How Did James Brown Die?- Everything to Know About Him

James Brown was an astonishing singer, dancer, record producer, and dancer. So how did James Brown die?

This question has been coming into James’ fans’ minds although he passed away in 2006. This amazing musician has been known as Mr. Dynamite, Godfather of Soul, Soul Brother No 1.

How did James Brown die
How did James Brown die?
Source: Instagram

Although he is no longer among us, James has been ruling the music industry for quite a long time. Not to mention he is one of the first ten inductees who received the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on January 23, 1986. 

Until now, he has released songs such as I Got You, It’s Man’s Man’s World, Try Me, get up, I Feel Like Being Like a Sex Machine, The Payback, I Got Feeling, Please, Please, Please, The Boss to mention some. 

In this article, we will talk about how did James Brown die?

Some Quick Facts

Full Name James Brown
Nickname Mr. Dynamite, Godfather of Soul, Soul Brother No 1.
Date of Birth May 3, 1933
Birth Place Barnwell, South Carolina
Death Date December 25, 2006
Sun Sign Capricorn
Father’s Name Joseph Gardner Brown
Mother’s Name Susie
Siblings Unknown
Height 5 feet 7 inches
Weight Under Review
Nationality American
Sexuality Straight
Ethnicity Black
Body Measurements Under Review
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Shoe Size Under Review
Education Under Review
Body Type Avergae
Marital Status Married
Net Worth $100 million
Social Media Presence Instagram
Last Updated April 2022

How Did James Brown Die?-Cause of Death

This one-of-a-kind singer died at the age of 73 in a hospital n Atlanta in the early hours of Christmas Day in 2006. According to sources, the answer to how did James Brown die is he died of fluid in his lungs and a heart attack. 

The singer was found by Charles Bobbit, who explained that he was complaining about his health. Brown elaborated that his chest was on fire, and eventually, he lied and died on the spot. 

James Brown cause of death
James Brown died at the age of 73 due to a heart attack
Source: Instagram

Jame had revealed that he was going away. Some of the CNN journalists and others suggested that the singer was murdered. However, the man’s death was announced o be natural. 

Thousands of fans said goodbye in Apollo Theater in New York City during his funeral. His memorial was attended by famous singers such as Prince, Michael Jackson, Ice Cube, Dr.Dre, Jesse Jackson, Lil Wayne, Stevie Wonder, and many more. 

Who Is James Brown?- Parents and Siblings

 This famous singer was born in Barnel, South California. His father was 21 years old, Joseph Garnder Brown, and his mother was 16 years old, Susie, when James was born.

His family was very poor; however, they could improvise their status with time. When he was just four or five years old, his mother took him to live in Elko, South California. 

James grew up in one of his aunt’s brothels. His mother left his father because he became abusive in the long run. 

James Brown Was Sent to Juvenile

At the tender age of 16, this actor was accused of robbery and sent to a juvenile detention center in Toccoa. He had four cellmates, including the famous Johnny Tery.

Surprisingly he formed a gospel quartet in the cell and also met singer Bobby Byrd. The singer got to know that James was a singer when he heard of a guy called Music Box. 

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In prison, it was James’ nickname; eventually, he promised to sing for the Lord. Later, he was released on a work sponsorship with Business owner S.C. Lawson. 

Surspiringy Lawson was impressed by James’ work ethic. The singer was paroled on June 14, 1952. Later he got a chance to work with Lawson’s son, the rest is history. 

How Tall Was James Brown? How Old Was He When He Died?

James’ real need was James Joseph Brown. He was born in the year 1933 on the 3rd day of May. As he died in 2006, on the 25th day of December at Christmas, Brown was 73 years old. 

Therefore James belonged to the star sign of Capricorn. Talking about his height, he used to stand tall at an average height of 5 feet 7 inches. 

The most distinctive feature was the long black hair on the front and his sense of fashion. 

Who Is James Brown’s Wife? How Many kids does He Have?

This fantastic musician has been married four times. His first wife was Velma Warren in 1953. With her, James has three sons altogether.

Despite this, the two parted in 1969. A year later, James walked down the aisle in 1970 to Deidre Jenkins. During their relationship, the duo had two daughters and divorced in 1981

His third marriage was with beautiful Adrienne Lois Rodriguez, who made headlines every now and then. It appeared that the singer used to abuse his wife, and she was one of many complaints.

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Although they parted in 1988, they were together again in 1996 until Adrienne’s death. The fourth time is the charm; this handsome singer was married to Tomu Rae Hynie. 

It was reported that James had nine children, and he acknowledged only five of them. They are Teddy, Terry, Daryl, larry, and James Joseph Brown Jr. 

Similarly, he had four beautiful daughters, Venisha Brown, Deanna Brown Thomas, Lisa, and Dr. Yamma Noyola Brown Lumar. 

Relationship Between Tammi Terell and James Brown 

Back in 1962, James was linked with Tammi Terell, who was a minor. James was 29 years old, while the singer was only 17 years old during that time. 

Despite this, they started being in a relationship that turned sour with time. James’s co-brand member Bobby Bennett revealed that he physically abused James. 

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Late she tried to escape him but could not. Bobby revealed that “James beat Tammi Terrell terrible. She was bleeding, shedding blood.”

Later on, Bennett also disclosed that he had seen him kicking one of his pregnant girlfriends down a flight of stairs. 

List of James Brown Songs

  • Please Please Please (1958)
  • The Amazing James Brown (1961)
  • James Brown and His Famous Flames Tour the U.S.A. (1962)
  • Prisoner of Love (1963)
  • James Brown Plays James Brown Today & Yesterday (1965)
  • Mighty Instrumentals (1966)
  • James Brown Plays New Breed (The Boo-Ga-Loo) (1966)
  • James Brown Sings Christmas Songs (1966)
  • A handful of Soul (1966)
  • James Brown Sings Raw Soul (1967)
  • James Brown Plays the Real Thing (1967)
  • Cold Sweat (1967)
  • I Can’t Stand Myself When You Touch Me (1968)
  • I Got the Feelin’ (1968)
  • James Brown Plays Nothing But Soul (1968)
  • Thinking About Little Willie John and a Few Nice Things (1968)
  • A Soulful Christmas (1968)
  • Say It Loud – I’m Black and I’m Proud (1969)
  • The Popcorn (1969)
  • It’s a Mother (1969)
  • Ain’t It Funky (1970)
  • It’s a New Day – Let a Man Come In (1970)
  • Hey America (1970)
  • Sho Is Funky Down Here (1971)
  • There It Is (1972)
  • Get on the Good Foot (1972)
  • Black Caesar (1973)
  • Slaughter’s Big Rip-Off (1973)
  • Sex Machine Today (1975)
  • Everybody’s Doin’ the Hustle & Dead on the Double Bump (1975)
  • Get Up Offa That Thing (1976)
  • Mutha’s Nature (1977)
  • Take a Look at Those Cakes (1978)
  • The Original Disco Man (1979)
  • Love Over-Due (1991)
  • Universal James (1992)
  • The Merry Christmas Album (1999)
  • The Next Step (2002)

James Brown Movies

  • The T.A.M.I. Show (1964) 
  • James Brown: Man to Man (1968) (concert film)
  • The Phynx (1970)
  • Black Caesar (1973) (soundtrack only)
  • Slaughter’s Big Rip-Off (1973) (soundtrack only)
  • The Blues Brothers (1980)
  • Doctor Detroit (1983)
  • Rocky IV (1985)
  • James Brown: Live in East Berlin (1989)
  • When We Were Kings (1996) (documentary)
  • Blues Brothers 2000 (1998)
  • Holy Man (1998)
  • Undercover Brother (2002)
  • The Hire: Beat the Devil (2002) (short film)
  • Paper Chasers (2003) (documentary)
  • Soul Survivor (2003) (documentary)
  • Sid Bernstein Presents … (2005) (documentary)
  • Glastonbury (2006) (documentary)

What Is James Brown’s Net Worth?

Beigoen of the top musicians in history, James makes a hefty amount of money from his career. During his death in 2006, his net worth was calculated to be $100 million. 

Although he was hard on the outscore, this man dedicated most of his will to the underprivileged students in South Carolina and Georgia. About $2 million of his earnings is set aside to pay for education for his grandchildren, and others are split among his six children. 

James Brown net worth
James Brown’s net worth in 2022 is $100 million
Source: Instagram

Despite the fact that he is no more, this man has signed a contract of termination rights which lets him make money from his songs and albums. In 2015 Tomi Rae Hynie sold her 1/3 share of termination rights in just five songs to Waner Chappell Music for $1.9 million. 

Social Media Presence

Unfortunately, this singer was not alive when Instagram was discovered. At that time, he was no longer active on the platforms. 

However, being a famous singer, his account is handsome by some agencies. Currently, James has gathered more than 92.2k followers on his Instagram account. 

Instagram92.2k followers

Frequently Asked questions

  • Was James Brown born dead?

According to his biography, this actor was stillborn or at least appeared to be stillborn. Aunt Minnie breathed into his lungs to supply the oxygen, and hence he got his first breath 

  • Who invented funk music?

James Brown is the one who created the DNA for funk.

  • What is James Brown’s net worth?

At the time of James’s demise, he had a net worth of $100 million. 

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