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Sarah Chalke age

Sarah Chalke is a Canadian actress and celebrity. Chalke was seen in a popular sitcom named How I Met Your Mother as well as a widely praised series Rick and Morty.

She has been actively working in the entertainment industry since her debut in 1992. Chalke is known for her bubbly style of acting in her roles. She has recently been seen in a few Netflix originals which have helped skyrocket her fame.

Sarah Chalke
Beautiful actress Sarah Chalke
Source: Instagram

Apart from being known for her acting career, Sarah Chalke has also worked as a model for quite some time. She has graced the covers of popular magazines like fitness, BeWoman, Nuvo,, TV Guide, et cetera. Chalke is an award-winning artist and won her first award in 2002 for her work in a comedy series. 

Some Quick Facts

Name Sarah Chalke
Full Name Sarah Louise Christine Chalke
Date of Birth August 27, 1976
Birth Place Ontario, Canada
Age 45
Father’s Name Douglas Chalke 
Mother’s Name Angela Chalke
Siblings  two
Height 5 ft 8 inches
Nationality American, Canadian
Sexuality Straight
Ethnicity Caucasian
Occupation Actor, Model, and Activist
Eye Color Blue 
Hair Color Dark Brown
Marital Status Engaged
Fiance Jamie Afifi
Net Worth $14 million
Instagram @sarahchalke
Twitter @sarahchalke

Sarah Chalke Age and Height

Speaking about her age, Sarah Chalke is 45 years old as of writing. The actress was born on the 27th of August in the year 1976. She debuted as an actress in the early 90s.

Her first work was in a tv series named The Odyssey in which she portrayed a Realtor. The actress has since then been credited for more than 75 works of cinema. 

Sarah Chalke age
Sarah Chalke is 45 years old actress and model
Source: Instagram

Chalke is quite health-conscious and tries to take her diet seriously which is the reason for her great physique. The actress stands at a height of 5 ft 8 inches and weighs around 137 lbs. She has blue-colored eyes and dark brown hair. 

Wiki and Childhood

Sarah Chalke was born in Ontario to Douglas Chalke and Angela Chalke. Her mother Angela Chalke is originally from Germany which is the reason for her fluent German.

The actress is multilingual and speaks three languages namely German, French and English. Chalke completed her high school studies at Handsworth Secondary School located in Vancouver.

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She didn’t go to college as she had been doing theater from her early teenage years and decided to pursue a career as an actor.

Early Career

  • Sarah Chalke’s experience in theaters during her teenage years helped her teach the foundational skills of acting. In the year 1992, Chalke made her debut working as a junior actor in several series like City Boy, Neon Rider, and The Odyssey.
  • She landed her first major role as an actress in the year 1993 when she began working on the series, Roseanne. She first appeared on the show as a cameo and later played the role of Becky Conner-Healy in the series. 
  • In the 90s, Chalke worked in the movies mostly playing side roles. Some of her film work in this period include Women on the Ledge, Beyond Obsession, Dead Ahead, Stand Against Fear, A Child’s Wish, Dying to Belong, Our Mother’s Murder, Cetera.
  • In the year 2001, Chalke starred as Dr.Elliot Reid in a series named Scrubs which aired on NBC. She worked in the series for nine years until its end in 2010.
  • She starred alongside Ryan Reynolds in the movie Chaos Theory in 2007. During this period, she also became a spokesperson and face of the women’s underwear brand Hanes. She has worked in the popular tv sitcom How I Met Your Mother for two years starting from 2008. 

Later Career

  • In the last decade, Chalke has mostly dedicated most of her time working to tv-series. She starred as Kate Swanson in a series named Mad Love in 2011.
  • She was seen in one episode named “Can’t Fight This Feeling” in the ninth season of Grey’s Anatomy. The actress was seen in the tv-show Roseanne after it was revived again for one season in 2017.
  • Other tv-series she has worked on include Backstrom, Undateable, Inside Amy Schumer, Angie Tribeca, Friends from College, et cetera. She is currently working in tv-series like Firefly Lane, Rick and Morty, et cetera. 

Sarah Chalke Personal Life, Relationship, and Activism

Sarah Chalke began dating Jamie Afifi during the early 2000s. The couple soon got engaged and have been together since in a committed relationship.

The couple has two children of their own namely Charlie Rhodes and Frances. Chalke’s son Charlie Rhodes went through a serious medical condition early when he was diagnosed with Kawasaki Disease.

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Chalke has also been vocal about her ideas and thoughts. She often works with other activists to spread awareness about Breast Cancer. She is also the spokesperson of Audrey Hepburn Children’s Foundation. The actress has helped spread awareness and support for same-sex marriage. 

Sarah Chalke Net Worth

Sarah Chalke has an estimated net worth of around $14 million as of 2022. The actress has amassed most of her massive wealth working as an actress.

Sarah Chalke net worth
Sarah Chalke net worth in 2022 is $14 million
Source: Instagram

There isn’t any specific information available about her investment in real estate or other sectors as of yet.

Awards and Accolades

Chalke has earned plenty of awards in her career. She won OFTA Television Award in the year 2002 for her work in the tv-series Scrubs. It was the first-ever award of her career.

In 2008. She won the Innovator Award for her work in Roseanne. She won OFTA Television Award again in 2008 as Best Guest Actress in a Comedy Series for her work in tv-series How I Met Your Mother in 2008.

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Chalke recently won Best Lead Performance by a Female in a Dramatic Series for her work in tv-series Firefly Lane.

Instagram and Twitter

Sarah Chalke is quite active in social media and often interacts with her fans through the platform. She boasts hundreds of thousands of followers on popular social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

She mostly uses her Twitter to communicate with her fans and often shares hilarious memes through her handle.

Twitter: @sarahchalke

Instagram: @sarahchalke

Frequently Asked Questions About Sarah Chalke

  • How old was Sarah Chalke when she starred in Roseanne?

When she initially starred in Roseanne playing the character of Becky, Sarah Chalke was 19 years old. The actress again made a comeback for the revival of the popular tv-series in 2017 at the age of 41 years.

  • How many languages can Sarah Chalke speak?

Sarah Chalke is multilingual and can speak a total of three languages. Her first language was German as her mother is German. She is fluent in both German and English. The actress can understand and speak French but isn’t fluent.

  • Does Sarah Chalke have siblings?

Sarah Chalke actually has two sisters. She is the middle child of her family. Her older sister and younger sisters are Natasha Chalke and Piper Chalke respectively.

  • Did Sarah Chalke and Zach Braff date?

Yes, Sarah Chalke and Zach Braff dated for a short period of time. They met as co-stars on the set of the tv-series Scrubs and went on to date for around a year before putting a full stop to their relationship. Chalke then dated her current fiance and partner Jamie Afifi.

  • Is Sarah Chalke vegetarian?

Yes, Sarah Chalke is indeed vegetarian. The actress has often advocated for animal rights. Her father Douglas Chalke who was not a vegetarian was convinced by her daughter and became one after persuasion.

Interesting Facts 

  • The actress once said in an interview that she would like to take a break from her acting career and pursue a college degree but ended up not doing so. 
  • Sarah Chalke has been passionate about acting from a young age. The actress began performing in theaters at the young age of eight in her hometown.
  • Speaking about her hobbies, Sarah Chalke likes to cook with her friends and her favorite dish includes sushi as well as other Thai dishes. She is quite an able guitarist and often plays with her friends.
  • The actress has two pet dogs namely Harley and Tankers.
  • Sarah Chalke is friends with popular actresses like Christa Miller and Nicole Sullivan.
  • Although the actress was born in Canada, Sarah Chalke also has American citizenship. She obtained naturalized US citizenship in 2008 and now holds dual citizenship.
  • One weird about fact the actress is that she can actually write with her toes.
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