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Salice Rose bio

Salice Rose is a YouTuber and influencer currently making a mark on the Internet with her vlogging and everyday content. Along with YouTube, she has millions of followers on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

She is most popularly known for her comedic and humorously styled videos. Her popularity has risen steadily thanks to the routine updates and content she releases.

Salice Rose age
Salice Rose is 27 years old.
Source: Instagram

Rose is quite vocal and bold in her videos which her fans and followers adore. She has a charismatic personality which complements her funny behavior in videos.

Apart from being a YouTuber and content creator, she is also an entrepreneur. She mainly sells clothes and merchandise like hoodies, slides, mugs, bracelets, tees, et cetera.

The revenue from secondary sources like merchandise substantially increases, especially after the pandemic. She has also added a large number of fans in recent times.

Salice Rose: Quick Facts

Name Salice Rose
Real Name Lindsay Salice
Date of Birth November 20, 1994
Birth Place California, USA
Age 27
Father’s Name NA
Mother’s Name NA
Siblings  2
Height 5ft 5 inches
Weight 120 lbs
Sexual Orientation Bisexual
Nationality American
Ethnicity Latina
Occupation Content Creator and Influencer
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Marital Status Unmarried
Boyfriend / Girlfriend NA
Children zero
Net Worth $400k
Social Media Presence Instagram, Twitter
Last Updated on June 2022

Age and Height

Born on November 20 in the year 1994, Salice Rose is 27 years of age. The young content creator can amass a massive follower base at such a young age.

Salice Rose net worth
Salice’s net worth stands at $400k
Source: Instagram

She started her YouTube career around seven years ago and has millions of subscribers. Her first video I titled ‘Late Night Thoughts’ in which she shares her thoughts as said in the title.

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Talking about her physique, Salice Rose stands at around 5 ft and 5 inches and weighs 120 pounds or 54 kgs. Moreover, Rose can often style her hair in different colors, which she is known for. She has brown eyes.

Childhood and Early Life

Salice Rose was born in California and had humble beginnings. Her familial origins are from Peru. Rose takes her Peruvian heritage seriously, which is clear from her content. Moreover, she has two siblings, but they mostly remain low away from the public eye.

To be precise, Rose has two brothers and a sister named Ashley. The name of the sister was evident in one of her vlogs. However, Rose is someone who loves to remain silent and hardly expresses her personal life.

Rose had humble beginnings and completed her high-school studies in her hometown. After Salice was homeschooled for a long time, the following news was about the military school.

The school grades, along with the

Career On YouTube and TikTok as Content Creator 

Salice Rose, by all metrics, is now a successful content creator thanks to her YouTube, which goes by the name ‘Salice Rose.’ She has been actively making content on YouTube for seven years now.

Rose has a whopping 2.1 million subscribers on her YouTube channel. She has uploaded 140 videos on her channel, with more than 72 million combined views as of June 2022.

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Taking about her TikTok, she has over 18 million followers. Rose has also amassed more than 500 million combined likes on her TikTok content. Her TikToks are primarily funny and talk about the quirks of living with mates and life in general.

Her YouTube content mainly revolves around her private life and glam and makeup tutorials. As she recently moved to a new house, many of her videos talk about the experience and hurdles of moving into a new house.

Presence on Instagram and Twitter

Salice Rose has a vibrant presence on all major social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. She primarily uses her accounts to interact with her everyday fans and followers.

Moreover, she has recently started making more content on her Instagram by introducing Reels on the platform. Her Instagram content is quite similar to her TikTok content.

Similarly, she uses her Twitter to give updates about her life to her fans and followers. She has often been conversing with her fans and followers on her platforms.

Internet Presence in a Gist

YouTube: 2.1 million subscribers

TikTok: 18.9 million followers

Instagram: 15.2 million followers

Twitter: 328.8k followers

Personal Life and Struggle

Salice Rose became a lesbian when she was 16 years old but later understood that she was bisexual. Her family has always supported her sexuality and helped her through tough times.

Rose is quite open to her fans about her life and relationships. She has talked about girlfriends and boyfriends in her videos with her fans which they adore.

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She especially went through tough times in 2019. Rose even felt suicidal and elaborated on her feeling in one of her videos. At the period, she was going through a wave of depression which ended thanks to the love and support she received from her friends and family.

Relationships, Boyfriends, and Girlfriends

Salice Rose has been open about her mental health and other ongoing subjects of her life. But she has always kept informed about the identities of her boyfriend or girlfriend away from the public eye.

Salice Rose boyfriend
Salice Rose with her rumored partner Brilynn
Source: The Netline

Rose is an internet celebrity and knows the pros and cons of being a famous face. So, she has always tried to keep her loved ones away from the toxicity of the Internet.

In 2019, Salice Rose revealed in her videos that she was dating a girl named Brilynn, but there aren’t further updates available. It cannot be said with certainty if she is dating her as of now or not.

Salice Rose Net Worth

As per online reports, Salice Rose has an estimated net worth of around $400k as of 2022. Most of her revenue comes from her content sponsorships. She can also be seen making Sponsored Instagram posts that add to her wealth.

Rose hasn’t revealed any specific investment she has made in the stock market or the real estate. She recently bought a new house which she moved into a few weeks ago.

Frequently Asked Questions About Salice Rose

  • How do her fans contact Salice Rose?

Salice Rose is quite down-to-earth, and she receives a ton of requests for conversions. She does her best and tries to answer the queries of her fans, mainly on Twitter. So, Twitter is the best way to contact her.

  • Which religion does Salice Rose follow?

Salice Rose is a devout spiritual Christian. She has often told her videos that God has always been with her in her darkest times. When she felt suicidal, she began attending church, which helped her get closer to God.

  • What is Salice Rose famous for?

Salice Rose is famous for her lifestyle and comedic videos, which she posts on her YouTube. Her content is often light-hearted and helps her viewers enjoy the time they spend on her channel.

  • What is Salice Rose’s real name?

She is known as Salice Rose on all her platforms, but her real name is Lindsay Salice. The young internet celebrity is yet to reveal the meaning behind her pseudonym. But it is guessed that she uses the pseudonym just because she likes it.

  • What is  Salice Rose’s ethnicity?

Salice Rose was born in America to Peruvian parents. She describes herself as a Latina. She has deep familial roots in Peru. Her content can often be seen making Peruvian references that show her love of her heritage.

Interesting Facts About Salice Rose:

  • Talking about Rose’s hobbies, she likes to sing and dance. She also shares her performances with her fans through her videos.
  • Salice Rose is known by many names like Salsa Roja, Popeyes Queen, and Mama Biscuit. All of her characters are based on the content she makes.
  • The young internet celebrity was born in Lancaster, California.
  • Salice Rose is bilingual and speaks both Spanish and English fluently. She knows Spanish, thanks to her community and family.
  • Rose currently lives in Los Angelos in a luxurious house she recently bought.
  • Her content viewership is based on her connection with her fans and followers.
  • Rose has also recently started making content based on her glam and makeup. She posts makeup tutorials about her recent outfits on her YouTube channel.
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