashion design, she launched a shoe line.

It was the footwear line which was started being associated with Steve Madden. The online customized shoe store was called Shoe Mint and became immensely popular. She later went on to design shirts for the Invisible Children organization.

Rachel Bilson and Rami Malek Controversy

Everything in Hollywood gets into controversy. There is hardly any doubt about it. When you look into it, Rachel Bilson and Rami Malek also got themselves into a tangle. Rachel went on to post a picture of the two.

It was posted on the social media handles of their high school days. Both of them didn’t look too good in the image. Rami immediately insisted Bilson delete the photo. Malek wasn’t too happy with the idea, and the media hype it received was something severe. In the present moment, everything is remarkable between the two.

Does Rachel Bilson miss Bill Hader’s Big?

Controversy, controversy, and controversy are what fumes the circuit. In the recent podcast appearance of Rachel Bilson, she revealed some funny secrets. She was called into the podcast of Broad Ideas when Tommy Dorfman threw in the query.

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Tommy asked Bilson what she missed about Hader, and the answer was the big ### which was funny at that time. But in reality, she misses the charisma, charm, and also witty nature of the comedian. Both of them had a fling in 2019.

Rachel Bilson Boyfriend

When you are as successful as Rachel Bilson, everything you do tends to get highlighted easily. From the relationship scenario to the affairs you carry out. In the first line of attack, there was Adam Brody, who held her hand.

To the people unaware, Adam is the star of the series The O.C. Both met during the line of work and started dating in 2003. After being together for three years, they decided to part ways. The reason for the breakup was termed to be personal.

Rachel Bilson daughter
Rachel Bilson with her daughter Briar.
Image Source: Pinterest

After Brody, however, some stability appeared in her life of Rachel. She was able to be in a relationship with Hayden Christensen. Hayden and Rachel met during the shooting of the movie Jumper.

It was in 2008, and since then, they started to date. Neither confirmed their relationship, but the media caught them roaming around L.A. holding hands. It was very wonderful to see two people in a relationship.

After some point, Bilson had an engagement ring in her hand. This showed signs of them being engaged. Not a single soul confirmed the news. However, in 2010 they separated.

Recent Affair

This broke multiple hearts of the fans, as the power couple was parting ways. But after three months, they again reconciled. Everything was going well, but only to be for some years. In September 2017, they separated forever.

One heartbreak after the other, things were right. Bill Hader, too came into her life as the love interest. Both of them were seen holding hands at a coffee shop. According to sources, their relationship started in the year 2019, only to end in 2020.

Many fans speculated that all of that was just a fling and not a proper relationship. Whatever it might be, both of them looked good together. Interestingly, Rachel has decided to remain single at the moment. So there is no love interest for the time being.


Even though Rachel Bilson is not married until this point, she does have a kid. Yes, you read that right. From the second relationship with Hayden, both gave birth to a kid named Briar Rose Christensen.

Briar is an adorable kid who was born in October 2014. Although Hayden and Bilson are separated, they love their kid and take proper care. They have signed the No Kids Policy to protect the kid from any media attention.

The No Kids policy discusses preventing celebrity kids from being clicked or photographed without the proper knowledge of their parents. Without a doubt, they do care about Briar pretty well.

Rachel Bilson Net Worth 2022

What do you expect from an actor and model who has been working for more than a decade? Well, they have a good amount of net worth in their banks. Rachel Bilson net worth as of 2022 stands at $12 million.

Rachel Bilson net worth
Rachel Bilson net worth is $12 million.
Image Source: Instagram

It is a substantial amount for someone who has only done a handful of movies and also T.V. shows. We can easily say that most of her work in film and T.V. shows has been pretty good to talk about.

Rachel Bilson Net Worth in various currencies

Name of Currencies Value of Net Worth
Kuwaiti Dinars  3, 683, 120.999KWD
U.S. Dollars $12,000,000
Euros 11, 803, 378.17  €
Pound Sterling 9, 960, 253. 98 £
Indian Currency 956, 027, 257.16 INR

Rachel Bilson House

Bilson is a person of class. There is hardly any doubt about it. What she does with her earnings is something surreal. Talking about the houses, she owns a beautiful property in the States, which can be envious.

Before 2017, Rachel and Hayden used to live in Sherman Oaks, but the breakup changed everything. Rachel paid $2.25 million for her new home in Pasadena in Rose Bowl. This particular house is a masterpiece in itself.

A large open area out of the house brings in more of the good looks inside the house. A swimming pool, dry dock stream, and porch to see the mountains and valleys of L.A. is something that makes the house stand out.

Rachel Bilson Cars

For someone who loves the house with the mountain view, how well will she ride her car? Rachel is known to have some luxury cars at the outset and ride them with pride and passion.

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The list of the cars started with the Mercedes E Cabriolet. Added Audi A3 Hatchback to the tally to make a list look more alluring. Similarly, Toyota Prius, Lexus RX, Range Rover Sport, etc., are value-added.

Social Media Presence

Did you ever think a vibrant personality like Rachel Bilson doesn’t have social media? Well, you are wrong. This talented diva has a good fan following on her social media accounts.

You can also be a part of it through.

Instagram1.4m followers

Twitter3499 followers

Interesting Facts

  • Vintage shoes and purses are an interest of Bilson.
  • Rachel is a big fan of the L.A. Lakers.
  • In the movie Tangled, she auditioned for the part of Rapunzel.
  • Bilson dropped out of college to go into the field of acting.
  • At 14, she had a collision that left her unconscious for four days straight.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What did Rachel Bilson say about Bill Hader?

Rachel Bilson stated that she misses the big ### of Bill Hader, which is pretty funny.

  • Who is Rachel Bilson married to?

Rachel Bilson isn’t married to anyone but has a daughter from a previous relationship.

  • What is Rachel Bilson doing now?

She has moved on from acting (not quitting) and is focused on her daughter. The mother-daughter pair is seen going on holidays through the media.

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