Is Jonathan Knight Gay? Dark Secrets About Jonathan Knight Relationship

Everybody has grooved once in a while to the tone of New Kids on the Block. Jonathan Knight has made you dance to it. However, the query stands is Jonathan Knight gay?

is jonathan knight gay
Jonathan Knight is openly gay.
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The answer to that would be yes. In the recent turn of events, Jon Knight has been married to his longtime boyfriend and there is much more to that.

Jonathan Knight Hiding His Sexuality

There was a time when New Kids on the Block singer, Jonathan Knight was a keeper. He went on to hide his sexuality from everyone associated with the band.

Although the band manager knew the answer to Is Jonathan Knight gay, he told Knight to hide it and not tell anyone.

After concealing the fact for a very long time, Jonathan Knight has opened up about it. His manager stated that he shouldn’t talk about it to anyone rather his career would be over pretty soon.

Is Jonathan Knight Gay?

Yes, Jonathan Knight is gay and there is little to no doubt about it. The New Kids on the Block singer was able to open up the big pile of secrets to everyone.

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Through the official website of the boy band, Jonathan came out to the public. The name of the lucky man is Harley Rodriguez who said I do to Jonathan Knight.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Jonathan Knight was seen flaunting his precious ring and smiling without breakage.

Jonathan Knight and Harley Rodriguez Wedding

Jonathan Knight and Harley Rodriguez hid from the world and got engaged in 2016. It was a very close event with family and friends being part of it.

After being engaged and hiding the fact for a long, Jonathan and Harley walked down the aisle. The lovebirds married in 2021.

The exact date of their wedding is not known to the general media. The wedding took place during the COVID times and not a lot of people were part of it.

new kids on the block band members
New Kids on the Block band members.
Image Source: Youtube Music

Talking about the start of their relationship, Jonathan and Harley met each other in 2008. It was through a mutual friend aka personal trainer that both of them met each other.

They immediately felt a connection with each other and there was no looking back for them. Cut to 2023 and they can’t live without each other.

New Kids On The Block Songs

It was in the 19th century that New Kids on the Block made an impact. All of the songs by the band were something to behold. Some of the famous songs of New Kids on the Block are:

  • Step By Step
  • You Got It
  • Hangin Tough
  • Tonight
  • I Will Be Loving You
  • My Favorite Girl
  • Summertime
  • Dirty Dawg
  • Remix
  • I Wanna Be Loved By You


Who did Jonathan Knight marry?

Jonathan Knight married Harley Rodriguez in 2021.

Is Jonathan Knight gay?

Yes, Jonathan Knight is openly gay since he married in 2021.

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