Tony Hawk Age, Height, Career, Relationship, Net Worth, Social Media Presence

Tony Hawk is an American sportsperson, is professional skateboarder, and entrepreneur and he has his own skateboard company called Birdhouse.  He is supremely talented with his magical skills with the “900” skateboarding trick in 1999. Tony Hawk age might get better of him but the sports personality won’t stop so soon.

Tony Hawk age
Tony Hawk age is 53 years old

He is a pro skateboarder and also launched his own skateboarding company and video game series. At the age of 53, he is smashing the world of skateboarding and was one of the top skateboarders in the world by the time he was 16.

Let’s more unravel more about this pro-skater about his Age, height, relationship Net Worth, and Social Media presence.

Some Quick facts about Tony Hawk.

Full Name Anthony Frank Hawk
Nick Name Birdman
Date of Birth May 12, 1968
Birth Place San Diego, California
Age 53 years
Sun Sign Taurus
Father’s Name Frank Peter Rupert Hawk
Mother’s Name Nancy Elizabeth Hawk
Siblings Patricia ‘Pat’ Hawk (Older Sister)

Lenore Hawk Dale (Older Sister)

Steve Hawk (Older Brother)

Height 6’3’’(190cm)
Weight 78kg (172 lbs.)
Nationality American
Sexuality Straight
Ethnicity White
Education Torrey Pines High School
Body Measurements Under Review
Shoe Size 13 (US)
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Light Brown
Marital Status Married
Wife Catherine Goodman
Children Riley Hawk, Spencer, Keegan Hawk

Kadence Clover Hawk

Net Worth $140 million
Social Media Presence Instagram, Twitter

What is the Age of Tony Hawk? What about his Height and Body measurement?

As of 2021, our favorite birdman is 53 years old being born in 1968, and still kicking the world of skateboarding business with his amazing personality and strategic business.

Tony Hawk height
Tony Hawk height reads at 6’3″

He has a pair of amazingly sparkling blue eyes with brown hair. He is a slim build with a stature of 6’3’’ in feet or 190 cm and weight about 78 kg or 172lbs.

There is no proper information about his body measurement. To add up this stature Hawk shoe size is 13 (US) or 12.5 (UK).

Where was Tony Hawk Born? | Early Life, Bio

On May 12, 1968, Anthony Frank Hawk was born in San Diego, California. He is commonly known as Tony Hawk. He was grown up with older sisters, Pat and Lenore, and an older brother, Steve.

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He was born to Nancy and Frank Peter Rupert Hawk. Frank was a retired U.S. Navy officer and small appliance salesman, and his mother, Nancy, was a homemaker and part-time business teacher. Hawk’s skills developed, and he became a professional skateboarder at age 14.

He was officially the National Skateboard Association world champion for 12 consecutive years. Hawk is an accomplished street skater, his reputation rested on his skills as a vertical skater. During the 1980s and ’90s, he dominated skateboarding competitions.

Education and Early Life

As a child Hawk was hyperactive, high-strung, and intelligent. His mother also stated that “so hard on himself and expected himself to do so many things”. To release his stress his parents encouraged his passion for skateboarding because they felt it helped him to release his extra energy.

He pursued his formal education at Jean Farb Middle School. He was so hard on himself that his parents got him evaluated in school. It turns out that his IQ level is 144. It was so advanced that his school advisers recommended placing him in advanced classes.

Hawk attended three high schools and graduated from Torrey Pines High School in 1986. He already started earning when he was just in high school.


  • He started skateboarding when he was very young and got into professional skateboarding when he was only 14 years old.
  • Similarly, he even fought his first house from the money he made from skateboarding when he was just in high school.
  • He won virtually every skateboarding competition he entered, and before he was twenty, he was considered to be the number one vertical skateboarder in the world.
  • Likewise, Hawk won the competition from competition and world the amazing moves even after some of them dismissed his wild, crazy skating as showboating.
  • His same wild crazy gave birth to Ollie which became the most important move in vertical skating. It also helped Hawk win three NSA championships and almost twenty additional pro events by the time he was eighteen.
  • Similarly, Known as the Birdman because of his high-flying acrobatics, he was also a featured performer in Bones Brigade videos, which to this day are watched by would-be skaters.
  • By the end of the 1980s became the king of skateboarding.

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  • In the early 1990s, sports was losing its popularity with Tony and he even considered getting a 9-5 job as he was a techno-geek.
  • Likewise, In 990 the fellow skateboarder Per Welinder started a new business venture and launched Birdhouse Projects which manufactures skateboards and skate accessories.
  • He even sold his mortgaged and house to finance his business.
  • Similarly, He skates in a new alternative competition called X Games and won first place in vertical skating and 2nd place in street skating.
  • Hawk appeared in countless commercials for companies such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and Campbell’s Soup. He also hosted several sports specials, including MTV’s Sports and Music Festival.
  • Likewise, by 1999 the king was back on his throne. During the 1999 X Games, Hawk made history during the Best Trick event, when he introduced a move called the 900.
  • Similarly, this movie is one of the most dangerous and spectacular, and practicing it Hawk has a lot of injuries.

Recent Achievements

  • Birdhouse and Blitz took off, becoming two of the largest skateboarding companies in the world.
  • He also invested in developing a video game in 1998 and after his earlier business took off people think that he can do no wrong in business and he proved them right.
  • Similarly, the Hawk series became one of the bestselling video lines of all time, with worldwide yearly sales in millions of dollars.
  • Hawk invented nearly one hundred tricks and moves that have been handed down to young skaters today and have been an inspiration to millions.
  • Likewise, he also appeared in many movies such as Thrashin’, “Gleaming the Cube” and many more. Hawk has also appeared in the TV series Breaking In, The High Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange, The Cleveland Show, Sesame Street, and So Random!
  • Hawk retired from competition in 1999, he remained active in promoting the sport and his products.
  • Likewise, he was also invited to US President Barack Obama’s June 2009 Father’s Day celebration and skated in the hallways on the white house grounds. This time ever someone skateboarded on the White House grounds.
  • Hawk also wrote several books on skateboarding, and his autobiography, Hawk: Occupation: Skateboarder which was published in 2000.

Who did Tony Hawk Marry? Relationship

Hawk married Cindy Dunbar in 1990 who was his high school sweetheart and gave birth to her son Riley Hawk in 1992.

During his ventures and investment for his business, he sold his mortgages and home which lead to complications in his marriage. They got divorced in 1993.

Tony Hawk wife
Tony Hawk with his wife Catherine Goodman

Hawk was married to Erin Lee in 1996 and gave birth to two sons named Spencer in 1999 and Keegan in 2001. They eventually got divorced in 2004.

Hawk was married to Lhotse Merriam from 2006 to 2011 and had a daughter named Kadence Clover Hawk who was born in 2008. He married his fourth wife, Cathy Goodman, on June 27, 2015.

What is the earning of Tony Hawk? Net Worth

Before graduating, Hawk was earning $100,000 a year from skating in competitions, making public appearances, and endorsing products such as Mountain Dew. Hawk bought his first house just before graduation, and as he told the New York Times.

His video game took off and Worldwide yearly sales in the hundreds of millions of dollars. The series has launched 18 titles so far. As of 2021, his worth is about $140 million. He is not only famous but one of the wealthiest athletes.

He invested in his venture called birdhouse, appearing in many TV series and movies. Not forgetting his brand endorsement deals with companies such as Nixon, Bones, and Independent. He also grossed from his amusement parks and the clothing brands that he owns.

Social Media Appearance

This entrepreneur is active on social media platforms and uses it to showcase many young talents also endorsing his brands. You can get in contact with his legend on

Instagram– 6.6 million followers

Twitter – 4.5 million followers


Hawk created the Tony Hawk Foundation in 2002 to provide safer and legal skate parks in America. Haws foundation has awarded US$5.8 million, aiding 596 skate park projects.

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In 2020, the Tony Hawk Foundation changed its name to The Skate Park Project to better describe the organization’s mission. Skate parks are a critical resource for youth to enjoy outdoor activity, The Skate Park Project recommends that official public gatherings be postponed, including grand opening celebrations, by local public health guidelines due to COVID 19.


  • He was awarded Thrasher Skater of the Year in 1990.
  • He also received a Kids choice award for favorite male athlete, Teen Choice Awards, and Make-A-Wish’s Favorite Male Athlete.
  • In 2014, he was labeled as one of the ‘Most influential skateboarders of all time’ by Fox Weekly.

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