Dexter Season 9: Release Date, Trailer, What To Expect

Everybody loves a cold-blooded murderer who leaves no traces behind. Although Dexter is a negative character everybody fell in love with him let alone his own sister from the series. Dexter Season 9 is all set to hit the audience with its dried-up blood and cold eyes of the actor.

Dexter actually is a series actually based on the novel written by Jeff Lindsay about the forensic technician and serial killer Dexter Morgan. The fans of Dexter might know that the series started in 2006 and almost closed off in 2013. There were a lot of reviews that the interest was losing from the series as it came towards the end.

Dexter Season 9
Dexter season 9 will be 10 episodes long

But here it is Dexter Season 9 which is set to blow your mind away. Will he take revenge for the death of his sister, will Dexter walk in the good ways or will he be only the serial cold-blooded killer. Questions are many and answers are few.

Release Date of Dexter Season 9

Dexter is an exciting series that started its season 9 production in February. According to sources, the production work is bound to end by July which brings in a higher craze among the audience.

Moreover, Hall said that the series will be 10 episodes long and it will be no less than the rollercoaster ride. If everything goes right the show will arrive in the showtime by November to fulfill the thirst of the fans. All of the release date by now is a talk of the mix however it can change with time.

Trailer of Dexter Season 9

What To Expect

There are a lot of puzzles that are yet to be solved when we talk about Dexter. At the end of season eight, Dexter took revenge for the death of his sister Debra Morgan who was killed by the brain surgeon. The actor then went on to bury the body in the sea amidst the hurricane. As most of the fans thought, Dexter died in it, but that is not the fact.

Talking about the plot and what to expect is interesting by now. Looking at the trailer of Dexter season 9, it seems like the serial killer will be working as the sales associate for a fish and game supply company in Iron Lake.

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Likewise, the actor will find himself one on one with Kurt Caldwell. Kurt is supposed to play the mayor of the small town of Iron Lake. Surely everyone would love to have the back of Kurt Caldwell but how well with it work if Dexter has the hand of the mayor. It will be delightful to see.

By this point in time, there is no confirmation about any of the cast other than Dexter Morgan. However there is a slight hint that John Lithgow will reprise his role even though, he did in season 4. It will be interesting how the show cast will bring him to life.

Other than the said ones, characters like Julia Jones, Alano Miller, Logan, Oscar Wahlberg, Johnny Sequoyah, Jack Alcott will be part of it. However, Chung might be taking the role of the antagonist and provide some serious challenge to Dexter which can be the topic to see for Dexter season 9.

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