Ron DeSantis Wife Casey DeSantis Parents, Bio, Wedding, Net Worth 2023 [Updated 2023]

Ron DeSantis wife, Casey DeSantis is the First Lady of Florida. Before becoming one of the well-recognized people in the government, Casey was a TV personality.

Making her way to the position wasn’t easy as it took her more than two decades. Now, Casey is happy with her life and making sure she does her work right.

casey desantis age
Casey DeSantis age is 43 years.
Image Source: Instagram

Many people know Casey as the wife of Ron DeSantis but now she has made her name known on her own. Both Ron and Casey are equally known.

In this article, we will talk about all the detail of Casey DeSantis. So let’s go through her article.

Casey DeSantis: Biography

Full Name Jill Casey DeSantis
Famous as  Ron DeSantis Wife
Date of birth 26th June 1980
Birthplace Troy, Ohio, United States
Age 43 years
Sun sign Cancer
Nationality American
Father Name Robert Black
Mothers’ Name Jeanne Caponigro
Net Worth Under Review
Social Media Presence Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter
Height 5 feet 6 inches
Weight 55 kg
Hair Color Brown
Nationality American
Ethnicity Mixed
Sexuality Straight
Eye color Grey
Last Update On April 2023

What is Ron DeSantis Wife Ethnicity?

Casey DeSantis was born to a couple of two different races. Her father comes from a White ethnic background. While her mother comes from a Caucasian ethnic background.

casey desantis with her husband ron desantis and her three children
Casey DeSantis with her husband Ron DeSantis and her three children in an event.
Image Source: Instagram

Summing up, Ron DeSantis wife ethnicity is mixed. Her sexual orientation is straight. Similarly, Casey has faith in Christianity. According to her birthdate, DeSantis’s zodiac sign is Cancer.

Who is Ron DeSantis Wife?

Jill Casey DeSantis is the wife of Ron DeSantis. She is mostly known as the wife of Ron DeSantis. In the media zone, Jill is known as Casey DeSantis.

Casey DeSantis Parents and Siblings

Ron DeSantis wife, Casey DeSantis was born into an average family. Her parents’ names are Robert Black and Jeanne Caponigro.

She is the second child of Robert and Jeanne. Yet, there is no information about the number and the name of her siblings.

DeSantis’s father, Robert Black is an optometrist and former officer of the US Air Force. Her mother, Jeanne Caponigro is a speech pathologist.

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Two of DeSantis’s parents are working. Because of this, Casey got a better life ahead and a better future to look at. Casey DeSantis parents nationality is American.

Casey DeSantis Age and Height

The former TV personality, Casey DeSantis age is 43 years. She holds the nationality of America. DeSantis has become one of the prime members of the US government.

DeSantis is constantly captured in the frame and is very conscious about her looks. Making herself fit and strong is her second priority after the responsibility she has to look on.

casey desantis with her three children at nfl ground
Casey DeSantis with her three children watching NFL.
Image Source: Instagram

Casey’s weight is 55 kg. Her height is 5 feet 6 inches. This ratio between weight and height is perfect for a healthy body.

Since she already loves looking good, Casey’s grey eyes and brown hair have given more boost to her looks.

Early life and Education

The former news and TV show host, Casey DeSantis was born on 26th June 1980. She grew up in a corner of the United States.

For Casey, growing up was not much fun. It is because both her parent worked and didn’t have much for their children. Yet, she was cared for by her nanny.

Talking about her educational background, DeSantis is a graduate of Colle of Charleston. There, Casey received a Bachelor of Science in Economics. She also came to do a minor in French.


Ron DeSantis wife, Casey DeSantis’s working journey began as a host in TV shows. She was so good at her work that Casey got many opportunities ahead.

DeSantis has worked as an anchor and newscaster for WJXT. She has not worked with only one company but multiple companies in long run.

Even Casey has worked with CNN. Soon, DeSantis became one of the much-watched faces in Jacksonville. So, she encountered the political part and got a chance to be the First Lady of Florida.

In February 2019, Casey became the First Lady of Flordia. Thereafter, she participated in tons of events.

Who is Ron DeSantis?

Ron DeSantis is a politician. He is also a former lieutenant commander of the US Navy working from 2004 to 2019.

DeSantis was born on 14th September 1978 in Jacksonville, Florida, United States. Currently, he is residing at Governer Mansion.

ron desantis height
Ron DeSantis height is 6 feet 1 inch.
Image Source: Instagram

Talking about his physical stats, Ron’s height is 6 feet 1 inch. He has a pair of brown eyes and black hair.

After his retirement from US Navy, DeSantis entered politics. Even now, he is holding a position in the Republican party.

His journey from US Navy to a politician made him earn tons of money. Yet, there is no exact information about Ron DeSantis’s net worth.

Ron and Casey DeSantis Relationship

The couple Ron and Casey first meet on a golf course. During that time, Ron DeSantis was a naval officer at Naval Station Mayport.

They instantly created a connection with each other. At one time, the couple Ron and Casey started dating.

Ron DeSantis and Casey DeSantis Japan Tour

The meeting between Ron DeSantis and the Japanese prime minister Fumio Kishida was the talk of the town.

More than that it was about the beautiful wife of Ron DeSantis which was the highlight. The reason for the meeting was to strengthen the relation between Japan and USA.

Japan has recently rolled out a five year military expansion plan which costs them $315 billion. DeSantis will also announce his run for 2024 GOP presidential nomination traveled Japan with his wife Casey.

Ron and Casey Marriage

On 26th September 2009, Ron and Casey DeSantis got married. They were planning for their marriage for ages.

Ron and Casey wedding ceremony came to be grand. Their ceremony was attended by their friends and family.

Ron and Casey DeSantis Children

After some years of marriage, Ron and Casey welcomed their first children. Together they are the parents of three children.

Out of which, two are daughters and one is a son. They have become great mother and father and is taking care of their children very well.

Casey DeSantis Cancer

Casey DeSantis was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. On 4th October 2021, Ron DeSantis announced that his wife Casey is diagnosed with breast cancer.

It was painful to know everyone and sad about it. But just after a few months of announcing her cancer, Casey was free from it. On 3rd March 2022, Casey DeSantis was freed from breast cancer.

Casey DeSantis Net Worth

Casey DeSantis net worth is not known yet. Since she is connected with the government, DeSantis only shares a few of her detail.

Due to this, we could barely know her net worth in the future also. Yet, both Ron and Casey are in a good position. Thus, both of them are living luxurious life.

Casey DeSantis Instagram

Instagram: 173k followers

Fecbook: 5.2k followers

Twitter: 432.8k followers

Interesting facts about Casey DeSantis

  • In February 2019, Casey become the First Lady of Florida.
  • Ron and Casey have welcomed three children but the detail about them is missing.
  • Before becoming the First lady of Florida, Casey worked as an anchor, host, news reporter, and many more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What did Casey DeSantis do?

Casey DeSantis is the first lady of Florida.

What is Ron DeSantis wife ethnicity?

Ron DeSantis wife ethnicity is mixed. She comes from a Caucasian and White ethnic background.

Who is Florida, the first lady?

Casey DeSantis is the Florida first lady.

When did Ron DeSantis get married?

In 2009, Ron got married to Casey DeSantis.

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