Hayden became a mother to a daughter from the relationship. In mid-2018, she announced that she had broken up with Wladimir, but the reason was not disclosed.

In the later months of 2018, she began dating Zach Hickerson, ending in a break two years later. As per some reports, the reason for their break up was violence.

In 2011, this pretty lady was linked up with NFL player Scotty McKnight. However, they broke up in the December of 2012.

Soon after, she was rumored to be dating Ali Raymi in 2013. As per sources, Ali is 16 years older than she. Recently her name was attached to handsome Brian Hickerson.

Both were seen spending quality time with one another at WeHo hotspot Craig’s. Unfortunately, they broke up in July 2020 as this man was arrested and charged with felony assault.

Singing Career

  • Apart from being an actress Hayden Panettiere is also an able singer. She released her first single named Wake Up Call in the year 2008.
  • Since then, she has released several songs, some of which have hit the billboard charts. She has collaborated with singers like Steven Tyler, Charles Esten, and Connie Britton.
  • Most of her work has been compressed into two albums: Hayden Panettiere as Juliette Barnes Season 1 and Hayden Panettiere as Juliette Barnes Season 2.

Hayden Panettiere Once Struggled With Depression

After giving birth t her daughter Kaya in December 2014, Hayden started struggling with postpartum depression. Therefore she started taking treatment and went to Utah Treatment in May 2016.

Unlike other celebrities in the Holywood, Hayden is very vocal about her difficulties. She believed that the more she opens about her situation, it could help other women who were sharing the same fate.

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Once, in an interview, she revealed, “It takes you a while, and you feel off, you don’t feel like yourself.
“It takes you a while, and you feel off; you don’t feel like yourself.

Hayden Panettiere is Currently Living in Ukraine

It was revealed that Hayden’s daughter is currently living with her father, Wladimir Klitschko, in Ukraine. However, she travels to the place whenever she wants to meet them.

Sometimes she can not get on the plane; at that time, Hayden never fails to facetime call. She has to balance taking care of her kid and her work.

That might be another reason she has not recently committed to her work. Although the couple is no longer together, they share an amicable bond and tend to do what is suitable for their daughter.

Hayden also elaborated that they are still respectful to each other and share an unbreakable bond of friendship.


Hayden Panettiere has always been vocal and clear of thoughts about matters of her concern. She has raised awareness about stopping hunting for rare aquatic animals and has even confronted hunters.

She and other activists successfully disrupted a dolphin hunt in Japan in October of 2007. Hayden Panettiere has been against commercial whaling done by corporations and other groups of people.

She has expressed that she believes in activism because her platform aids in amplifying the voices which are often unheard.

Awards and Accolades

  • Hayden Panettiere has a long list of award-winning nominations up her sleeve. She received over 60 acting credits in her career.
  • Panettiere has gone on to win 11 awards and has been nominated for her works a whopping 29 times.
  • She received her first Capri Exploit Award for her work in Heroes. She later went on to win Best Actress at the Newport Beach Film Festival for her work in Shanghai Kiss.

Hayden Panettiere’s Net Worth

She has also invested a substantial amount of her money in real estate. Hayden’s wealth mainly comes from her work as an actress.