Why You Should Not Watch My Dress Up Darling? Review, Cast, Seasons

If you love cosplaying, is it not your dream to have someone who will fulfill your desire to put on whichever clothes you want? Then you need “My Dress Up Darling.”

This anime show is dedicated to the Otakus, or people who love cosplaying. The anime depicts the struggle of the cosplayer and inside visualization behind the effort of every cosplayer to get those impeccable pictures.

My Dress Up Darling
My Dress Up Darling poster
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 My Dress Up Darling caught the eye of people all over the world because of its character representation. The huge bright pink eye of the protagonist, the way she manicured or maintained her nails, and certainly how Cloverworks adapted into the animation are worth praising. 

The anime series will definitely lighten up your heart, twinkle your eye and motivate you to try your hand at cosplaying. 

Basic Information in My Dress Up Darling

  • Written By: Shinichi Fukuda
  • Directed By: Keisuke Shinohara
  • Genre: Comedy, Ecchi, Romance, Seinen, Slice of Life
  • Studios: Cloverwoks
  • Duration: 23 minutes per episode


The episode starts by introducing the main character Wakana Gojo, a high school student. As a young kid, his eye fell upon one of his grandfather’s Hina Dolls and fell in love instantly. 

Gojo became determined to become a Hina doll craftsman at a very young age. He used to have one friend, but it appears that his colleague never understood her. 

His friend criticized him for admiring dolls as a boy and it broke his heart. From that moment on, the protagonist found it hard to make friends, and suddenly, he was a lonesome high school student. 

My Dress Up Darling
Marin and Gojo together looking for cosplaying ideas
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Gojo was like an invisible person in his entire school, where he had no one to talk to or spend his time with. Due to his lonely personality, his classmates often use him to accomplish school chores. 

That did not happen until he met Marin Kitagawa. Ont he other hand, she was a beautiful, loud, noisy girl who was adored by all. No matter where she went, all of the eyes were on her. 

She is one of the popular characters who is adored by the female demographics as well. Her love for the anime character Shizuka-tan and passion for cosplaying made her closer to Wakana. 

Surprisingly Gojo also came into the limelight. Now, the two of them are collaborating to follow their passion and determination for cosplaying and dolls. 

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Later Marin founds out that Gojo has a knack for tailoring. So, she asks him to make cosplaying garments of Shizuka-tan. 

As for Wakana, he has no idea about Shizuka and researches the character. Later, he finds out that it is an erotic character and his challenge is to take the perfect measurement of Marin rather than sewing the clothes.

Main Character of My Dress Up Darling

Wakana Gojo

He is a kind young high school student who does not have any friends. Surprisingly, his hobbies and preference are totally different from those of his age. 

Wakana always stays in the shadow as people can hardly understand his love for Hina dolls. He is a sweet, loving guy who has a mole under his right eye. 

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Although he has been honing her skill to make the Hina Dolls, Wakan has not yet mastered the skills. Ont he other hands, he is skilled in making their clothes. 

On the journey of becoming a craftsman, he realizes that it takes a lot of practice and years of experience to master the skill. However, he does not give up and does everything in his power to surpass the limit. 

Marin Kitagawa

Beautiful, hot, and an ideal student Marin Kitagawa is an extrovert character who is a big Otaku. She is proactive, clumsy with details, and head over heels for an anime character. 

Her dream is to cosplay and be exactly like a character Shizuka-tan. Unlike most girls, she is an adult anime character and does not even flinch from daring to cosplay like her. 

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She has perfect well-toned, manicured hands and bright glistening pink eyes. Although blonde, she loves black hair. 

Marin has six piercings in her right ear and often wears ear accessories. She prefers wearing a hoop on her ear lobe, three studs, and two dynamic ear accessories. 

Sajuna Inui

Or should we call her “Cosplay Goddess,” who goes by the nickname Juju. Her love for cosplaying and knowledge of Gojo’s impeccable costume designing skill brings her closer to Marin and Gojo. 

My Dress Up Darling juju
The cosplaying goddess Juju
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Despite being a sophomore, her appearance mistook her for a high or elementary school student. She is an outgoing personality and does not step back to get what she wants by hook or crook. 

However, she has a heart of gold and can ask for forgiveness if she feels like it. She appears regular from episode six.

Shinju Inui

The younger sister of Sajuna, Shinju, is the shy one. Just like her sister, she is also into cosplaying. But is afraid to do so because of her sister’s high standards. 

Unlike Sajuna, she has a voluptuous figure, and many mistake her for being an adult. But when it comes to her cosplaying choice, she prefers to be guys. 

My Dress Up Darling juju sister
Juju’s sister Shinju Inui cosplaying as a man
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Due to her D-cup size chest, it becomes tough for her to get the look of flat-chested guys. However, Gojo comes o the rescue and saves the day. Watch the show to find out how?

Why You Should Not Watch My Dress Up Darling?

Well, My Dress Up Darling is not everyone’s cup of tea. If you are a man then it is obvious that you are thoroughly going to enjoy the show because it is solely produced to entertain a certain gender.

However, if you are a girl then some scenes might offend you and eventually ruin your experience. In addition, if you are a cosplayer then this anime must be number one on your list.

Also, we feel that the story development of this anime is pretty slow which might bother some of the viewers.

Frequently Asked Questions About My Dress Up Darling

  • Is My Dress Up Darling inappropriate?

Well, the choice differs from person to person. In our opinion, there were a few inappropriate scenes, but that does not make the whole show inappropriate to watch. 

  • Is My Dress Up Darling a romance?

Yes, as the show progresses, there is a romantic story. We would like to say it is a romantic comedy rather than completely romantic. 

  • What age is My Dress Up Darling? How old is Kitagawa?

Marin is 15 years old in the show. 

  • How popular is My Dress Up Darling?

In 2022, manga could sell more than 1.5 million copies. By now, the manga has been sold to more than 5.5 million all over the globe.

  • What anime is Marin Kitagawa from?

Marin is from the anime and manga ser of My Dress-Up Darling. 

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