Ready Set Food Net Worth 2023 (Before and After Shark Tank)

Ready Set Food has been an interesting concept when we talk about the food industry. Appearance in Shark Tank did provide the owners with great limelight. Everybody as of now is willing to know Ready Set Food net worth.

ready set food net worth is $9.3 million as of 2023
Ready Set Food net worth in 2023 is $9.3 million.
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They had a handful of net worth to run and make an impact on before Shark Tank but things have changed drastically post the appearance in Shark Tank. Today we will discuss Ready Set Food net worth, earnings, and what it actually is.

What is Ready Set Food?

Ready Set Food is an allergy prevention program founded by the allergist to help your baby get habituated to the allergens early as a baby.

Ready Set Food Net Worth 2023

Everybody is willing to know about Ready Set Food net worth. Before jumping into the Shark Tank episode not a lot of people knew about Ready Set Food. But things have changed after the appearance in the Shark Tank episode.

Ready Set Food networth before being part of Shark Tank was $3.5 million. It was more of source funding. Moving along the way, they have made good money for their business.

At this point in time, Ready Set Food net worth stands at $9.3 million. The business entity has found 12 investors to this point which increases its brand value.

Until 2022, Ready Set Food had a total of 25000 regular users who generated a massive amount of revenue for the company.

How Did Ready Set Food get started?

The story behind the start of Ready Set Food is quite interesting. Every top-level partner of this program is a proud parent which makes things easier.

dr katie dr andrew and dr daniel at shark tank pitching
Dr. Katie, Dr. Andrew, and Daniel during the pitching of Shark Tank.
Image Source: Shark Tank Recap

Dr. Katie started the idea of Ready Set Food and there was no going back. She introduced allergen food to two of her kids and the result was worth the watch.

With the idea to bring change in the allergen food for kids, she joined hands with Dr. Andrew Leitner and CEO Daniel Zakowski. Both the remaining partners had gone through a similar allergen experience and they thought why not.

All three partners of Ready Set Food had the common goal to help children who find it tough to have a nutritious future and started the company in 2018.

Ready Set Food Got a Deal from Mark Cuban in Shark Tank

The team of Ready Set Food did light up Shark Tank with their pitching. Dr. Katie made the first impression with the existing problem while her team members covered up the aspects of baby chewing and also the clarity on food.

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The interest of Sharks immediately grew in the program and was interested to make the bidding. Every shark jumped in with their thought. Ready Set Food asked for $350k for 7% of the equity in the company.

Kevin made an offer of 11% at the same price. To make matters more interesting Lori entered for providing the loan with 2% interest and a royalty of 1$ per unit until half a million is paid and 7% goes for equity.

After the two sharks, it was the turn of Mark Cuban who saw the educational aspect of Ready Set Food. Mark offered $350k for 12% with a contingency to offer for low-income families. Daniel the finance guy countered with 9.5%.

Interestingly Mark came up to 10% for the same price. Daniel was in the condition of confusion but in the end, made the deal. Mark Cuban even stated that the product has huge upside potential in the future.

Ready Set is bigger after Shark Tank

As everyone expected Ready Set Food to only grow further in Shark Tank, they did the same. Ready Set Food was beyond anyone’s imagination in growth. With the renowned doctors advertising it, things went on a positive trail.

Besides the $350k, Mark Cuban came in with $3.5 million of investment. Things have gone better and better with Chief Marketing Officer being added. This has helped the products to move past Stages 1, 2, and now 3.

Talking about sales it was $450k during the start of business in 2019. Cut to 2022 and Ready Set Food made an annual revenue of $3.5 million which is exciting for the future.

Ready Set Food has some healthy competition

For a business earning some colossal money through sales, competition is understandable. Ready Set Food net worth has gone through the roof and the competition is getting higher.

Talking about the better competitors for Ready Set Food they have to deal with few of them.

  • Eat Natural
  • Keen Protein Inc
  • Keto Breads
  • Ceremony Cacao
  • No Whey Chocolate

You can buy Ready Set Food Products Online

In the world of the internet, it is very easy to get Ready Set Food products at your doorstep. The ever-growing company has highlighted the sale of its products online.

You can even follow the website of Ready Set Food to get your desired product. The website has the facility of separate purchases along with the educational system attested to it.

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