Suits : A Sinful Fraud who works for Manhattan Law Firm

How about the classy drama that makes you think committing crimes is bliss if you know how to hide it. Suits is one of the highly loved series around the globe with issues to look through. A drug seller gets into the interview for a Manhattan law firm that only takes the Harvard graduates.

Suits cast
Gabriel Macht and Patrick Adams play the lead role in the series
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Mike Ross is not only a drug seller and a college dropout but also someone who never went to Harvard. Harvey Specter, the alpha male who goes on to hire the fraud, breaks the firm’s policy and takes all the risk to shell Mike as his associate. A big muddle but indeed a well-organized confusion.

With the tone of the series, along with the professionalism and the knowledge it provides, this series is a must-watch for the fans. There is a massive amount of variance as well. It is when we talk about the casting of the actors and the plot of the series. It is like the freshwater that keeps on flowing through the streams.

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The Good

  • The Writing

One of the best aspects of the series is how sleek the writing is. One might think nine seasons and  134 episodes mean you can get bored of what comes through. But that’s not the case. The character building, along with the new plots and subplots that come through, tend to make the audience in awe.

One of the best screenplays that will come through is from the series Suits. The characters in the series have been provided with ample roles that can make the audience bind with them more than the leading character at times.

  • World of Dreams

Do you have the urge to live in a wonderland where everything is perfect and settled by the end of the day? Well, that is how the world of Suits looks. The characters indulge themselves in the million-dollar suits and flash their characters along with attitude.

There is no poverty, bad endings, wrongful side, and the fact that the hero never loses. Everything you ever dreamed of is what Suits gives you in nine seasons. In short, it is the hottest leading actors donning themselves in expensive suits and winning the world.

  • Harvey Specter is the Mr. Perfect

Other than having the delightful forehead, what Harvey Specter brings to the table is a matter of confidence and also rationalizing. He is the hotshot and the best closer in New York City for all the law history that has come through it.

Specter shows his charisma closing out the deals and striking the liquor glass. In all of the strong-headed personalities, the soft-hearted man has chemistry with his clients and colleagues. Every line that Harvey delivers in the show is worth its value in gold.

Suits female cast
The female cast of Suits didn’t get the big screen time
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Specter knows his way out with the elegant smile and the mind-boggling confidence to make the clocks turn south. Some of his iconic quotes include breaking down the wall when your back is against it, good guys doing the wrong things to make the bad guys pay, own goals instead of dreams. You would fall in love with the character Harvey Specter more than the person Gabriel Macht.

  • Chemistry of the Characters

If you look into the history of bromance in Hollywood movies and shows, there will be no better than Harvey Specter and Mike Ross. Understandably, both of them are the leads of the show.


Their relationship starts due to the failed drug deal of Mike Ross ending up as the best friend’s cum brother in the show.

Not only, Mike Ross and Harvey Specter, every other character knows their way out. We can assure the show-goers that you, too, have the relationship that Harvey Specter and Donna Paulsen have in the show with someone in your life. It’s so pure and yet so simple and not confusing.

Louis Litt, Katrina Bennett, Alex Williams, Samantha Wheeler, Jessica Pearson, Gretchen all provide the taste and the new fragrance to the TV show. It is a topic of debate, but Suits has the best supporting cast to have ever been assembled for a TV show.

The Bad

  • Crossing the Lines

If you are the person who wears the beads of honesty, equality, and no violence, sorry, SUITS is not for you. This particular series teaches us how to find loopholes when we talk about solving an issue.

What’s not worth learning is that you need not cross the lines or bend the law to get the results you always wish for. Meanwhile, it is good to lose sometimes to know where you stand in life.

  • Too much drinking and slurring

Do you dream of becoming a fancy lawyer in the states who earn more, has the most vital connections, and loves to flaunt the title? Well, Suits is the mixture of everything you dream of. Sadly this series does focus on the wrong side of law and the one who practices it most of the time.

There is too much drinking that is being characterized in the show. The can celebration of making a couple of drinks every time someone wins a case is not a good picture to paint for the young law enthusiast.

In like manner, what not to like is that there is too much slurring. The use of the S word has been more than you can imagine. For a budding kid in the streets of Manhattan, he shouldn’t have these essential pictures of fighting, slurring, and the dominating presence in his mind as he wishes to be a lawyer.

  • Fails the Bechdel test

Whenever the Hollywood projects come through they are, they should go through the fine-tuning of the Bechdel test. To the audience unaware Bechdel test is more about having more than one female character driving the script at one particular time.

Suits episodes
Suits have a total of 114 episodes
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You might say there are a lot of powerful women in Suits like Jessica Pearson, Donna Paulsen, Rachel Zane, Katrina Bennett, Samantha Wheeler, and others. But if you good deep, their storyline tends to revolve under the shades of the actors in the series. This makes it a bit problematic that the female population in the series isn’t getting the lead.

Should you Watch it?

The question is do you have a brother like Mike Ross. Furthermore, do you have a love interest who is close to you and becomes your cushion like Donna Paulsen? If yes, the answer is also Yes.

What needs to be taken care of here is that Suits is a brilliantly written series. Likewise, it has the best characters and actors of the highest class. For the nine-season of the series, it will hardly get boring or lets you off the hook. The best part about Suits is that it gets better with every new season.

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