Jae Suh Park Wife of Randall Park, Age, Height, Body, Kids, Net Worth

If you have been watching Crazy Rich Asians, then the main cast of the show Jae Suh Park has surely got your attention. She is some sort of funny, quirky, and very intimidating mother who does not hide any of her feelings in the show. 

As a matter of fact, Jae has built her reputation as an actress. Although her notable work includes that of Crazy Rich Asians, she has appeared in several movies and tv shows. 

Jae Suh Park age
Jae Suh Park is 38 years old actress
Source: Instagram

In the year 2017, she was obligated to be on the 2017 Netflix comedy series Friends from College. Apart from that, she has been on How I Met Your Mother, The League, Never Have I Ever, Adam Ruins Everything, and The Mindy Project, to mention some. 

If you are a huge fan of Jae, then this article is just meant for you. We have not only covered her professional life but her personal life here. Therefore gets ready to know about Park’s age, height, kids, and other factors. 

Before all this, why don’t we take a good look at some quick facts;

Some Quick Facts

Full Name Jae Suh Park
Nickname Jae
Date of Birth 5 April 1984
Birth Place Lodi, California
Age 38 years old
Sun Sign Aries
Father’s Name Updating Soon
Mother’s Name Updating Soon
Siblings Updating Soon
Height Updating Soon
Weight Updating Soon
Nationality American
Sexuality Straight
Ethnicity Asian
Body Measurements Updating Soon
Eye Color Updating Soon
Hair Color Updating Soon
Shoe Size Updating Soon
Social Media Presence Instagram
Body Type Slim
Marital Status Married
Net Worth $1 million to $5 million
Last Updated June 2022

Who Is Jae Suh Park?- Parents and Siblings

As mentioned above, this pretty lady has established herself as an actress. However, there is more to her in person. Unlike other stars in the industry, Jae is not that vocal about her personal life in the media. 

Henceforth finding detailed information about her on the internet has become a herculean task. However, the Tvhowstarinfo has worked hard to find petty details bout her. 

Several research shows that Park spends her childhood in the wonderful place of Lodi, California. She was raised there along with her parents. 

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In contrast to this, Jae has not shared her parents’ names and whereabouts with the media. Despite this, we are sure that this lady was wonderfully raised by her parents. 

Otherwise, it would have been tough to start her career as an actress on her own. In addition to this, there is no proper information on whether Sue has a sibling or not. 

As she has not confirmed her sibling’s name, the data is hard to conclude. 

How Old Is Jae Suh Park?- Age, Height, and Body Measurements

This young diva Jae was born in the year 1984 and celebrated her birthday on the 5th day of April. Therefore it is obvious that Park belongs to the sun sign of Aries. 

According to this sun sign, this actress is very conservative in nature and likes to work hard to be where she is now. As a matter of fact, she is only 38 years old in 2022

Despite her growing age, one can hardly imagine that Jae is soon going to be in her 40 in a few years. Well, she looks like she is in her mid 20’s. 

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There is no denying that this actress is very beautiful. She usually likes to have a short haircut with some bangs. Her mesmerizing eyes and small lips are some of the highlights and most attractive features. 

Moreover, Jae has a white skin tone which makes her look stunning in every designer apparel she wears. Many women worldwide follow those fashion tips and tricks even more. 

Childhood and Education

Jae spent most of her childhood in Lodi, California. As a matter of fact, Lodi is located in San Joaquin County, California. This place s widely famous for the production of grapes.

 Further information about her education is still in the dark. But looking at her passion for acting, we can conclude that this actress was very keen on acting like a child. 

Jae Suh Park
Jae Suh Park with her mother and sister
Source: Instagram

As her parents motivated and inspired her in every step of her life, she was shown all the love and happiness. Moreover, Jae is Korean-born American actress. 

Who Is The Husband of Jae Suh Park? Does She Have Kids?

Jae has garnered a lot of fan following on her social media accounts. Several people all over the world are equally inspired and intrigued by her. 

Not to mention she has been the apple of the eye of many men all over the world. However, Jae is not the one to fall for any guy. To be her man, one tends to be special, a man of class, and should master humor. 

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If you were wondering if this quality is rare to find in a guy, you are totally wrong. This actress has already found the love of her life and has shared screens with her partner many times. 

You’re right that lucky guy is none other than Randall Park. He was mesmerized but this actress as soon as he saw him for the first time. Although they were an adult, the duo could never put up the courage to speak with each other. 

How Did They Meet?

In an interview, this celebrity couple revealed that they met for the first time in an audition. Before that, they had heard about each other but never met each other in person. 

In the year 2007, their path crossed for the first time, and it was love at first sight. However, they id to talk wh each other instantly. 

Moreover, the audition brightened them together, Park started talking about Randall’s painting, which broke the ice, and eventually, they talked with each other. 

After the audition was called off, they did not talk properly with each other. It was as if fate had decided both of the duos were planned to be cast in the famous show Fresh Off The Boat. 

During that time, Randal called her to the party, and a special bond has seen between them. However, the duo still recalls the time when the people at the party made it tougher for them to talk. 

In addition to this, the next morning, they talked with each other and set out for a fate. A couple of weeks after that, they confess their love for one another, and the rest is history.

When Did Jae Suh Park and Randall Got Married?

After falling in love with one another, the duo walked down the aisle in the year 2009 on the 29th day of August. Surprisingly it has been more than a decade that the couple has been together and is still going strong. 

In a world where love and marriage are just a part of the day, this lovey-dovey couple has been setting an example in Hollywood. their happiness knew no limit when they welcomed tier first daughter for the first time. 

Surprisingly young Ruby LouisePark was born on the auspicious day of May 2012. In 2022, the young child is only nine years old. Although the kid is young and growing, she has been part of the father’s comedy web series titled Baby Mentalist. 


  • This American actress started her carer in a television show. She made a debut on the tv show named ER in the year 2004. Her role was Mary Tan. 
  • Four years later, she made a comeback through How I Met Your Mother in one of the episodes. 
  • Moreover, Park has contributed her role in the 2011 show The League and after in The Mindy Project as Anna
  • Not to mention she was the main cast in the famous Netflix series Friends from College, where she portrayed the role of Marianne
  • Back in 2015, she portrayed the role of Maya Cho in the famous series Adam Ruins Everything.
  • Recently she has been a guest appearing in the Netflix series Never Have I Ever. Surprisingly she appeared as Eleanor’s mom, Ms. Wong in the show.
  • Apart from this Jae has also played a huge role in some of the movies. Back in 2015, she was seen as Michael Burry’s Wife in The Big Short.
  • Later in 2020, she appeared as Caryn in The Paper Tigers.

Jae Suh Park Is Not in Crazy Rich Asians

Many fans misunderstood the whole cast of Crazy Rich Asians. Even the journalist misidentified the actors and the cast member called out the media.

Remy Hii confessed that it is an act of ignorance and identity erasure. Many misunderstood Remy as Randall Hall, Constance Wu as Jae Suh Park, and Tan Kheng Hua as Michelle Yeoh.

Things got out of hand when the cast members were misidentified at SAG Awards after-party. Hii tweeted that,

“To the journalists consistently at fault, I refuse to believe you’ve never mistaken a Bomer for a Cavill, an Adams for a Fisher, a Hemsworth for a Hemsworth and yet it happens all the time with PoC-particularly Asin performers and it is always just an honest mistake”

What Is The Net Worth of Jae Suh Park?

It is no surprise to many that Jae makes a hefty amount of money from her career as an actress. Just like mentioned above, this lady is very conservative in nature. 

Jae Suh Park net worth
Jae Suh Park’s net worth in 2022 is $1 million to $5 million
Source: Instagram

Like with every other information about her in the media, Information about her net worth is still in the dark. According to various sources online, it has been concluded that Jae has a net worth of about $1 million to $5 million in 2022

This is all thanks to her work and accolades from all these years. Apart from acting, this lady has been traveling to several destinations of the world with her husband and child. 

Social Media Presence

May celebrity spends time on social media to be in touch with their fans. Similar is the case with Jae, as she is highly active on Instagram. 

Apart from sharing her success and work, Jae also shares about her daily life on her social media. You can follow her at the link below;

Instagram13.6 k followers

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Jae Suh, Park Korean?

Yes, Jae comes from Korean ancestry. However, she grew up in the United States.

  • How old is Jae Suh Park?

In 2022, Park is 38 years old. 

  • Is Randall Park married?

Jae is the lucky woman who bewitched the handsome actor Randall. They are happily married in 2022. 

  • What is Randall Park’s ethnicity?

As a matter of fact, Randall is an Asian as his parents come from South Korea.

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