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If you have changed 15 schools by the age of 14, how would your education shape up? Well, it will shape up exactly like Tom Cruise. He is one of the biggest action stars to be present in the industry at the moment. Tom Cruise’s young images of the ’90s are a carbon copy of how he looks in the late ’50s.

Tom Cruise height
Tom Cruise stands at the height of 5’7″

Besides being a great human being, Tom Cruise is a well-known personality to grace the entertainment world.

The Mission Impossible star rose to fame from his work in the movie Top Gun whereby the artist received the needed fame and popularity. By this point in time, the handsome hunk has been part of more than 50 movies.

Although the age of the man is getting on the rise, he has served the Hollywood industry with much grace and class for a very long time.

Tom Cruise is a chapter of great interest for many, and it is important to dissect every aspect of it. Today we will be putting the eyeballs about Tom Cruise young, earnings, movies he has been part of, controversies, and everything in between.

Tom Cruise: Quick Facts

Full Name Thomas Cruise Mapother IV
NickName Tom Cruise
Date of Birth July 3, 1962
Birth Place Syracuse, New York
Age 59
Sun Sign Cancer
Father’s Name Thomas Mapother
Mother’s Name Mary Mapother
Siblings 3
Height 5’7”
Weight 68 kgs
Nationality American
Sexuality Straight
Ethnicity Mixed
Religion Scientology
Eye Color Green
Hair Color  Dark Brown
Shoe Size 6.5 US
Education High School
Body Type Slim
Marital Status In a relationship
Net Worth $600 million
Social Media Presence Instagram, Twitter, Personal Website

Tom Cruise Young| How Does Tom Cruise Maintains His Youthful Looks Even in The late ’50s?

Tom Cruise is one of the biggest inspirations for many youths to remain in good shape and look fit for longer. But it is pretty tough to do so. The help of many nutritionists, along with the proper food and diet, is what makes Tom Cruise actually Tom Cruise.

He might be into his late 50’s at this point, but he makes the boys in the ’20s go envious of the youth he possess in such an old age. Tom Cruise young is more about the movies he has played over the period. The film-like Top Gun, Endless Loves, Taps, Risky Business, and Legend show his heart-wrenching looks.

But many things go behind the scenes to make him look so handsome at this point. Some of the reasons for this young looks at such an old age is important to note down.

  • Regular Workout

Workout is an important part of anyone’s healthy and long-span acting career. Tom Cruise is better known to do death-defying stunts by himself. Moreover, his regular workout routine is something brilliant. When we talk about workout principles, Tom does various sports like sea kayaking, rock climbing to fencing, and spending time in the gym.

Other than that, he also does weight training more about more than three times. Besides that, cardio is something that makes his workout routine complete. To put the workout into perspective.

  • Monday: Chest, Triceps, Shoulders
  • Tuesday: Activity Day ” Cager”
  • Wednesday: Back, Biceps and Traps
  • Thursday: Activity Day Cager
  • Friday: Legs and Lower Body
  • Saturday and Sunday: Rest
  • Calculated Diet

Other Reasons

A good and calculated diet is always important to make an individual look good along with the workout. When we talk about Tom Cruise, his diet is highly counted out, not more or not less. His diet includes less than 1200 calories, and the tips were provided by his friend David Beckham.

Cruise doesn’t believe much in the carbs, so his main focus is on the protein side of things—foods like grilled chicken breast, fish, egg white, whey protein, vegetables complete his diet.

  • No bad habits like smoking, excessive drinking, etc.

This is one of the biggest perks of being Tom Cruise. He has the good habit of not being into any of the bad habits, certainly affecting his outlook. Elsewhere he might be focusing more upon his good habits so that he can be stable in Hollywood for long.

  • A lot of plastic surgeries

Money and fame surely bring in the perfect look with no blemishes, and that’s the truth. It is almost unreal to look so picture-perfect when we talk about the celebrities in their late 50’s. Tom Cruise has gone through a lot of cosmetic plastic surgery.

This allows an individual to look young no matter what age. Other than that, he has also gone through botox injections which have helped him look young. One fine example is the unlined forehead of the actor Tom Cruise.

  • Clean-shaven and calculated makeup

To the readers who are handsome and impending surely, they would know that being clean-shaven helps you look younger. If a particular individual doesn’t have a beard that can turn grey, the outlook is generally young and highly likable.

Besides, Tom Cruise is known to be picture perfect related to that of the outlook. Since his early 30’s Tom Cruise has been losing his hair, but the man has recently done the hair implant as well. If you look closer, he has two hair tones and tends to dye them with utter precision.


Thomas Cruise Mapother IV was born on July 3, 1962, in Syracuse, New York. Mary and Thomas Mapother are the names of Tom’s parents. Thomas was an electrical engineer while Tom’s mother, Mary, was an amateur actress and school teacher. Well, we can guess where the genes of acting arrive from.

Besides, Cruise is the loving brother of three beautiful divas who are his heart and soul. Lee Ann Mapother, Cass Mapother, and Marian Mapother are their lovely names. Tom Cruise might be a brand at this point, but his life was not a golden buzzer right from the earliest of childhood.

Age and Body Measurements

The dashing actor being born in the year 1962 makes him 59 years old as of 2021. Tough to believe a guy that looks as killer as Tom Cruise is 59 years old as of now. Moreover, the influential personality stands at the height of 5’7″ and also weighs 68 kgs as of now. Tom Cruise is a style statement for every youth who wants to look picture perfect.

It is not a new topic to discuss for Tom that he is a beast. All thanks to his healthy diet and the supplements he takes in the calculated number that helps him look at the Tom Cruise present for the showbiz world. Tom Cruise, young at the age of 59, is all thanks to his dedication to looking such perfect.

With the help of the regular workout, the Mission Impossible actor has maintained a chest of 44 inches, waist of 32 inches, and mind-boggling biceps of 16 inches. Surely the biceps can alone stop the heartbeat of the ladies. The eyes that take the breath away from Tom Cruise are green color while the hair is dark brown, flawless as the day.

Early Life and Education

Tom Cruise might look happy and well at this point, but the story behind this childhood is painful. When Cruise was 11 years old, his happy family was broken into half, and his parents made way for each other. Due to this, Tom started living with his mother. Mary and Tom Cruise, along with the siblings’ shift, came to Kentucky and New Jersey.

Tom Cruise scientology
Tom Cruise during his advocacy for Scientology

To the keen readers who aren’t aware, Mary Mapother, the actor’s mother, had dyslexia. Similar to his mother, all the children, including Tom Cruise, had dyslexia. Due to this reason, his academics were pretty poor, not only that the actor was pretty bad at reading and writing.

Moreover, he was pretty good at sports and extracurricular activities. With the fit nature and agility of the young age on his side, Cruise decided to make a career in wrestling. However, a knee injury closed the doors for him in this department as well.

As Tom Cruise had issues related to dyslexia, the actor had to change a lot of schools. It was vibrant that his education was disrupted, and the talented performer changed 15 schools when he had reached 14 years old. Some of the names of his schools are:

  • Robert Hopkins Public School, Ontario
  • Henry Munro Middle School, Canada
  • Franciscan Seminary, Ohio, etc.

Teen Days

To the avid scrollers of this article, Tom Cruise is a high school dropout and never completed his further education. Suppose you are interested to know how the base was set for acting. Well, when the handsome hunk was part of Franciscan Seminary in Ohio, one of his teachers motivated him.

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A school production for the musical Guys and Dolls, Tom Cruise went on to get the lead role as Nathan Detroit. Being the performer for the first time made him feel on his own. Hence an artist was born in the galaxy of superstars.

Tom Cruise Movies and Production

If you love Hollywood movies, you must have come across a movie from Tom Cruise. If not so you must either be lying, or you don’t admire cult action Hollywood movies. Tom Cruise is the ultimate action hero when we talk about Hollywood, but one has to understand he isn’t one-dimensional.

The actor has been providing services to the industry for a very long time. To be precise, he has done movies beyond three decades now. His movies have been a culture in Hollywood, and more so; there are movies in line for the great man at the age of 59.

  • The debut movie of Tom Cruise is Endless Love that hit the audience in 1981, where he played the role of Billy.
  • After having no movies for two years, Cruise returned to the big screen with The Outsiders as Steve Randell.
  • The 1985 movie Legend was his highly acclaimed work in the role of Jack.
  • Top Gun, while released in 1986, launched him as an actor in the Hollywood industry. The role of Pete Maverick Mitchell stole the show. The next installment of this movie Top Gun: Maverick, will release in the year 2021.
  • His 1988 movie Cocktail won him Razzie Award in the category of worst actor for a movie.
  • The best movie for Tom Cruise to date is the Mission Impossible franchise, with the first movie releasing in 1996; other movies under this franchise are Mission: Impossible II, Mission: Impossible III, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, Mission Impossible: Fallout, and the new release, Mission: Impossible 7.

Recent Works

  • His other installment movies are Jack Reacher and Jack Reacher: Never Go Back.
  • The recent movies of Tom Cruise are The Mummy, American Made, and Mission Impossible- Fallout.
  • Tom Cruise’s first movie as a producer was Mission: Impossible. Since then, there has been no looking back.
  • Without Limits, Vanilla Sky, The Others, Narc, Shattered Glass, The Last Samurai, Elizabeth Town, etc., are some of his production works.
  • The American superstar will be producing all of his upcoming movies in the years 2021 and 2022. Namely Mission: Impossible-Fallout, Top Gun Maverick, and Mission: Impossible 7.

Awards and Accolades

When you have contributed so much time and effort to one industry, it is understandable that awards and nominations are bound to come your way. When we see Cruise, the case is the same. The 5’7″ actor has won some prestigious awards and has also been nominated for many.

  • Tom Cruise has been nominated for the Academy Awards in movies like Born on July, Jerry Maguire, and Magnolia.
  • Distinguished achievement in the film category was awarding him the American Cinema Awards in 1991.
  • He won the Brittania Award along with the Critics Choice Movie Award in the year 2005. In the same year, he won the David Di Donatello Award as well.
  • Additionally, he also won the Golden Raspberry Award in the years 1995, 2006, and 2018.
  • Ethan Hunt won the MTV Movie Awards in the three-year gap of 1997, 2001, 2005.
  • He was also winning the National Movies Awards Award in 2010, the People’s Choice Award in 1991 and 1994, and the Satellite Award in 1997.
  • Many fans might not know, but Tom Cruise was awarded the Freedom Medal of Valor in 2004 for the contribution he gave to the Scientology department.

Relationship| Is Tom Cruise Dating Anyone?

Who wouldn’t want to date Tom Cruise? Any woman would love to be in the arms of the handsome hunk. But who has been ruling the hearts of Tom Cruise? Well, for someone such charismatic, there has been a queue of women to be in his life.

Tom Cruise partner
Tom Cruise with his ex-wife Nicole Kidman

His dating spree started in the mid-1980s when a lot of women appeared in his life. The first of the lot was Diane Cox, whose story began in the year 1980. However, things didn’t go too well for the pair as they made way for each other in 12 months.

This gave rise to another beautiful relationship for Tom alongside Melissa Gilbert in the year 1982. There have been many girls in the same year that was the love interest of the dashing actor. Heather Locklear, Rebecca De Mornay are two fine examples. Rebecca was in the life of Tom for two years.

Following the separation, actresses like Patti Scialfa, singer Cher came into his life. It might be something of a bad omen or the handsomeness that Tom Cruise has always been around the baffling beauties. With so many failed relationships around, Tom Cruise finally found a woman with whom he walked down the aisle.

Mimi Rogers was the lucky lady. Both of the couple dated for quite some time when the pair decided to walk down the aisle. The beautiful event took place on May 9, 1987, in the presence of family and friends. After being happily married for three years, both the lovebirds were separated. Rumors say that Mimi introduced the actor to Scientology.

Later Relationships

If the readers are fans of actresses, don’t be worried to know that Tom has been in the mixup with almost every great-looking diva. Another lady love who came to the Mission Impossible actor life is Nicole Kidman. It was during the shoot of Dead of Thunder that the news broke out.

Tom Cruise with his current partner Hayley Atwell

The pair tied the nuptials on December 24, 1990, when they had a bond to be proud of. As good as it seems, their relationship was a topsy turvy ride. After the marriage, both of them decided to adopt children. Isabelle Jane, born in 1992, whilst Connor Antony, born in 1995, was adopted by the pair.

While everything was looking good, the pair made way for each other. Rumors spread out that it was the unknown pregnancy that made big reasons. Being so close, both of them made different ways in 2001. For someone so good-looking as Tom Cruise, flings are a common affair.

A lot of flings came through as well. The likes of Penelope Cruz for three years starting from 2001, the actress Nazanin Boniadi and many more. After having some huge series of failed relationships, someone of subsequent value came into the life of Tom Cruise.

Everyone knows her as Katie Holmes. Both of them were in quite a groove during their relationship. Their story began in 2005 and was publicly known as Tom Cruise accepted the relationship in the Oprah Winfrey’s Show. In a very short time, a news burst that made fans happy.

Both Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise were expecting a baby on October 6, 2005. Within a year, their daughter Suri was born, adding happiness to the family. In the year 2006 of November 18, they both decided to marry some huge actors and actresses attending the event.

Other Affairs

After being married for seven years, the sad news again hit the fans of both the couple. On June 29, 2012, Katie filed a divorce from Tom Cruise.  Within a fortnight on July 9, both signed the contract and were separated from each other. Although the divorce came through, nobody knew what the actual reason for the divorce was.

If we talk about the current relationship of the actor, well, he has done Mission Impossible. Tom Cruise is in a happy space with his Mission Impossible co-star Hayley Atwell. The first news came through when they watched the Wimbledon match and brought the media to hype.

Both met in September 2020 and began to be there for each other. Although there is the gap of 20 years in the two, surely their heart has been matched with happy places in between. Their stories are the same. Both of them have failed relationships.

Tom Cruise with her daughter Suri Cruise

Before Cruise, Atwell was dating the actor Evan Jones. They started their story in 2013 but didn’t go further than two years which is a surprise. After Evan Jones, Atwell dated a doctor whose name is not out in the media. Indeed, it will be delightful to see how far does this pairing goes.

Without things happening quickly for Tom Cruise will this relationship also turns to be his fourth marriage. In like manner, it will be interesting to see if they walk down the aisle and take their relationship to another level or will Tom Cruise act as a fling for this.

What is Scientology| Effects of Scientology on Tom Cruise?

Many curious heads might want to know what Scientology is and how this has affected Tom Cruise’s life. Well, things have been pretty interesting when we relate Tom Cruise and Scientology. Sources claim that his first wife, Mimi Rogers introduced him to Scientology.

Scientology is a religious system that is based upon seeking self-knowledge and also spiritual fulfillment. This religion states that everyone can attain Scientology through better training and study. Many sources say that science fiction writer Ron L. Hubbard found it in the year 1955.

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The connection between Tom Cruise and Scientology is pretty old. The American actor states that when he was struggling with dyslexia as a kid, the study of Ron L Hubbard tech helped him grow and overcome the condition. Henceforth it has remained with him. Tom Cruise is seen advocating about it quite a several times.

Cruise is highly active in Scientology and has a keen interest in making this a religion in Europe. Cruise co-founded and raised generous donations for downtown medical to help 9/11 rescue workers through detoxification therapy, talking about his contribution to the Scientology department. This wasn’t taken too well by the medical field and firefighters.

The effect of Scientology on Tom Cruise has been a mixed bag. His ex-wife Katie Holmes said the fact that Tom wanted to turn their daughter towards Scientology. Suri, the daughter, after her father’s attempt, left the church and the relation between daughter and father is not good.

Legal Issues| Is Tom Cruise gay?

This is one query that the whole world is asking and framing Tom Cruise for. The Top Gun actor has been labeled as gay by quite several tabloids and also celebrities. The first example is the Daily Express. This incident come through in the year 1998. His seeing of the Daily Express is a successful stint.

In Daily Express’ words, the marriage of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman is a sham, and the actor is a homosexual. Tom Cruise didn’t like this one bit. Similarly, in May 2001, Chad Slater, a porn actor, also said the same thing. The actor states to Actustar that he has been romantically associated with Tom Cruise.

Cruise went the hard way and slammed a $10 million fine for harming his identity and said all the allegations are false. One after the another, the sexuality of Tom Cruise has been a matter of query. Moving from the sexuality issues, there was an allegation on Tom by Michael Davis Sapir that his phone was wiretapped by Cruise.


Interestingly this allegation was not proven false. But it was dismissed by the Central Civil west Court under the statute of limitation being expired. Nobody knows whether Tom Cruise did the phone tapping to this date.

The last of the well-known issues in the case of Tom Cruise is related to her daughter. The handsome hunk in October 2012 filed a lawsuit against In Touch and Life and Style magazine for defamation. The claim made by the magazine was about the news that he had abandoned the six-year-old daughter.

Additionally, in the deposition, the actor said that his busy schedule has made it hard. He also adds that it has been 110 days that he hasn’t seen his daughter. In the end, the lawsuit was settled between the two parties.

Net Worth

For an actor who has been part of the showbiz world for so long and so actively. How much does he earn as the net worth? Well, the list gets longer as he is one of the highest-paid actors worldwide for the movie he does.

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At this point for the year 2021, Tom Cruise owns a net worth of $600 million. All of this is the result of his acting career. The good-looking actor on the back of his acting achievements has also done brand promotions along with photoshoots. This surely has helped his net worth account grow.

The actor has a great love for cars and bikes. As a result of that, he also earns plenty of them. His exotic car collections include Porsche 911, Bugatti Veyron, Chevy Chevelle SS, Mercedes CLK, etc. Meanwhile, the collection of bikes span for Vyrus 987 C3 4V, Kawasaki Ninja, Ducati, BMW S 1000 RR, etc.

Tom Cruise Movies and Earnings

Tom Cruise has done quite a several movies in his lifetime. His legacy has been something brilliant to follow and admire. From being a teen actor to being the legend of the game, Tom Cruise has made quite a fair bit amount from his movies. Some of the famous films and earnings from them are:

  • Tom Cruise received $2 million acting in Top Gun.
  • His earnings from Rain Man records to $3 million.
  • The famous movie of Tom Cruise, Days Of Thunder, earns him $9 million, which is great.
  • Far and Away: $13 million
  • A Few Good Men: $12.5 million
  • The Firm: $12 million
  • Mission Impossible: $70 million with some percentage profit percentage points
  • Jerry Maguire: $20 million
  • Eyes Wide Shut: $20 million
  • Knight and day: $11 million with profit percentage

Assets and Real Estate of Tom Cruise

If you have so much money in the bank, it won’t be a  mistake to say that you have assets that can make a lot of the population go crazy. When we see Tom Cruise’s life, he has been fond of having big houses and mansions at his disposal. Thereby the list of Tom Cruise residence is huge.

His primary area of stay is at Beverly Hills, which the actor purchased in the year 2007.  Out of all the mansions in 2013, the handsome actor listed his two homes, East Village Condo and Greenwich Village townhouse, for $3 million and $28 million, respectively.

Added to that, he has also listed the Hollywood Hills compound for $12.995 million in 2015. His list doesn’t end so easily. Furthermore, the actor listed a 14.2-acre state outside London for $7.385 million. Lastly, he also sold his massive Colorado estate for a good price. It spanned over 10,000 sq ft and was sold for $39.5 million asking price.

Social Media Presence

It doesn’t significantly matter whether you are a fan of Tom Cruise or not; you would love to be on the list of followers of the great man. His social media is the group of people who would love to meet the actor someday. His social media has quite a several followers.

Instagram5.7m followers

Twitter6.6m followers


Facts about Tom Cruise

  • Tom Cruise does everything with his left hand except writing, where he uses the right hand.
  • Fencing, Sky diving, and scuba diving are the hobbies of the actor.
  • Tom Cruise has never won an Oscar, although he has been nominated thrice.
  • Tom Cruise is a true advocate of Scientology.
  • Forbes ranked Cruise as the most powerful celebrity in 2006.
  • October 10, 2006, is named Tom Cruise Day in Japan.
  • Tom Cruise names his father as a merchant of chaos for all the hardships he had in childhood.
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