Paul Sorvino Death, Goodfellas, Harvey Weinstein, Wife, Kids, Net Worth

Paul Sorvino, the master of a mild-mannered mobster, was a well-to-be singer. Sorvino is one of the best actors who have quickly blessed the industry for so long. Paul Sorvino death has shocked the world, which is the key to things.

Sorvino is a multi-talented personality who can do everything with the greatest of ease. He is an opera singer, sculptor, actor, performer, and everything else. He had so many feathers on his cap, which ends with his vast array of performances.

Paul Sorvino net worth
Sorvino net worth stands at $10 million.
Source: Indiewire

You can either be sad that he passed away or enjoy the legacy Paul Sorvino has left behind. In this write-up, we will be keeping a keen eye about Paul Sorvino death, the cause for it, his earnings, his love interest, and the toughness he had to go through life. Please stick with us to know in detail.

Paul Sorvino: Quick Facts

Full Name Paul Anthony Sorvino
 Other Names  Paul Sorvino
Date of Birth 13th April 1939
Birth Place New York
Age 83 years (At the time of Death)
Sun Sign Aries
Father’s Name Ford Sorvino
Mother’s Name Angela Mattea
Siblings 1
Sister/brother name William Sorvino
Nationality  Italian-American
Ethnicity White
Height 5’10”
Weight 85 kgs
Major Works Goodfellas, That Championship Year
Eye Color  Dark Brown
Body Type Normal
Hair Color Black
Shoe Size Under Review
Education Lafayette High School
Religion  Christianity
Sexuality  Straight
Marital Status  Married
Wife Denessa Purvis Benke
Children 3
Children Name  Mira, Michael, Amanda
Net Worth  $10 million
Salary Under Review
Social Media Presence None
Profession Actor, Singer, Musician
Last Updated July 2022

Paul Sorvino Death

When you follow someone so special into the acting world, their passing away always makes you sad. Paul Sorvino death has come through on a fine Monday morning.

It was on 25th July 2022 that Paul passed away.

The world has been divided into pain and agony with the passing away. The fans of Paul would know that he has been suffering from many diseases in the past few years. Sorvino left the world at the age of 83.

Paul Sorvino Cause of Death

Things tend to be very talky when a brand and legacy like Paul Sorvino is left behind. Looking at the man’s achievements through movies like Goodfellas, one can hardly deny what he has given to the industry.

Paul Sorvino death
Paul Sorvino death came at the age of 83.
Source: Instagram

After the untimely demise of Paul Sorvino, his publicist, Roger Neal, confirmed that death is a natural one. All of this happened at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville. All of the reasons might be natural, but everyone knows his fight against the diseases with an increase in age.

Paul Sorvino Goodfellas

Martin Scorcese is a legendary director who knows his trade pretty well. He cast the likes of Paul Sorvino in a very cold role. Paul Sorvino in Goodfellas played the role of the mobster and did well.

After decades of being in the field of acting, Paul got the role of Paulie Cicero. At the start of the casting, Sorvino wasn’t sure whether he would be able to work the role well.

If we believe the sources, one can say he let down the role not to do it. But it was Scorcese who convinced him, and we have a villain to remember. Paul is a local mob boss in the movie who is lumber, soft-spoken, and a cold-blooded killer.

Wiki Bio

On 13th April 1939, Paul Anthony Sorvino was born in New York. Born to parents, Ford Sorvino and Angela Mattea, he had a decent childhood. Paul had all of his needs fulfilled as a kid, making him entirely self-sufficient.

Besides his loveable parents, Paul had his brother William Sorvino to support him through his journey. From a very young age, Paul was sure he wanted to be an actor.


The parents of Paul Sorvino went too well to do. Still, they fulfilled all the needs of the man with ease. Paul’s father is an Italian immigrant who is an Italian immigrant.

He had a tough time working as the foreman in a robe factory. Similarly, the mother of the actor worked as a housemaker. What’s interesting is that she was also a piano teacher.

Paul Sorvino goodfellas
Paul Sorvino played the local mob boss in Goodfellas.
Source: NBCnews

With this interest and the homely environment relating to music, Paul sometimes was more into singing and wanted to be so. Starting his interest as a singer, Paul became a legendary actor.

Age and Height

Paul Sorvino has the most pleasant smile when you look at it. Standing beside the man will fill you with confidence and the ability to make things happen. At the time of Paul Sorvino death, he was 83 years old.

Along with that, the actor stood at the height of 5’10”. What adds well is that he had a body weight of 85 kgs. The actor couldn’t maintain the perfect body to show with disease and poor health.

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In like manner, Paul never talked openly about the shoes, dress sizes, and body measurements to his fans. One can say that he is a good personality. A positive vibe, Paul had fair skin to talk about.

Furthermore, this Goodfellas actor held an Italian-American nationality with white ethnicity. Until the time of Paul Sorvino death, he had the most natural hair with the color black. Similarly, the sparkling dreamy eyes had a brown color to them.


Paul Sorvino isn’t your normal personality but someone who is highly educated and academically brilliant. For his earliest education, Sorvino attended Lafayette High School, where he served well.

As soon as their education was completed, he was part of the American Musical and Dramatic Academy. He was assured of being a singer and actor when he joined the academy. Such was the confidence and the upbeat personality.

Moreover, he also attended the Sanford Meisner institute to polish his acting work before making his movie debut. Good choices at the institute did help his overall growth.


Paul Sorvino’s career graph has been up and down from the start. This actor embarked his career at a very early age. His career was more of a copywriter for an advertising agency right at the beginning.

To make ends meet, he did work at the agency and did a good job. Likewise, he also took voice lessons for 18 years to make a career in singing. But his life had other plans to make things work well.

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After joining the theatre to hone his skills, Sorvino got the big Broadway debut from Bajour, a musical performance. Sorvino has never looked back after that. His movie debut came with Where’s Poppa?

In all of this, the year 1972 made his known all around the world. Goodfellas didn’t release then, but it was That Championship season. This talented actor received a considerable amount of critical praise for the movie.

Paul Sorvino Films

  • That Championship Season
  • Nixon
  • Goodfellas
  • The Red Maple Leaf
  • Sicilian Vampire
  • Falling
  • Romeo+Juliet
  • Acts of Desperation
  • Greetings from the Shore
  • Papa
  • The Hybrids Family
  • The Birthday Cake

Paul Sorvino and Harvey Weinstein

This is an exciting topic to talk about. Paul Sorvino and Harvey Weinstein didn’t have the right foot going forward for a long time.

Harvey Weinstein is the same person who was alleged to have sexually harassed his daughter Mira Sorvino. Paul wasn’t delighted when asked about his take on Harvey Weinstein going to jail.

Paul Weinstein Harvey Weinstein
Harvey Weinstein is a convicted rapist at the moment.
Source: Los Angeles Times

The actor said He’s going to jail. Oh Yeah. That son of a bitch. Good for him if he goes, because if not, he has to meet me. And I will kill that motherf****r. Real simple.

What’s intriguing is that Paul didn’t know that his daughter was sexually harassed until she gave the interview to The New Yorker.

Mira said that Harvey didn’t make him too comfortable at the Toronto international film festival in 1995. Harvey massaged her shoulder and was chasing her around like a retard.

Paul Sorvino Wife

Who wouldn’t want to behold the hand of Paul Sorvino? Paul did an excellent job with an upbeat personality who could make you starstruck with his charm and aura. He has had some significant love interests over time which is the key to things.

The first wife of the legendary actor was Lorraine Davis. They met during the field of work and married. Their big event came through in 1966. To make their marriage more potent, they had pretty loveable kids.

In 1988, though, Paul and Lorraine decided to part ways. It was sad, and the reason for the divorce isn’t known. Meanwhile, another lady came into his life of Sorvino. After three years of divorce, he married Vanessa Arico.

Paul Sorvino wife
Sorvino with his wife Denessa Purvis.
Source: Net Worth Height Salary

The tying of the nuptials took place in the year 1991. Everybody thought this was it, but they were wrong. After five years of marriage, they decided to again part ways. Sorvino remained unmarried for almost two decades after that.

But he was able to find his love again in 2014. Marrying Denessa Purvis Benkie changed his life. She is a political pundit and the news reporter running the Fox News program. Sources claim both of them remained together until Paul Sorvino death.

Paul Sorvino Kids

Sorvino is a very caring and loveable father. Although he has married thrice in his life, Paul Sorvino’s wife is only the first wife. As a result of that, he has three kids.

Mira Sorvino, Michael Sorvino and Amanda Sorvino. Of all the three of them, Amanda is pretty close to her dad. Following their father’s footsteps, they are all connected to the acting world. Mira Sorvino is a very talented actor who has won the Academy award too.

Paul Sorvino Net Worth

Paul Sorvino is a legendary actor with the greatest of achievements. He has done work in some brilliant movies and TV series over more extended periods. What stands out is the net worth of the man.

At the time of Paul Sorvino death, he had a net worth of $10 million. Most of them have come through his work in the field of acting and also singing. Paul is more of a sculptor as well, who made the sculptor of his friend Jason Miller.

Sorvino daughter
Paul Sorvino with his daughter Mira Sorvino.
Source: People

Sorvino isn’t someone who will stop on one or two ventures, but he is more than that. In 2007, the actor launched his own Paul Sorvino Foods, which served pasta sauces to his beloved customers.

All the recipes for the sauce came from his mother, which shows the family’s love. These sauce brands were famous in various supermarkets in the northeast United States.


Paul Sorvino never left an opportunity to help people in need. As a result of that, he was supportive of people who struggled. From early childhood, Paul was a patient of Asthama, which wasn’t pleasant at all.

This actor worked very hard to master the breathing techniques. In the wake of his experiences, Paul wrote a famous book, How To Become a former asthmatic. It was the best seller around the world, which led to a lot of other works.

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Sorvino was able to open the Paul Sorvino Asthma Foundation in the year 1993, which made him quite famous. This foundation tends to help children and adults suffering from the same issues.

Paul Sorvino Social Media Presence

Paul Sorvino is a man of class and composure. He loved to remain original to his fans. With the increase in age and the late introduction of social media, you can’t find the man on social media handles.

Eventhough there are some social media accounts in the name of Paul Sorvino acting, they aren’t the authentic account. With Paul Sorvino death, it is impossible that we will ever get the official Paul Sorvino Instagram or Twitter account.

Frequently Asked Questions about Paul Sorvino

  • Is Paul Sorvino Italian?

Yes, Paul Sorvino is an Italian as his father was an immigrant from the country.

  • Who is Paul Sorvino’s daughter?

Paul Sorvino, daughter is the famous Academy award-winning actress, Mira Sorvino.

  • How old was Paul Sorvino?

At the time of his untimely death, Paul Sorvino was 83 years old.

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