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Every average individual would feel it tough to hunt the alligators. But for Troy Landry, it is the everyday bread and butter. However, he has been lost all of a sudden. So what happened to Troy Landry is the question.

troy landry age
Troy Landry is 62 years old.
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Landry came into the limelight after his appearance in the show Swamp People. He is better known as the King of Swamp. With curious readers, we will deliver the data on Troy Landry in much detail. Be with us.

Troy Landry: Quick Facts

Full Name Troy Landry
Net worth $2 million
Date of birth 6th September 1960
Birthplace Louisiana, USA
Age 62 years
Sun sign Virgo
Father name Duffy Landry
Mothers’ Name Myrtle Landry
Height 5 feet 6 inches
Weight 73 kgs
Body Measurement Under Review
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Sexuality Straight
Eye color Hazel
Hair Color Brown
Profession Actor, Alligator Hunter
Partner Bernita Landry
Children 3
Marital Status Married
Social Media Presence Instagram, Twitter
Last update on February 2023

Troy Landry Parents

The ever-smiling Troy Landry was born on 6th September 1960 in Louisiana. The name of his parents is Duffy Landry and Myrtle Landry. Besides the parents, he also has a very caring brother Bubba Landry.

troy landry net worth
Troy Landry owns a net worth of $2 million.
Image Source: Reality Titbit

He grew up in a hunting family, with the father being the alligator hunter. Landry belongs to the hunter family and also grew alongside the Marsh animals.

Age and Body Measurements

As of now, Troy is 62 years old. With the increase in age, agility has hardly taken any toll in hunting or making the kill of the gators. Troy stands at an average height of 5 ft 6 inches with body weight being 73 kg.

He comes from the gator hunting family; therefore, anything on the shoe and the dress size is more challenging to find. Troy loves to keep his personal information to himself.

Born in the USA, he holds American nationality and white ethnicity. Other than that, he has sparkling hazel eyes along with hair of brown color.

Early Life and Education

The parents of Troy were all hunters. From a very young age, he learned the art of hunting and also killing gators. Troy learned the art of hunting, shrimping, trapping, and moss peddling from his father.

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What’s very interesting to know is that he was an enthusiastic individual to learn the trick of the trade. One might assume that he didn’t go to high school growing up. There is no data on his educational attainment.


The career of Troy Landry is something to focus on. His family is the third generation of alligator hunters, and he learned the trick very early.

Troy was up close with the alligators and also the Marsh animals. There are only 30 days when he gets the chance to hunt the alligators, but he has done a brilliant job feeding the family with it.

Besides alligator hunting, he is also interested in harvesting and distributing crawfish, which aids in the betterment of his income. Hunting alligators for a living, we can say Troy has become one deadly alligator himself.

Troy Landry in Swamp People

Many people learned about Troy Landry after he became part of the show. It was in 2010 when Troy and his family were invited to the show.

troy landry sons
Troy Landry with his sons.
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Overnight the fame and reach of Troy crossed borders. He was the most capable alligator hunter ever in the show. The first episode featuring Troy Landry came out on 22nd August 2010.

Swamp people deal with covering up the day-to-day activities of the alligator hunters, what they do, and how they do it. Landry has been part of 107 episodes of the show.

This particular exposure has made him a household name for a very long time. With his cheeky smile and abundant skill, Landry has easily been the fan favorite.

What Happened to Troy Landry?

With his multiple appearances on the show, Troy has easily been the fan favorite. Meanwhile, he has been affected by his health conditions.

In August 2022, Troy was diagnosed with prostate cancer. The quality doctors and treatment help Troy to come back to normal.

His son Jacob clarified that his father’s prostate had been removed, and he is back home. Troy has been on the road to recovery pretty quickly.

His son Jacob read all the comments and was thankful for caring for his father. Troy’s appearance in the next season is still a question.

Who is Troy Landry Wife?

At the age of Troy, he is happily married. If so, you are right. Troy Landry has been married to Bernita Landry and lives happily.

The big day for the couple came on 26th September 1981. To be precise, Bernita is a high school teacher. Along with that, she is also a publicist at the History Channel.

The pair has such blessed love between them two. Both Troy and Bernita made a wooden house with their effort. They call it their dream house and live happily.

Troy Landry Sons

Bernita and Troy have been married for more than four decades now. With the abundant love between the two, they have been blessed with two sons.

Their names are Jason and Chase. Not only the two kids but Troy is also the stepdad to Brandon Landry. Brandon is the result of Bernita’s past relationship.

Rumors about Brandon Landry Death

There were a lot of rumors regarding whether Brandon Landry was dead or not. Brandon is the stepson of Troy.

The news of his death circulated pretty quickly. But the fact of the matter is it is all a hoax. The guy with the same name from Louisiana did die, but he is not Troy’s stepson. Landry has made it clear that his son is alive.

Troy Landry Net Worth 2023

Net worth might be a field of interest for a TV personality who has been part of the show Swamp People. Fans are always keen to know the net worth of Troy Landry. Well, as of now, it stands at $2 million.

troy landry wife
Troy Landry with wife Bernita.
Image Source: MyNewsGH

Most of these earnings result from his century appearance in the Swamp People. Sources explain that he got $25k per episode of Swamp People.

With the reach and talent of Troy, his sons have also made an appearance in the show. They also learned the skill from their father, the best in the business.

Other than the Troy Landry house, the pair built themselves; nothing about the assets is known. Troy has done a brilliant job of keeping the information to himself.

Troy Landry Instagram

For a star who does the challenging work, Troy Landry has made quite the fan following on social media handles. His Instagram fans have been quite the number.

Instagram: 55.6k followers

Twitter: 60.5k followers

Interesting Facts about Troy Landry

  • There were rumors of his son Brandon being dead, which was a hoax.
  • His family is a 3rd generational alligator hunter.
  • Troy appeared in 107 episodes of Swamp People.
  • His sons are also part of the Swamp People.


Where is Troy Landry obituary?

With his prostate cancer to Troy, much of the news circulated about his death. Troy Landry obituary isn’t present, and he is alive and kicking.

How old is Troy Landry?

As of now, Troy Landry is 62 years old.

How much does Troy Landry make?

Troy Landry made a total of $25k in every episode of Swamp People.

Does Troy Landry have any sons?

Troy Landry has three sons Chase Landry, Brandon Landry, and Jacob Landry.

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