Jack Depp Parents, Age, Height, Health Issue, Girlfriend, Net Worth

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are two names that have lightened up the Hollywood streets in recent times. Their defamation court case got some excellent hype with quite ease. But how well do you know who Jack Depp is?

Some of you might have heard his name one way or another. But he is none other than the son of Johnny Depp. The talented actor has kept the detailed information about the kid out from the eyes of the media.

Jack Depp age
Jack Depp is 20 years old.
Image Source: Instagram

He didn’t want the world to give all the spotlight to his son. But in recent times, Jack Depp has grown all big and bulky. From his relationship status to the net worth he earns, this article will be the key to deciphering all of it.  Be there till the end to know everything.

Jack Depp: Quick Facts

Full Name Jack Christopher Depp III
Net worth $2 million
Date of birth 9th April 2002
Birthplace France, Paris
Age 20 years
Sun sign Aries
Father name Johnny Depp
Mothers’ Name Vanessa Paradis
Height 5’7″
Weight 63 kgs
Body Measurement 44-32-28
Nationality French-American
Ethnicity Mixed
Sexuality Straight
Eye color Light Brown
Hair Color Blonde
Profession Actor
Partner None
Children None
Marital Status Single
Social Media Presence N/A
Last update on August 2022


Jack Christopher Depp III was born on 9th April 2002 in France. The very famous Johnny Depp is his father’s name, while his mother is Vanessa Paradis. Being born into a well-settled family, Jack had significantly less to worry about when growing up as a kid.

Johnny is an actor, and his mother is a well-known French singer who has gained quite popularity in her field. He has an older sister Lily Rose Depp who has a special place in his heart. Jack has a very close-knit relationship with his family members.

Age and Body Measurements

As of 2022, Jack is 20 years old. A talented kid stands at the height of 5’7“, which is pretty good reading. Growing up from his teen, Jack has the most glaring smile and the good looks he might have received from his parents.

Jack height
Jack Depp stands at 5’7″.
Image Source: Instagram

Moreover, his body weight reads at 63 kgs which is slightly higher. It seems like he doesn’t follow the fitness routines of his father. Additionally, the body measurements for Jack stand at 44-32-38, which is pretty good.

The biceps of the size of 21 inches is good reading as well. He holds the French-American nationality. With the roots, Jack is of various descent and has mixed ethnicity. Light brown eyes and blonde hair add value to his overall outlook.

Early Life and Education

The spotlight is always on you when you are born into a celebrity family. Being far from the spotlight can be a challenging task to attain. However, Jack’s father was able to do the same for his kid. As he provided every facility to Jack, Johnny ensured the media wasn’t running around him.

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As he enters his 20s, one can say he is into college studies. For the school-level education, though, Jack was part of some of the local private schools whose names were not in the open. As soon as something on the college name comes up, readers will be made aware.


When your father is Johnny Depp, there is no point in looking too far for inspiration. He is the man to be close to and understand the trade trick. Jack, like his father, is also keen on following in his footsteps. So he has tried some of his hands-on actings.

His T.V. debut came with the work in Yoga Hosers, which wasn’t too popular. Along with that, he is also keen to be seen in the field of singing. There are songs and the interest to teach them, which tends to motivate the man.

Jack dreams of making big in the industry like his sister, Lily Rose. On the other hand, Lily is almost a superstar in the entertainment world. Her hands are tied down from being a social media influencer to acting in the field.

Father Johnny Depp

Johnny Christopher Depp was born on 9th June 1963. He is an American actor, producer, musician, and director. His parents’ names are Betty Sue Palmer and John Christopher Depp. Other than his parents, the actor had three siblings in total.

He had a mixed childhood bag with on and off times. However, things started to change when he came into acting. The talented personality was able to make the big things happen with ease.

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His most significant work until now includes the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, which has been an outright hit. Besides that franchise, though, he has been part of some of the other good movies. Donnie Brasco, Black Mass, Murder on the Orient Express, etc., has been the go-to.

In the recent events, though, Johnny has been in the court case alongside Amber Heard. Both of them fought their heart out when we look at it in detail. In the end, Johnny Depp came out victorious and won the trial.

Jack Depp Health Issue

Growing up, life can be challenging for kids. In the Depp family, things didn’t work out too well. Jack Deep had a severe health issue as he was growing up. Thankfully his mother was right beside the boy.

In 2018, when Jack was just 16, he had major health issues. According to the source, it took him more than a week to recover and come to his feet. It was a hard time for the family members.

Jack Depp father
Jack Depp with his father Johnny Depp.
Image Source: Instagram

Sadly this isn’t the first time the Depp family has been sick. Their daughter Lily-Rose was once admitted into the hospital for three weeks. Hardly anyone knew if she could make it, but the little fighter did. The main reason for her hospitalization was kidney failure.

The trial hurt Jack Depp

The trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard went for a very long time. Neither of the party was able to accept the loss, and things got extended. With the hard times for both Johnny and Amber, the kids also suffered.

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On the one hand, Johnny didn’t get film offers, while on the other hand, Jack, his son, started to feel hurt by this. Specifically, when his father was called the abuser, Jack was not happy with it. Johnny Depp began to think that his children had to face the mental torture of the allegations he was given, which weren’t true.

Jack Depp Girlfriend

Who wouldn’t want to date the hot and famous kid, Jack Depp? Anyone would love to jump into the fire. The star kid often went on to hide his love story, but the media was one step ahead in finding out.

At present, the good-looking boy isn’t single. Yes, the hearts can break. He has been in a severe relationship with Camille Jansen. If you are wondering who she is, she is a well-known French model who has achieved quite a lot.

They first met in 2020 and haven’t left each other’s side since then. We can get to see them roaming around the streets of the U.S. hand in hand. Their bond is pretty unique compared to any other 20-year-old.

It was during his 18th birthday of Jack that we came to know they were dating. Camille posted a snapshot talking about how lucky she feels. With times moving fast and priorities changing, their relationship has stopped.

Both of the lovebirds don’t seem to be together at the moment. They are more of a part. Even though the reason for the breakup isn’t known, Jansen is very close to Jack’s sister Lily. They are seen together in images.

After getting far from Camille, Jack hasn’t been into dating too much. He maintains a fair distance from all of these things. He focuses more on his acting career and keeps making an impact and buzz like his father.

Jack Depp Net Worth

Jack Depp net worth isn’t as huge as his father’s. On the one hand, his father is a well-settled actor in the showbiz world. Jack is just trying to find his feet in the field of acting. Jack has only acted in one of the projects.

That hardly pushes his net worth up the mark relatively quickly. Besides in movies or series, Jack is seen in several advertisements and brand promotions. As of 2022, Jack Depp net worth stands at $2 million.

Jack Depp mother
Jack Depp with mother Vanessa Paradis.
Image Source: Instagram

It is not a big sum but something to be proud of for a 20-year-old. There is no information regarding the cars or the houses owned by the kid. He lives in the mansion of his father. With time, he might be able to have luxurious cars and mansions of his own.

Social Media Presence

Jack might be the star kid, but he isn’t a big fan of the limelight. He likes to keep a fair distance between himself and the media. In the quest of it, there are hardly any social media handles of man.

You might find the celebrity kid’s Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter pages, but all of them are fake. As his popularity in the acting world grows, we might also see him on social media platforms.

Interesting Facts about Jack Depp

  • Jack Depp is very close to his father.
  • Jack is named after Johnny’s character in Pirates of the Caribbean.
  • This celebrity kid doesn’t like Amber Heard at all.
  • Depp hates paparazzi and doesn’t come in the open media.

Frequently Asked Questions about Jack Depp

  • How Old Is Jack Depp now?

Jack Depp is 20 years old as of 2022.

  • Where is Jack Depp now?

Jack Depp, at the moment, lives in Paris, France.

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