All of the Anime Releasing In 2022 (Updates)

2021 was a great year, several anime was released while many creators and production houses were praised for their work. But the only disappointment for Otakus in 2021 was that they could not watch the whole series or episodes of their favorite anime.

Surprisingly 2022 is going to be a wonderland for anime lovers. this year not only many anime will have a complete story but various manga are going to be adapted in animations. Finally manga readers can spoil even further to the viewers about the strange plotting and interesting twist of their fav manga.

Interestingly 2022 will be a big surprise to anime fans because there are going to be hundreds of animes that will be getting a movie. So guys if you are waiting for your favorite anime to be released this year, then you should probably recap all those episodes and reschedule your daily activities.

Here is the list of anime that will be released in 2022. So without any further adieu let’s check what we will be anticipating this year from the world of animation.

All of the Anime Releasing In 2022 (Updates)

Spy x Family

Releasing Date: April 2022

Studio: Wit Studio, Clover Works

Synopsis: After the release of The Way of the Househusband, Spy x Family is probably the one for which everyone was waiting. Along with the cute character and amazing animation, the story plot will have a lot of humor in it.

All of the Anime Releasing In 2022 (Updates)
The Spy x Family

Well, the Spy in the manga has made the story pretty interesting but what’s amusing is the way that Master spy Twilight does his job as an undercover agent. The story starts to take its place when in a mission he is assigned to get married and have a kid.

If this did not urge you to watch the series then wait until you hear that the spy is unaware that his wife is a professional assassin and the child is a telepath.

To Your Eternity 2

Release date: Fall 2022 

Studio: Brain’s Base

Synopsis: The synopsis of this series is yet to be disclosed. Stay tuned until we post new information about it soon. 

Uzaki Chan Wants to Hang Out Season 2

Release Date: 2022

Studio: ENGl

Teasing Master Takagi San Season 3

Release Date: January 2022

Synopsis: After teasing Nishimiya Kun all her childhood, he finally falls in love with her. Their love story has finally taken pace and now want to confess to one another. 

Made In Abyss Season 2

Release Date: TBA

Studio: TBA

Synopsis: Made in Abyss has surely made everyone cry and helped people to explore the world underneath. The production house has confirmed that the show will be released in 2022 but the exact date is still in the dark. However, they have released its title to be Made in Abyss: The Sun Blazes Upon the Golden City.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2

Release Date: January 9, 2022

Studio: MAPPA

Synopsis: Finally the AOT anime series is coming to an end. Although its manga is already finished fans are eager to know how MAPPA will adapt the complex character of Attack on Titan in the show.

Jujutsu Kaisen 0 Movie

Release Date: 2022

Studio: MAPPA

Synopsis: The Jujutsu Kaisen ) Movie is the prequel of Jujutsu kaisen. The movie is already released in Japan but is not released worldwide. 

All of the Anime Releasing In 2022 (Updates)
Jujutsu Kaisen Movie 0

The main protagonist of the movie is Yuta Okkotsu who is a childhood friend of Rika. surprisingly Rika has turned into a curse and is not willing to leave him alone. 

Rent a Girlfriend Season 2

Release Date: July 2022

Studio: TMS Entertainment x Studio Comet

Synopsis: In Japan, lonely people have a new online service that lets them rent out children, fathers, and even girlfriends. When a young boy named Kazuya is dumped by his girlfriend he decides to give a chance to this new trend.

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Surprisingly he finds the rental girlfriend to be cute and sweet. Things get interesting when he finds out his rental girlfriend goes to the same university and their grandmother knows each other.

They bumped into each other when their grandmother are in the same hospital. After knowing her in real life Kazuya finds out that his rental girlfriend is pretty different in the real world.

Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Season 4 (Dan Machi)

Release Date: TBD

Studio: J.C. Staff

Synopsis: This is the fourth season of How to pick up a girl in a Dungeon whose name in Japanese goes as Dan Machi. The storyline of this anime is yet to revealed.

The Orbital Children

Release Date: January 28, 2022

Studio: Production +h

Synopsis: If you are a big fan of mobile Suit Gundam: Char’s counterattack, Neon Genesis Evangelion then The Orbital Children is just for you. The creator and director of the anime are Mitsuo Iso who is also renowned for making the above-mentioned anime.

Similarly, the exquisite character is designed by Kenichi Yoshida who is widely known for making Eureka Seven, Gundam: G no Reconguista.

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The story takes place in the year 2045 when AI and the internet have been widespread in outer space. A group of children is left behind after an accident occurs. With the help of AI intelligence, smartphones, drones, and other high-tech gadgets they face the problems ahead of their journey.

Cyberpunk Edgerunners

Release Date: TBA

Studio: Trigger

Synopsis: This anime is a 10 episode story about a street kid who is trying to survive in a technology and body modification obsessed city of the future. He loses everything and tried to survive by becoming an edge runner aka a mercenary outlaw known as cyberpunk.

Soredemo Ayumu Wa Yosetekuru

Release Date: July 2022

Studio: Silver Link

Synopsis: AS if Teasing Master Takagi- san was not enough to melt our hearts, the author of the famous anime has come up with another sweet and heartwarming couple. Tanaka Ayumu is a first-year high school student who is secretly in love with his senior. 

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His crush, Yaotome Urushi is a president of the unofficial Shogi club. despite his deep love, tanka decides to not confess his feelings towards her until and unless he can beat her in the shogi game.

However, the protagonist has never played the shogi and is still a beginner. therefore he has a long way to go to propose the love of his life. Watch the episode to know his struggle to finally confess his love.

Sasaki and Miyano

Release Date: January 9, 2022

Studio: Studio DEEN

Synopsis: A bad boy extremely falls in love with a Kawaii underclassman. It all started with admiration and now the adorable couple falls in love. Miyao is a self-proclaimed boy’s love expert but has not realized that he is in love. 


Released Date: October 2022

Studio: Drive

Synopsis: If you are a huge fan of horror manga then Junji Ito is your favorite. for all those years he’s been producing one haunting manga after another. 

The manga was enough to keep you awake through the night and finally, his masterpiece is going to be available in the animated version. 

All of the Anime Releasing In 2022 (Updates)

Uzumaki is based in a small cloudy town named Kurozu-Cho and has been said to be cursed. Shuichi Saito and his girlfriend Kirie Goshima figure out the town is being haunted and it is not the person. 

They are being haunted by a pattern, spiral, UZUMAKI. The show is going to be four episodes long.

The Quintessential Quintuplets Movie

Release Date: May 20, 2022 (Japan)

Studio: TBA

Synopsis: Yet to be released

Dragon Ball Super Super Hero Movie

Release Date: April 22, 2022

Studio: Toei Animation

Synopsis: In the story, a Red Ribbon Army was destroyed by Son Goku, and to get accomplish their notorious goal, they have made adroids. So, a battle between superheroes occurs to save the world.

A Couple of Cuckoos

Release Date: 2022

Studio: Shin-Ei Animation, Synergy SP

Synopsis: A second-year student at Meguro river academy high school Nagi Umiiho was switched at birth. When he grows up, his parents take him out to dinner to meet his actual parents.

On the other hand, Erika Amano wants to make Nagi her fake boyfriend as she has no plan of marrying. Surprisingly both of them happen to be that child who was switched at birth.

Now, their parents want to apologize to each other and in fact, want them to marry one another.

Fruits Basket Prelude

Release Date: February 2022

Studio: TMS Entertainment

Synopsis: Fruit Basket Prelude is a prequel story about Tohru’s parents Katsuya and Kyoko. the story will also include an epilogue set after the events of the main series.

Aharen-san Wa Hakarenai

Released Date: April 2022

Studio: Felix Film

Synopsis: A young, quiet, and chibi student Reina Aharen has not sensed personal space or distance. She is so careless that she sometimes talks a few inches away from your face and many times from a mile away. 

She meets a friend Raidou Matsuboshi in her class and he sits right next to her. Surprisingly he is the only one who tries to understand her in various ways. Raidou is tough on the outside and soft on the inside. 

One day, Reina drops her eraser on the floor and the radio picks it up for him. On the other hand, she regards it as a small gesture to be a best friend. The two of them have many struggles in their friendship but get through all of them slowly. 

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