5 Reasons Why Money Heist Season 5 is a disappointment

Money Heist Season 5 disappointment for many is new. If you want something important in your life, you have to steal it from others. This was the perfect line said by Berlin to his son Rafael who pops out in the series. Money Heist Season 5 might have hit the audience all of a sudden on 3rd September 2021. But they weren’t ready for it is the case.

Money Heist Season 5
Money Heist Season 5 Volume 2 will come on 3rd December 2021

The heart-pumping action scenes, along with the war between the gang members and the law, are something fascinating. However, one has to agree the writing is loose and highly predictable. This particular show which is stretched to god knows how long, has been a sad cliffhanger now.

Money Heist seasons 1 and 2 had been the trendsetter. The suspense and the thriller mixed with the human emotions made the show the highest watched in the history of Netflix, but one has to understand that things have changed now. With the hype getting over the top, the show has lost its charm.

Today we will be talking about the five reasons why money heist season 5 is a huge disappointment to the fans. However, this blog is more about the spoilers ahead, so if you haven’t watched the series do it first to come through to read this.

The biggest disappointment to why the show loses its high end interest is mainly due to the sub-plots. Money Heist first became famous for the bank robberies and the story behind them. But with more and more sub-plots opening through in the series, things tend to get a lot messier for the fans to see.

Money Heist Season 5 volume 1 brings in a lot of new faces to the show. From the son of Berlin Rafael to the mix and the love interest of Tokyo, Rene in the show. There arent one strong plot that brings through the concept of the heist. It won’t be a mistake to say that the show loses its grip slow.

  • Background score is a weakness.

This might be one point that can bring in mixed reviews from the fans. Many fans might think that the background music is the heart and soul of the fight. But well, that is not the truth. The music is as good as the dialogue delivery is done. However, in the case of Money Heist season five-volume one, it backfires.

There is more of the melancholic music that plays in the series, which affects the backdrop with ease. Not only that, there is the case of music being too loud, which has resulted in poor dialogue delivery. It would have been good if the background music had been smaller. Quite a disappointment to look through.

  • Poor Comic timing

A good series is a mix of everything that comes through it, from the good action to the storyline and also the humor in between. All of this makes through a good series. But when we talk about money Heist, there is a loophole in this aspect. There is not much humor that comes out of the series.

At times the character of Colonel tries to make the comic grip in the series but fails. From mimicking the lines said by the fellow members and assessing the things said by the fellow captain, well, things tend to get tough to digest. Had the writers worked well on the humor side, things would have been indispensable.

  • Poor chemistry and writing

The biggest no in the series is the chemistry between the character. The relationship shown between all the characters in the earlier series was great. From the love relationship to the story of the friendship, things were brilliant in the front. But things look all haywire and lazily wrote in Money Heist Season five-volume one.

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In the love interest of Tokyo, Reene doesn’t look so much in love with the character. Along with it, Stockholm is starting to get hallucinated by Arturo rather than being in love with Denver. The biggest misfit of it is the fact that Manila loved Denver right from the start and all she can do is say it in the middle of the war. Making things worse, Denver also has started to like her.

  • Lack Luster screenplay

As we come through towards the end of the Volume one, it seems like everything is being rushed to complete the part. Not only that, by the look of things, it seems like the screenplay gets dull, although. There are many characters in the series who don’t get their due time, and some get too much.

In like manner, there is a big flaw. This flaw is the over the explosive side of Alicia Sierra from giving birth to being to the professor’s side. Fans might agree that the scruff of the neck is extending the series in Volume one. The role of the dead, is it Nairobi or Berlin, is being brought through more and more.

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