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Phil Collins is one of the brilliant guitarists of the Genesis who has so much passion for music that his net worth is compared to bigwigs of the industry.

Later on, he was successful in making a solo career from his talent. Now, Phil Collins net worth is counted in millions.

One time the lead singer of Genesis, Peter Gabriel, left the band to pursue his career as a solo artist in 1975. During that time, Phil got near the microphone and reluctantly started singing, and the rest is history.

Phil Collins age
The 72 years old drummer of Genesis.
Image Source: Instagram

This man is often recognized for his work ethic and dedication to music. On July 13, 1985, he made history by being in the two places simultaneously.

In like manner, he impressed the Wembley audiences at the Love Aid fundraiser in the UK. On the other hand, he went to Concorde to perform at Stateside in Philadelphia.

Until now, this guitarist cum singer has sold more than 30 million albums alone and has stepped into the movie industry as well.

His success depends on the cover of the Supremes You Can’t Hurry Love to the movie Separate Lives. Let’s take a look at this amazing person through some quick facts;

Quick Facts: Phil Collins

Full Name Philip David Charles Collins
Nickname Phil, Little Elvis
Date of Birth 30th January 1951
Birth Place Chiswick, Middlesex, England, United Kingdom
Age 72 years old
Sun Sign Aquarius
Father’s Name Greville Philip Austin Collins
Mother’s Name Winifred June Collins
Siblings Carole, Clive Collins
Height 5 ft 6 in or 167.5 cm
Weight 67 kg or 147.5 lbs
Nationality English
Sexuality Straight
Ethnicity White
Body Measurements Under Review
Eye Color Salt and Pepper
Hair Color Blue
Education Chiswick County School for Boys, Barbara Speake Stage School
Marital Status Married
Profession Musician, Singer-songwriter, Actor, Record producer, Multi-instrumentalist, Author, Drummer, Photographer, Audio Engineer
Net Worth $350 million
Social Media Presence Instagram
Last Updated February 2023

What Is Phil Collins Net Worth?

Being one of the legendary singers, songwriters, actors, and writers, Phil has earned hefty money from his career. As of 2021, Phil Collins net worth clicks at $350 million.

Similarly, in a touring year, he makes around $50 million a year. Not to mention his Not Dead yet Tour succeeded in making $90 million.

Phil Collins net worth
Phil Collins net worth is $350 million.
Image Source: Instagram

from that tour, Collins was able to make $45 million alone.

However, he sold the house to billionaire Orlando Bravo in December 2020 for $40 million. Later he made a deal of selling that house for $39 million.

Phil Collins Houses

As Phil Collins net worth is much more attractive. Therefore, Collins paid $33 million for an 11,000-square-foot waterfront mansion in Miami. After five years, he listed the home for sale in December 2020 for $40 million, ultimately accepting $39 million.

The mansion buyer was private equity billionaire Orlando Bravo. Collins stated that his ex-wife Orianne Cavey was refusing to leave the mansion unless she reportedly was paid $20 million just a few months before the sale.

As this is after she previously got the aforementioned $45 million divorce settlement. Moreover, Collins has long owned property in his native England.

Car Collections

The American singer has a very beautiful and exotic collection of cars which includes some of the very best. Phil Collins net worth is counted in millions.

Some of his car collections include a Jaguar F type, BMW X5, Audi A4, Tesla Roadster, and many more. As he is a very rich person, and he also loves cars very much.


Collins supports South African charity, The Topsy Foundation, and for more than 7 years has donated all royalties earned in South Africa to the organization.

He and his wife also founded the Little Dreams Foundation. The kind-hearted person has also supported the following charities:

  • 21st Century Leaders
  • Andre Agassi Foundation for Education
  • Children with Leukemia
  • Great Ormond Street Hospital
  • National Literacy Trust
  • World Smile Foundation
  • Kidney Research Foundation
  • Love Our Children USA
  • MusiCares

The above charities/foundation supported orphans, fostering, adoption, animals, abuse, literacy, cancer, children, creative arts, education, and others.

Phil Collins Highest Grossing Movies

Here are some movies which supported to add value on Phil Collins net worth.

Movies Budget Box-Office Earnings
Hook (1991) $70 million $300.9 million
Balto (1995) $31 million $34 million
The Jungle Book 2 (2003) $20 million $135.7 million
A Hard Day’s Night (1964) $245,433 $11 million

Phil Collins Songs

  • In the Air Tonight
  • Another Day in Paradise
  • Against All Odds
  • You’ll Be in My Heart
  • I Wish It Would Rain Down
  • All Of My Life
  • Looking Through My Eyes
  • Two Worlds
  • Both Sides of the Story
  • Separate Lies
  • Strangers Like Me
  • You Can’t Hurry Love

Who Is The Wife of Collins?

Just like his song, Phil’s relationship has also often come into the limelight. As a matter of fact, he has not only married once in his life but thrice.

Previously in 1975, he tied the knot with Canadian beauty Andrea Bertorelli. They knew each other from the age of 11 and met in a London drama class for the first time.

After Collin’s band Genesis performed in Vancouver, they got a chance to meet one another. Soon after they were at the young age of 24, they married in England.

During their time together, Phil adopted his wife, fighter Joely who was born in 1972. Now she has established herself as an actress and a producer.

Does He Have Kids?

In 1976, the couple was blessed to have a son named Simon Collins, a vocalist, and drummer of the rock band Sound of Contact.

Sadly Collins and his wife Andre parted ways in 1980. After four years, he walked down the paisley with Jill Travelman.

Phil Collins wife
Phil Collins with his wife Cevey.
Image Source:

They were blessed to have a daughter Lilly Collins in 1989, who is now one of the most brilliant actresses in the movie industry.

While he was entitled to Jill, he fell in love with his drama school classmate Lavinia Lang in 1992. Finally, Phil confessed that he was out of love and would like to have a divorce.

Their marriage ended in 1996, and Collins paid £17 million to Jill. Similarly, Phil met Orianne Cevey in 1999 when she worked as a translator for him.

This lovey-dovey couple is blessed to have two sons named Matthew and Nicholas. For some reason, in 2006they parted ways.

Later Relationships

Their marriage ended, and Phils paid her £25 million, which is the most larger settlement for a divorce of a British celebrity.

Although they were no longer together, they form back together after some time. Later in 2020, this singer was shocked that she secretly married another guy named Thomas Bates. 

Finally, he decided to sue his ex-wife over an armed occupation and takeover of his Miami mansion. Later Phil sold his house for $40 million, and Cevey and her husband Thomas were asked to move out immediately.

In contrast to this, before he got back with Cevey, Phil had linked IP with an American news anchor in 2007; their love lasted until 2016.

How Is Phil Collins Health?

Unfortunately, in 2000, this man suffered from hearing loss in his left ear in LA. Although he consulted three doctors, they could not cure him and revealed that there is a thin chance of his recovery.

phil collins height
Collins stands for 5 feet 6 inches.
Image Source: Instagram

However, after a couple of years, he recovered some parts of his hearing problem.

Similarly, he later discovered that the disability was caused by a viral infection that soon resolved after treatment.

Upon the divorce from his third wife, Phil indulged in drinking problems. In 2009 he dislocated vertebrae in his upper neck. His situation was so serious that he could not even hold the drumstick properly.

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In addition to this, Phil suffered from type 2 diabetes in January 2017.  In the same year, he canceled two shows after he slipped into his hotel room at night.

Unfortunately, he hit his hair on the chair and fells on the floor. Therefore he used a cane in 2017 to help him walk and performed on stage while sitting in a chair.

Phil Collins Instagram

The American singer, Phil is quite active on Instagram. As, he is one of the great musicians, Phil Collins net worth is raked at the highest.

Instagram: 668k followers

Interesting Facts about Phil Collins

  • At the age of 5, Phil entered a Butlins talent contest and sang Davy Crockett.
  • When Phil was a teenager, he started playing the drum.
  • Along with Phil, drummer Ringo Starr was influenced by The Beatles.  
  • Collins stopped using two bass drums and started using a hi-hat when he heard about the importance of a hi-hat from the rich.
  • He wrote his first song Lying Crying Dying when he was studying at Chiswick County School for Boys.
  • In 1999, Collins was honored to have a Hollywood Walk of Fame.
  • Phil Collins net worth is $350 million.

FAQs about Phil Collins

What is Phil Collins net worth?

Phil Collins net worth is $350 million.

How old is Phil Collins?

Phil Collins was born on 30th January 1951 and is 72 years of age.

When did Phil Collins deaf?

Phil Collins’s medical issues date back to 2000 when he had almost all hearing in his left ear.

Why did Phil Collins stop playing?

Phil Collins stop playing because his health has been a source of concern for the last ten years, beginning with some injured vertebrate in his upper neck in 2009.

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