Meet DeVonta Smith Girlfriend Mariah Abraham. Everything About Mariah

DeVonta Smith is one of the finest wide receivers for the NFL team Philadelphia Eagles. However, DeVonta Smith girlfriend has always been the premier focus.

devonta smith durig practice session
DeVonta Smith during the practice session for Eagles.
Image Source: Firstsportz

Since he was seen kissing a girl in one of the NFL games, the issue came to light. DeVonta Smith girlfriend is none other than Mariah Abraham. Today we will talk about her in detail.

Who is Mariah Abraham?

DeVonta Smith girlfriend, Mariah Abraham is better known to be the celebrity lady. She is famous as the better half of Smith and nothing much.

How did DeVonta Smith and Mariah Abraham Meet?

The exact details about DeVonta Smith girlfriend are tough to find. The first appearance came through when Smith was seen kissing a girl on the sidelines.

News came out that the name of the girl was Mariah Abraham. They were seen having a great time at the side of the pitch.

Although there is no data about Abraham sources claim that she is pretty close with the DeVonta Smith family.

The parents of Smith are known to adore the lady. One thing that needs to be assured is that DeVonta is not married to Mariah.

Both of them are in seeing each other phase and not walking down the aisle or engaged. Looking at how well their relationship is passing out, the good news is around the corner.

Do DeVonta Smith and Mariah Abraham Have Any Kids?

The news that DeVonta Smith is dating Mariah has come in the most recent times. As a result that they have not been in any intimacy to this point.

mariah abraham with boyfriend devonta
Mariah Abraham has been dating DeVonta since January 2023.
Image Source: Sportslulu

Fair to say that DeVonta and Mariah don’t share any kids of note. With the relationship blossoming some good news will come sooner.

Who is DeVonta Smith?

DeVonta is one of the finest names when we talk about NFL. Smith was born on 14th November 1998 in Louisiana.

Christina Smith Sylve and Kelvin Dickerson are the names of his parents. Sadly they were divorced when he was just a kid.

Smith went on to play for the college team football. It was only in 2021 when DeVonta was drafted by Philadelphia Eagles and things changed.

Playing in Alabama he was able to win two titles as well. His fame and skillset went to the next level when he was signed for a four-year rookie contract with Philadelphia Eagles.

Fair to say that he was paid $20.1 million for the deal. In recent times though the fame of DeVonta came into highlight due to DeVonta Smith girlfriend.

Mariah Abraham Net Worth 2023 Explored

Besides being DeVonta Smith girlfriend, there is hardly anything available about Mariah. She has been under wraps be it with her career or even her personal achievements.

But looking at her attributes we think she might be into modeling or even cheerleading. Sadly Mariah Abraham net worth in 2023 is hard to find.

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On the other hand, DeVonta Smith has been making headlines with his net worth. A rookie contract signing with Philadelphia Eagles has helped his net worth.

According to Sportskeeda DeVonta Smith net worth is $5 million in 2023. With more contracts and advance signing the earning will only increase.

Mariah Abraham Instagram

If the readers of this article are searching for the social media handle of DeVonta Smith girlfriend you are in bad luck. Mariah isn’t too active on her social media handles. However, DeVonta keeps posting about his life:

DeVonta Smith Instagram: 833k followers

Interesting Facts about Mariah Abraham

  • DeVonta Smith girlfriend is very close with Smith’s family.
  • Mariah Abraham came into the limelight during the game in January.
  • There is utter confusion about whether Mariah or Mya Danielle is the girlfriend of DeVonta.


Does DeVonta Smith have a gf?

Yes DeVonta Smith is dating a girl named Mariah Abraham.

How old is DeVonta Smith?

DeVonta Smith is 25 years old as of 2023.

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