What Happened To Andy Bassich (2023) On Life Below Zero?

Andy Bassich is a popular explorer, musher, and actor mainly popular in Life below Zero. He left his home to explore Alaska and eventually spent the rest of his life.

Andy decided to spend the rest of his life in isolation with his 37 sled dogs to collect fish and move on the snow. Explorer Andy got a lot of reputation from the documentary on the National Geographic Channel.

andy bassich with kate during nat geo event
Andy Bassich with Kate during the Nat Geo event.
Image Source: Briefly

It showed the struggle of all the explorers and migrators who wanted to explore Alaska but struggled due to floods and snow. Andy is also popular for his relationship and marriage with Kate Rorke Bassich. 

However, they were both separated and eventually got divorced.

Andy Bassich: Quick Facts

Birth Name Andy Bassich
Nick Name Bassich
Age 65 years old
Sun Sign/Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Birth Place Washington, DC, USA
Date of Birth 25th January 1958
Nationality USA
Mother’s Name Under Review
Father’s Name Under Review
Sibling Under Review
Height 5 feet 9 inches or 181 cm
Weight 91 kg or 201 pounds
Body Measurement N/A
Race / Ethnicity White
Hair Color Grey
Eye Color Brown
Sexual Orientation Straight
Shoe Size N/A
College/University University of Washington
Educational Qualification Graduated
Profession Explorer
Girlfriend Denise Becker
Net Worth (Approx.) $350,000
Last Updated March 2023

Who Are Andy Bassich’s Parents?

Explorer Bassich was born on 25th January 1958 in Washington D.C., USA. Regarding education, Andy joined John F. Kennedy School and graduated from it. 

However, he did not want to continue learning but instead wanted to explore the world. He also went to the University of Washington to graduate in arts and work as a carpenter and a cabinet maker. 

andy bassich with his dogs in alaska
Andy Bassich with his dogs in Alaska.
Image Source: Washingtonian

He started working in Virginia before moving to Alaska, but he faced some tough times. Andy did not get to explore immediately. 

However, he went to Alaska to explore when he was just a young boy. He started gardening in Alaska before buying 37 dogs and becoming a sled dogs racer and musher.

How Tall Is Andy Bassich?

Andy Bassich age is 65 years old. Bassich stands at the height of 5 ft. 9 inches tall, which converts to 181 cm, whereas he weighs 91 kg, which converts to 201 lbs. 

There is no information on his body measurements and shoe size as he likes to keep his information private. Andy has grey hair, and his eye color is also brown. 

His zodiac sign is Aquarius. This means he has a communicator, enthusiast, and determined personality. He is an intellectual and thoughtful person who likes to commit and follow his commitment.


After his graduation, Bassich started his career as a professional carpenter and furniture maker. He wanted to become an explorer; however, things did not go as planned.

In 1960, he traveled to Alaska to fulfill his dream of living in Alaska Bassich got the Gardening job during summer; however, in winter, it was hard, so he used to collect fish, supplies, and firewood while continuing supplies for Gardening as well. 

Andy spent over 20 years on the cusp of the Yukon River. It was tough living in cold Alaska, so he struggled quite a lot for the first year. However, he adopted 37 sled dogs and started to live as a Musher in a year.

Andy was also very passionate about acting, so he decided to audition for many T.V. shows but did not find any success until 2013. In 2013, Andy was selected for the T.V. series “Life Below Zero Bassich was alongside massive T.V. personalities such as Cyril Jazbec and Soledad O Brien.

The Plot of Life Below Zero

Life Below Zero is a documentary based on Bassich, who lives in the cold part of Alaska with his sled dogs. There he fishes and collects gardening tools to provide him with food and drinks.

He also used to guide tourists from all over the world. Andy met a beautiful tourist Kate and began liking her, and the feelings were mutual, so they started living together.

The plot of Life below Zero is based on Andy’s hardships during his time in Alaska. The actor had to deal with tough atmospheres and collect hard-earned money by completing various tasks.

However, due to unconventional circumstances, Andy and his crew had to separate from civilization when the Yukon River froze. He also lost all his supplies and home due to continuous floods and no help, making life even more difficult.

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Andy casts included Sue Aikens, the only native resident on the bank of the Kavik river. Agnes and Chip hailstones were husband and wife who lived with their seven children.

Glen Villeneuve lived alone 65 miles north of the Arctic Circle; however, he found his wife and children later. Jessie Holmes is a hunter, fisherman, and sled dog racer and lived with over 40 dogs.

Martha and Erik Saitan were a young wife and husband who lived in Wiseman, Alaska. Recko Dewilde is an Albanian living in his hometown to find his ancestor’s abandoned empty cabin.

Life below Zero became one of the most-watched T.V. documentaries in the world. It was also nominated for many awards and won quite a bit prestigious awards.

What Happened to Andy on Life Below Zero?

While this adventurer was living in Alaska, he had to leave the Last Frontier in order to treat his hip injury in 2018. He had to go for six months due to his condition and could not get the proper treatment where he was staying.

andy bassich after an accident in crutches
Andy Bassich in crutches after his accident.
Image Source: National Geographic

Henceforth, Andy had to move to Florida to get treatment and spent six months there. Andy got into the industry when he was moving snow smashing that got stuck in the heavy snow.

In the long run, he ended up with two infections, one in the bone and another in the muscle. The experience was deadly for him and made him realize to move to his house in Calico Bluff.

Awards and Accolades

Bassich is very popular for his documentary Life Below Zero and has been praised a lot for his performances in the documentary. However, he did not win any awards for his performances and has not performed in other documentaries.

However, Life below Zero won awards, such as “Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Awards.” He also won Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Awards for another two consecutive Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Awards, which were the 69th and 70th versions of the award.

Who Is The Wife of Andy Bassich?

Andy was previously married to Kate Bassich, a tourist in Dawson City, and met Andy when he was living in isolation in Alaska. They began to live life as an adventure and spent their life in Calico Bluff. 

Andy and Kate got married a couple of years after the first meeting. However, after some years, Andy began to abuse Kate physically and verbally, affecting their relationship. 

Who Is Andy Bassich Dating Now?

Kate left Andy, went home, and eventually divorced each other after some time. Andy met Denise Becker when he was separated from Kate during the filming of Life Below Zero.

Bassich first met Denise while camping in Florida and eventually fell in love with her. He was very sorry for his behavior toward Kate, so he decided to have a good relationship with Denise. He publicly thanked Denise for her contribution to making him a successful person and happy.

Talking about Denise, she is a trauma nurse from Florida. The lady even claimed she could hang out with Andy in the Alaskan wilderness.
She confessed,

“I was born in Canada and grew up knowing what hard work was about. My family homesteaded up in northern Saskatchewan, a farm that is still an active, hardworking farm. Calico Bluff is full of work, full of great work. Real work that counts at the end of the day.”

Andy had also admitted that without the support of Denise, it would have been difficult for the adventurer to survive in Alaska. If he did not have a partner with him, it would have been a herculean task to come back.

In addition, Andy also said that he needs to ensure he won’t do anything to hurt himself.

Andy Bassich Net Worth 2023

Bassich is a popular sled dog racer, musher, and actor famous for his documentary Life Below Zero. He mainly earned from his documentary and the promotion of the show.

andy bassich with his girlfriend denise
Andy Bassich with his girlfriend Denise in their new home.
Image Source: Facebook

Bassich also went to survival training and began to teach survival lessons on T.V. and documentary channels. There is no information on how much Andy earned from the documentary Life Below Zero, and there is also no information on his monthly or annual income from his career. 

As of 2023 Andy Bassich net worth is $350k. Other than being in the show Life Below Zero, there is hardly anything that tells his earnings in reality. 

Meanwhile, with his career, more so in the documentary, there is no other source of income. Andy also doesn’t believe in having possession. As a result, there is nothing available in houses and cars.

Andy Bassich Instagram

Bassich became very famous for his documentary Life Below Zero. After his hardships and survival instinct was highlighted in the documentary, Bassich became very famous.

However, he did not have any social media or the internet to amass social media followers. Andy has no social media, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How old is Andy Bassich?

Andy Bassich age is 65 years old as of 2023. 

Is Andy Bassich Gay?

No, Bassich is a straight person. He was previously married to Kate Bassich but was divorced. Currently, he is in a relationship with Denise Becker and living together.

What is the net worth of Andy Bassich?

Andy Bassich net worth as of 2023 is $350k.


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