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This Rapper is what everybody wants to be, from being successful to making his mother proud. Likewise, Russ net worth also comes under the same mindset as everybody wants to have such a massive amount of money in their bank balance.

russ net worth

Russ net worth stands at $10 million.
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Russell James Vitale aka Russ has come very far at a very young age. This shows how dedicated he is to writing and producing music.

Also, Vitale is consistently active in charity work. From making millions of dollars to doing good deeds, he is loved by everyone around.

This might also be the reason behind his massive fan following. Let’s know more about this rapper in more detail about his good deed and net worth, without any delay let’s dive into the article.

Quick facts: Russell James Vitale

Full Name Russell James Vitale
Net worth $10 million
Date of birth 26th September 1992
Birthplace Secaucus, New Jersey, USA
Age 30 years old
Sun sign Libra
Father name Under Review
Mothers’ Name June Diemon
Height 5ft 6 inches
Weight 70 kgs
Body Measurement Under Review
Nationality American
Ethnicity Sicilian
Sexuality Straight
Eye color Brown
Hair Color Black
Profession Rapper, Singer, and Songwriter
Partner None
Children None
Marital Status Single
Social Media Presence Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook
Last update on February 2023

Russ Net Worth 2023

The multi-talented personality Russ started his career in the field of music a long time ago. He was interested in music from a very young and always wanted to pursue a career in music.

So from the age of 14, Russ started making beats, and finally, after many years of consistent work, he managed to write his name as a celebrity. This singer has been into music since 2011 and has no sign of stopping.

After selling many tracks and albums, he has managed to grab a huge fan following. Due to this he even has various brand endorsements.

Today, if we sum up all the assets earned by him, it will come way higher. Therefore, Russ net worth stands at $10 million as of 2023 and is increasing gradually every day.

Russell James Vitale House

Russ journey was not easy as he has not had much financial support in the family. However, after being a success, the first he did was buy a luxurious house. However, the house was dedicated to her mother.

russ height

Russ stands at 5 feet 6 inches.
Image Source: YourWikis

Though we don’t have enough information regarding about house, the house has two floors and has a classy marvelous design. Also, Russ posted about buying a house on several social media platforms saying it was all possible by the fans.

Russ Cars

Russ loves the song but he also has a big heart for cars as well. To date, he has bought three cars, the cars are Bentley, Mclaren, and Nissan. Among these, he loves to ride Nissan.

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Also, this car lover gentleman hinted at buying more sports cars in the upcoming days. However, this could affect Russ net worth enormously.

Russ Business Venture

Russ is very committed to music and doesn’t want his attention on unwanted things. As Russ has not shared much about his business venture. But looking at his genius mind, he might be into some sort of business.

However, investing in various things could be the best idea to increase Russ net worth and it could help to overcome any risk and uncertainty.

The rapper has invested all his money in producing quality music. He might be a singer but is also the best to think out of the box when it comes to marketing his music.

Highest-Earning Russ Music

For an artist, the product they produce is like their children. Their love for it is always the same and doest want anyone to spoil it.

Likewise, Russ as well dedicated all his life till now to writing songs and producing them. Also, dues to which he has come this far and doesn’t want to stop yet. His dedication to it is never-ending.

To date, Russell James Vital has produced 119 songs. Among them What They Want his breakthrough music. The top 10 music which helped Russ net worth grow more are;

  • Losin Control
  • What They Want
  • Goodbye
  • Psycho, Pt. 2
  • Aint Nobody Takin My Baby
  • Pull the Trigger
  • Do It Myself
  • Missin You Crazy
  • Ride Slow
  • Cherry Hill

Charity Works

From buying a house for his mom to donating a huge money. Russ never disappoints his fans by looking at him as an inspiration.

In 2017, the 30-year-old rapper donated $50K to a GoFundMe campaign. He has also been active in charity work for several years.

russ weight

Russ weighs around 70 Kg.
Image Source: Twitter

This shows how great he is, making fans go crazy with his songs to make someone’s life easier. Russ has lived his life to the fullest at this very young age.


In the name of investment, Russ has only revealed his investment towards marches. He sells various clothing items. The clothing includes his logo and design. Also, the fans have shown love towards him by buying his merch.

All the clothing items are listed on his own websites and can be bought from another online shop as well. This shows how clever a mind he has in making profits.

Who Is  Russell James Vitale’s Wife?

Russell James Vital aka Russ has been into music with all his heart even so he has made some space for his girlfriend as well. This famous artist’s heart was stolen by many a lady named Paola Pretti.

However, their relationship didn’t made for long. To sum up his heartbreak, he wrote a song in the name of his girlfriend.

Currently, Russell James Vitale has not announced being in a relationship with anyone. However, there are rumors that he is dating someone though we don’t have much information regarding it.

Russ Instagram

Russ was into music from the age of 14 though he started his career in it in 2007. To date, Vitale has produced 119 songs and was successful in making a massive fan following.

Instagram: 4m followers

Twitter: 2.1m followers

Facebook: 2.7m followers

Interesting facts about Russel James Vitale

  • Currently, Russ is single and has no plan to be in a relationship for some time.
  • To date, he has produced and sung around 119 songs.
  • Russ bought a two-story house for his mother.
  • His highest-grossing music is Losin Control which is viewed by 2.9 million people as of 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions about Russell James Vitale 

What is Russ net worth?

As of 2023, Russ net worth stands at $10 million.

How did Russ become famous?

In 2015, Russ introduced a track called What They Want. It became popular among the people and in no time, he was a well-known personality.

What is Russ known for?

Russ is known for writing songs, rapping, singing, and producing songs.

Does Russ have one eye?

No, Russ has both eyes but their color is slightly different than each other.

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