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Charlie Hunnam movies and TV series are among the most popular forms of entertainment.  He came to popularity as the outstanding Jackson “Jax” Teller in the FX drama series Sons of Anarchy.

charlie hunnam age
Charlie is 43 years of age.
Image Source: Entertainment Weekly

In Queer as Folk, he played Nathan Maloney, and in Undeclared, he played Lloyd Haythe. In cinema, he received acclaim for his performances as Raleigh Becket in Pacific Rim (2013) and King Arthur: Legend of the Sword (2017).

This post will look at Charlie Hunnam’s movies, TV programs, net worth, wife, and children.

Quick Facts: Charlie Hunnam

Birth Name Charles Matthew Hunnam
Nickname Charlie
Date of Birth 10th April 1980
Place of Birth Newcastle, Tyne and Wear, England
Age 43 years old
Sun Sign Aries
Father Name William “Billy” Hunnam
Mother Name  Jane (Bell) Hunnam
Siblings William “Billy” Hunnam, Oliver, Christian
Height 6 feet 1 inch
Weight 88 kg, 194 lbs
Profession Actor
Nationality British
Ethnicity English, Irish, and Scottish
Education Graduated
Body Build Athletic
Eye Color Hazel
Hair Color Blonde
Sexuality Straight
Net Worth $20 Million
Last Updated On  February 2023

Charlie Hunnam Movies and TV Shows

Charlie Hunnam always remained consistent with his acting. Thus, he gave his best to the audience.

Some of the best movies of Charlie Hunnam are;

  • Sons of Anarchy (2014)
  • Abandon (Movie) (2002)
  • King Arthur: Legend of the Sword (2017)
  • The Gentleman (2019)
  • Undeclared (2002)
  • Cold Mountain (2003)
  • Green Street (2005)
  • Children of Men (2006)
  • Pacific Rim (2013)
  • Crimson Peak (2015 )

Charlie Hunnam Childhood

Charles Matthew Hunnam is Charlie Hunnam’s full name. On 10th April 1980, he was born in Newcastle upon Tyne. His mother was a ballet dancer and business entrepreneur named Jane Bell.

charlie hunnam net worth
Charlie Hunnam net worth stands at $20 million.
Image Source: ABC News

His father was WilliamBillyHunnam, a second-hand goods salesman and the reputed mobster who left the family when Hunnam was two years old.

When he was 12, his mother remarried, and the family relocated to Melmerby, Cumbria. He was reared with his older brother, William, and two younger half-brothers, Oliver and Christian, on his mother’s side.


He was an exceptional rugby player throughout his adolescence. Because of his harsh and aggressive behavior, he was dismissed from Queen Elizabeth Grammar School in Penrith, Cumbria, forcing him to study and take examinations from home.

Instead of attending university, he chose to study performing arts at the Cumbria College of Art and Design in Carlisle (now part of the University of Cumbria).

He finished with a degree in cinema theory and film history with a minor in performing arts, intending to create and direct his films.

Charlie Hunnam Age and Height

Charlie Hunnam height is 6 feet 1 inch, which translates to 185 cm. He was born on April 10, 1980. As of 2023, he is 43 years of age.

Because he was born on April 10th, he was born under the sun sign of Aries. Hunnam is, without a doubt, the most attractive and attractive man in the entertainment world.

Hunnam is 43 years old, yet no one can tell by his appearance. He is a gentleman and a guy of integrity. Hunnam’s most distinguishing features are his square chiseled face and immaculate hair.

Furthermore, Charlie works hard to maintain his body, which is now 194 pounds or 88 kg. Similarly, he has a chest measurement of 46 inches (117 cm), arms of 16.5 inches, and a waist measurement of 35 inches.


Hunnam has a limited number of training routines and trains without the assistance of a trainer. His practice focuses on pull-ups, squats, and dips in particular.

charlie hunnam movies
Hunnam has played in numerous movies.
Image Source: IMDb

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Charlie Hunnam’s diet consists of eating an appropriate amount of protein while retaining his lean muscular mass. His breakfast consists of oats, fruits, and an egg. His snack consists of a simple protein smoothie. The Sons of Anarchy actor has a lot of lunch. He had chicken breast, brown rice, and veggies for dinner. His supper consists of meat and sweet potatoes.

Charlie Hunnam Hairstyles

From time to time, the actor, Hunnam can be seen with different styles and each Charlie Hunnam hairstyle suits him the best.

Sometimes the handsome one likes to have shorter hair and sometimes make it long. It also depends on what role he plays in the next movie.

The last movie played by him was Shantaram released in 2022. Thus, Charlie Hunnam hairstyle was accordingly. Currently, the actor holds long blonde hair.

Charlie Hunnam Wife

Charlie Hunnam was married to Katharine Towne in 1999. However, the marriage didn’t last for long as the couple took it off in 2002.

The actor Hunnam said that it was terrible living with Towne. So, he ends up giving up his chaotic life.

However, it was not the end of Charlie’s love life. As the stunning actor got into a relationship with Morgana McNelis in 2005.

Hence, the duo is sharing an unbreakable bond since then. Also, even after being together for a long, they have chosen not to get married and have children yet.

Charlie Hunnam Net worth 2023

Charlie Hunnam net worth stands at $20 million net worth. He is most recognized for his portrayal of biker Jax Teller in the FX series “Sons of Anarchy,” He received many award nominations.

charlie hunnam girlfriend
Charlie Hunnam girlfriend’s name is Morgana McNelis.
Image Source: Vogue

Charlie earns most of his money from movies and television shows, as well as brand endorsements. Therefore, Hunnam’s lifestyle is beyond average. He likes to buy many expensive items with his immense net worth.

Charlie Hunnam Instagram

Hunnam is not on Instagram. Because he doesn’t use social media, followers seldom get a look into his personal life.

Interesting Facts about Charlie Hunnam

  • He makes his ice cream at home. In an interview with Men’s Health, Charlie revealed his domestic side, claiming he enjoys gardening and cooking – and that he can create his ice cream.
  • He can exercise when high. He can “smoke a joint and go right to the gym,” according to the actor, who keeps a machete in his office. Charlie has publicly revealed a story of defending himself against an invader who broke into his home.
  • He was kicked out of school. Charlie was meant to go on an art history field trip with the class when he was 15 years old, but the instructor refused to accompany him.
  • Charlie Hunnam stated that the day he shot sequences with Perlman for the film was the greatest and funniest day of production he’d ever had in his whole career


What is Charlie Hunnam’s net worth?

Charlie Hunnam has a net worth of $20 million net worth. Charlie earns most of his money from movies and television shows, as well as brand endorsements.

Is Charlie Hunnam in Vikings?

No, Charlie Hunnam is not in Vikings. The actor in Vikings who resembles Charlie Hunnam is Travis Fimmel, who portrays the Character Ragnar Lothbrok in “Vikings.”

What is Charlie Hunnam’s accent?

Charlie Hunnam, who was born in Newcastle, England, has a Geordie accent.

How much did Charlie Hunnam get paid as a Jax teller in Sons of Anarchy?

Exact statistics are difficult to come by, but by the time the TV program Sons of Anarchy concluded in 2014, Hunnam’s net worth was reported to be $8 million.


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