Who Is Ben Barnes Girlfriend Julianne Hough? Dark Secrets of the relationship

The charming British actor Ben Barnes can easily win hearts off you. But who is Ben Barnes girlfriend who won his heart with ease. Today we will talk about it.

ben barnes dated felicity jones in 2014
Ben Barnes and Felicity Jones dated in 2014.
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In recent times, Ben Barnes girlfriend has been a major concern for all of the fans. He has been dating a beauty with so much fame acquired herself. Stick with us and know who she is.

Who is Ben Barnes Girlfriend Julianne Hough?

Ben Barnes girlfriend Julianne Hough is an American actress, dancer, and celebrity who rose to fame from Dancing with Stars.

Ben Barnes and Julianne Hough Dating

Ben Barnes is a charming actor and recently his heart is being held by Julianne Hough. In 2020, Julianne was having issues with her marriage.

Not to the surprise of many she went on to date Ben Barnes. Both Ben and Julianne have known each other for a long time. However, they have been dating since the start of 2023 only.

In April 2020 Ben and Julianne were rumored to be dating each other as they quarantined together.

Neither of the two confirmed the news but recently the sparkling controversy has got fire. Ben Barnes and Julianne Hough were seen together at Washington Square Park sharing some quality time.

Are Ben Barnes and Julianne Hough Married?

This is an interesting yet suspicious topic to talk about. Ben Barnes and Julianne Hough aren’t married until April 2023.

Although Julianne has been married in the past, the case with Ben Barnes is different. He has been more of a lady’s man.

It will be key to see how long this relationship last. Not only that whether they come together to get engaged or not will be key points to focus on.

Ben Barnes Girlfriend List

Who wouldn’t want to date the handsome hunk Ben Barnes. But Ben Barnes girlfriend list starts right with actresses and celebrities.

His first girlfriend was Tamsin Egerton. She is a talented actress whose name was added to Ben. Their dating spree started in 2009 and went on.

ben barnes and tamsin egerton enjoying a walk
Ben Barnes and Tamsin Egerton enjoying a walk.
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Hiding from the paparazzi the love birds were able to create some cozy love. Although they didn’t confirm their relation Daily Mail stated they were in love.

The second charming actress gracing Ben Barnes life is Felicity Jones. She is an American actress famous for The Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

Ben Barnes and Felicity Jones were seen together at Britannia Awards in 2014 when they gave cozy photoshoots to the media.

Fans and media personnel did guess what was cooking. Following this, they were seen in LA having some quality time.

Ben had dated Felicity after being single for more than four years. After being far from Felicity another lady entered the frame.

She was none other than Amanda Seyfried. This particular relationship lasted for only a month which was interesting.

In between all of the love saga, Ben Barnes was seen having some luxury time with Meganne Young as well. Meganne is an actress from South Africa.

Rumors came through when Young shared an image of Barnes on her Instagram handle. They were pretty close in the image and smiling at each other.

Fans started to speculate that both of them were together and for good. Although the flames of love ignited the love saga of Barnes and Young didn’t get the final touchdown.

In recent times Ben Barnes girlfriend Julianne Hough is also a rumor according to the pair.

Ben Barnes Kids

Although Ben Barnes girlfriend list gets longer and longer, the talented actor has not been in a serious tie-up.

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The Shadow and Bone actor has not had any kids with any of the love interests. Entering into his 40’s Ben has been more choosy about having kids.

By the end of his acting career or relationship countdown, it will be important to see whether he will have any kids or not.

For the time being, Ben doesn’t have any kids. His premier focus has been on making his own career and success.

Ben Barnes in Second Season of Shadow and Bone

Netflix got some calculated accolades for the series Shadow and Bone. With the second season of the show coming on Netflix, fans are highly excited.

ben barnes plays the role of general kirigan in shadow and bone
Ben Barnes plays the role of General Kirigan in Shadow and Bone.
Image Source: Tatler

They are willing to know whether the actor is part of it. Thank god the role of General Kirigan has come to life.

Fans are interested and the show Shadow and Bone have immediately become the fan favorite. It will be important to see how Ben Barnes in Shadow and Bone performs in the latter half.

Ben Barnes Instagram

A ladies’ favorite, Ben Barnes loves to share his time on social media handles. There is a sizeable fan following for Ben on his Instagram account.

Instagram: 2.1m followers

Twitter: 275k followers


Is Ben Barnes in a relationship?

Yes, Ben Barnes is in a relationship. Ben Barnes girlfriend recently is Julianne Hough.

Who has dated Ben Barnes?

The list of Ben Barnes girlfriend gets longer. They are:

  • Tamsin Egerton
  • Felicity Jones
  • Amanda Seyfried
  • Meganne Young
  • Julianne Hough
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