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Michelle Ghent is an actress, producer, and socialite. She is prominently known as the ex-wife of famous Hollywood actor Terrence Howard. Ghent has mostly been absent from the world of filmmaking and production.

Ghent’s relationship with Terrence Howard was a troubled one. The couple began showing signs of disagreements and conflicts from the start of their relationship.

Michelle Ghent age
Michelle Ghent is 45 years old
Source: Dreshare

Talking about Michelle Ghent’s professional career, she has worked as an actress, producer, and writer. She even worked in the Camera and Electrical Department of the documentary named 10 Most Evil Serial Killers in 2015.

Myriad rumors are flowing around the internet about her and her relationship with his ex-husband Terrence Howard. As neither Terence Howard nor Michelle Ghent has confirmed or denied those rumors, nothing can be said for certainty.

Let’s learn more about her life, childhood, career, relationship, net worth, and presence on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

Michelle Ghent: Quick Facts

Name Michelle Ghent
Full Name Michelle Ghent
Date of Birth 1977
Birth Place USA
Age 45
Father’s Name NA
Mother’s Name NA
Siblings  NA
Height 5ft 6 inches
Weight 132 lbs
Sexual Orientation Straight
Nationality American
Ethnicity Asian
Occupation Writer and Producer
Eye Color Brown
Dark Brown Black
Marital Status Divorced
Ex-Husband Terrence Howard
Children 3
Net Worth $1 million
Social Media Presence NA
Last Updated on June 2022

Age and Height

Talking about her age, Michelle Ghent is 45 years old. Ghent was born in 1977, although the exact day and month of her birth date aren’t known.

Ghent entered the world of cinema in 2004 for a brief period when she appeared in tv-series Crash Test Mommy 2004. She has not been active in the cinema for some time now.

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Speaking about her physique, Ghent stands at 5 ft 7 inches and weighs around 60 kgs. Ghent has brown eyes and dark brown hair. Being an actress in the past, this diva has maintained a fit body. Her vital statistics of 33-25-34 also prove the fact. Regular gym work along with a healthy diet might be the reason.

Childhood and Early Life

Michelle Ghent was born in the USA but decided not to discuss her childhood publicly. She hasn’t even revealed information about her parents and close family.

Michelle Ghent net worth
Michelle Ghent’s net worth reads at $1 million
Source: Whosdatedwho

As she isn’t as famous as many other actors and actresses, there aren’t strong sources that talk about her early life. With no information about the parents or siblings, it is hard to know how her life has been before meeting Terrence. Her educational background is in the dark along with the information on childhood.

Some sources claim that she is a graduate of a reputed university. Sadly, not many sources tend to show their unison to that, which is quite an issue. When the credibility comes through, readers will be made aware.

Ex-Husband Terrence Howard

Terence Howard is an American actor who has been working in cinema for over three decades. Howard began his career working tv-series like All My Children, The Jacksons: An American Dream, Who’s the Man? et cetera.

He is prominently known for his roles in movies like Iron Man, The Brave One, Prisoners, August Rush, Four Brothers, et cetera. Although he was only part of the first Iron Man movie, he is still remembered for his iconic acting style.

Howard has had a long list of awards and nominations in his career. He has even been nominated for Academy Awards For Best Actor. He was nominated for his work in the movie Hustle & Flow.

Howard was trolled for his ‘language of logic,’ later becoming known as Terryology. Through his ‘language of logic,’ he tried to prove a false statement “1 X 1=2”. He published his logic on Twitter. There were multiple logical errors as well as logically incorrect reasonings.

Michelle Ghent and Terrence Howard’s Relationship

Michelle Ghent and Terrence Howard dated each other between 2008 and 2010. The couple strengthened their relationship and commitment through marriage in 2010. But soon, they started having differences and conflicts in their relationship.

Michelle Ghent initiated the divorce proceedings and filed a divorce case in February 2011. She also accused Terrence Howard of physical violence in December of the same year. Their case was finalized in 2013.

After their divorce case was finalized in 2013, Ghent went to court with a black eye and accused Terrence Howard of violence, for which he received a restraining order.

In 2015, Ghent lost her initial case against her ex-husband after he revealed audio recordings. The audio recording contained Ghent threatening Howard with violence and disclosing his confidential information.

The case finally came to an end in 2013 after Howard was ordered to pay around $1.3 million to his ex-wife Michelle Ghent. The issue nearly took decades of Michelle Ghent and Terrence Howard’s life.

Michelle Ghent’s Ex-Husband Relationships

Ghent’s ex-husband Terrence Howard has had three marriages to date. His first wife was Lori McCommas. Terence Howard married in 1993, which ended with divorce in 2001. They began remarried in 2005, which soon ended with divorce again. Howard was in a marital relationship for one year with Michelle Ghent between 2010 and 2011.

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Howard married for the third time entrepreneur and model Miranda Pak in 2013. The couple divorced after two years in 2015. After their marriage ended, Howard and Pak announced their engagement in 2018. But no details about getting remarried have yet been revealed to the public.


Even though Michelle and Howard had a rough divorce, their love wasn’t that bad. During their time together, they were blessed with kids that would take their legacy forward.

In total, both Terrence and Michelle have three kids. Two are daughters while one is the son. Hunter Howard is the boy’s name, with the daughters being Aubrey and Heaven.

Michelle Ghent Settlement

Like every divorce brings in the case of settlement, something similar also came in this case. Both Michelle and Howard had to come to a compromise.

Michelle Ghent husband
Terrence Howard is the husband of Michelle Ghent
Source: E Online

Lastly, Michelle received $5800 per month in spousal support. Additionally, some percentage earnings of Terrence’s future earnings will also come to her bank account.

With the case being filed for the demand of $909,418 from the actor, Ghent has only received the lesser amount. Two restraining orders in the marriage to go with the appeal won in 2017 show the marriage was the best for the two of the former lovebirds.

Michelle Ghent’s Net Worth

As per various online reports, Michelle Ghent has a net worth of $1 million. Ghent has not shared information about any investment decisions or real estate wealth she has.

Moreover, Terrence Howard has an estimated net worth of around $5 million. The payment for Howard’s role in the first Iron Man stands at $1 million. He also received an average salary of $175k per episode while working in tv-series named Empire.

Instagram and Twitter

Michelle Ghent is absent from almost all of the major social media platforms. She has decided to avoid unnecessary media attention for her good and mental health.

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Terrence Howard Social Media Accounts:

Instagram: 797k followers

Frequently Asked Questions About Michelle Ghent

  • Do Michelle Ghent and Miranda Pak know each other?

Miranda Pak is Terrence Howard’s third wife, whereas Michelle Ghent is his second wife. They know each other but aren’t probably on excellent terms. There hasn’t been a publicly known incident between them, so nothing much can be said.

  • Is Michelle Ghent’s ex-husband Terrence Howard married right now?

No, Michelle Ghent’s ex-husband Terrence Howard isn’t married right now. His last marriage was with Miranda Pak, which ended with divorce. However, the couple got together the engagement news breakthrough in 2018. They haven’t made any plans about remarriage as of yet.

  • What is Michelle Ghent’s ethnicity?

Michelle Ghent seems to have Asian familial origins. Moreover, Ghent was born in America and held American citizenship, as per online reports.

Interesting Facts About Michelle Ghent

  • Of the $1.3 million to be paid by her ex-husband Terrence Howard, $263k is to be paid for back support and a whopping $1.05 million because of an increase in Howard’s income.
  • Terrence Howard has had multiple uses related to taxes. Tax Evasion is also one on the list.
  • In 2010, Terrence Howard was asked to pay a whopping $1.1 million in overdue taxes.
  • Michelle Ghent used to work for American Commercial Production.
  • Ghent has worked as a producer on projects like UFO Encounters, A Werewolf in Slovenia, Ancient Deon Succubi, Exorcist Chronicles, et cetera.
  • She also wrote the story of A werewolf in Slovenia.
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