House of Gucci: Trailer, Starcast, Release Date, Reggiani and Gucci Response

If you loved the movies like Kingdom of Heaven, Exodus: Gods and Kings, The Martian, American Gangster, Robin Hood, etc., you are in for a treat if you can hold onto November. The most common thing about all of these movies is Ridley Scott, and he brings in House of Gucci for the fans.

House of Gucci
Lady Gaga, Adam Driver, and Jared Leto will be seen in lead roles

A great director and the actors and actresses that play in his movie are great skillsets and a pleasure to the eye. With the movie’s first trailer dropping bombs on Thursday, don’t be surprised if you get bamboozled and blown away by the House of Gucci when it hits the audience.

House of Gucci Trailer

Starcast of House of Gucci

Well, what do you want in a movie that can keep you hooked up? First is the good storyline, second a good director and the most important aspect being the film’s star cast. When we see the building up of House of Gucci, you get it all and in abundance. It won’t be a mistake to say that almost every leader in the movie is either the Oscar winner or the nominee for sure.

  • Al Pacino (Academy Award Winner)

Their cant is a bigger name in Hollywood other than Al Pacino at the moment. The actor has been a major source of inspiration for generations. He has won one Academy Award and two Tony awards, and two Primetime Emmy Awards, which is brilliant. The famous actor will be playing the role of Aldo Gucci in the movie.

To the excited audience in the ranks, Aldo Gucci was the chairman of the Gucci Shops Inc yes, the same Gucci who the world so famously knows. Al Pacino is bound to make a big impact with the role.

  • Lady Gaga (Academy Award Winner)

Everybody knows Lady Gaga as a famous American singer, but that is not her only limited zone of skills. The diva is more of a talented actress as well. Gaga has won the Academy Awards for her role in A Star is Born and will be keen to perform her magic in House of Gucci.

She will be portraying the role of Patrizia Reggiani. There is a theory that Patrizia was convicted of orchestrating the assassination of her ex-husband and also the head of the Gucci fashion, which shows how deep the movie goes.

Other Starcast

  • Adam Driver (Two time Academy Award Nominee)

The fact can know Adam Driver’s class of how well he acts in the movies and a balance of his personal and professional life. The driver is a former US marine corp who will play the leading role in the movie House of Gucci.

He is Maurizio Gucci, the former head of Gucci, famously known as an Italian businessman. Like the story, in reality, it pans out a hitman gunned down Maurizio after he sold Gucci to another man. If Ridley Scott decides to make the story of the same well, this can be a treat for fans.

  • Jared Leto (Academy Award Winner)

The last of the well-recognized actor in the movie is Jared Leto. More known for his method acting procedure, Jared has been famous for his Dallas Buyer’s Club role, which won him an award. In House of Gucci, though, he will play the role of Paolo Gucci.

Paolo Gucci is famously known as the design chief in the Gucci line of fashion. He is known to be an important pin towards the death of Maurizio Gucci. The chief designer’s death was a mystery, with Paolo dying in the hospital because death was not available to anyone.

Release Date for House of Gucci

The internet was set on fire when Lady Gaga shared the first poster of the movie alongside Adam Driver, which made things highly interesting. With the netizens highly anticipating the film to be a blockbuster project, it will hit the audience in 2021.

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On November 24, 2021, the movie will release in the USA, while the film will hit the British audience on November 26. After the film achieves its theatrical release, it will be available for the online platform Paramount+. Surely something to make the pandemic situation good.

Reggiani and Gucci response

It is never an easy task to make a movie out of a very critical topic and Gucci. Surely there will be divided opinions about whether the film should have been made in the first place.

Patrizia Reggiani, in 2021 said that she would like Lady Gaga to portray the role and explain the diva is a box of talent. But later, she wasn’t happy that Lady Gaga didn’t contact her much about the position. Upon proper investigating, it came to everyone’s eye that the movie producers didn’t want them to meet.

Meanwhile, Patricia Gucci, the second cousin of Maurizio Gucci, does not happen with the movie. The diva adds that it is truly disappointing that Hollywood is making movies on someone’s personal life. The main reason is to improve their income and the Hollywood system’s economy.

She further adds a fine line in Gucci to what information needs to be shared along with what need not be shared. There are three major concerns for Patricia as the movie is made. They are:

  • Lack of contact with Ridley Scott
  • Inaccuracies in the book from which the movie is being made
  • The high profile cast who were not connected or related to the murder
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