Succession’s Sarah Snook Is Pregnant, Debuts With Baby Bump At Premiere

Succession is one of the hit shows which made headlines. In the recent turn of events, Sarah Snook is pregnant. During the premiere of the fourth season of the hit show, Sarah Snook came out with the baby bump.

sarah snook debuting baby bump during premiere of succession season 4
Sarah Snook debuted her baby bump at the premiere of Succession Season 4.
Image Source: People

The premiere was the debut of her baby bump and a lot of fans was left bewildered by that. This diva Snook is 32 weeks pregnant and she has made her appearance count in the premiere.

The shimmering silver jacket along with the clinging outfit not only highlighted her bump but also her beauty. The blonde beauty had light makeup on her with an elegant smile to boost it up.

Who Is Sarah Snook Husband?

As Sarah Snook is pregnant and the news circulated like wildfire, everyone wants to know who is the father. Dave Lawson the comedian is the happy father of pregnant Sarah Snook.

Dave and Sarah met in 2014 but didn’t date immediately. It was during the pandemic that both of them grew close and quarantined together.

This made fans interested to know the love chemistry. To make matters more clear, Snook and Lawson married in February 2021.

sarah snook is pregnant and with her husband dave lawson
Sarah Snook is pregnant and with her husband Dave Lawson at the premiere of Succession.
Image Source: NBC Boston

It was a very private event that took place in Brooklyn. Hardly anyone from the acting fraternity was called with only the family and friends part of it.

Sarah Snook Appearance in Succession Premiere| Sarah Snook Is Pregnant

On the fine premiere of Succession on 20th March 2023, Sarah Snook came out with a smile. Not only Sarah but everyone had a grin on their face.

It was to mark the fact that the Succession star was pregnant. She had very light makeup with red lipstick and copper hair curled down.

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The floor-length black dress along with the silver jacket and minimal jewelry highlighted the baby bump more.

Talking to ET, Sarah stated, “It’s exciting! I feel great and there are two more months to go before the due date”.

According to Sarah she was pregnant during the shooting of the fourth season but the signs weren’t huge at that moment.

Sarah Snook Role in Succession

One of the hit shows for HBO, Succession has made a serious impact. Sarah Snook plays the role of Shiv Roy in the show.

What’s interesting is that Sarah turned down the role at the start thinking it was concerning sexism set in the high-power world.

Just think about it where would the show end up if Sarah Snook hadn’t played the role of Shiv, hard to fathom.

Succession Season 4 Trailer

Sarah Snook Surprised Over Succession Ending in Season 4

Sarah Snook is pregnant and the best thing for her at the moment would be some rest. Succession is one show that is going to end after the fourth season.

Surprisingly the lead of the show, Sarah Snook didn’t know the show would end in its fourth season until she did her final table read.

Being a satirical drama, the show has garnered some serious fans. Sarah stated that she was shocked yet sad that the show is ending.

Along with that she also knows the reason why Jesse Armstrong will have to bring the show to an end.

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