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Maddie Phillips is a Canadian actress who is famous for her role in movies like Teenage Bounty Hunters, Ghost Wars, Supernatural, and many more.

Apart from being searched for her movies, she also became a well-searched personality on the net because of her relationship status.

maddie phillips age
Maddie Phillips is 28 years old
Image Source: Instagram

Every fan of hers wants to know, who is she dating. It has become one of the few things in her life that she wants to cover up. But there is nothing that is hidden from the people for a long.

In this article, we will learn about Maddie Phillips’s relationship status and who is she dating now. So, let’s go through the article.

Who is Maddie Phillips Dating Now?

Maddie Phillips is a well-searched actress on the internet these days. It is because fans want to know about her relationship status and also about her upcoming series Gen V.

So, who exactly is Maddie Phillips dating? Well, Maddie isn’t dating anyone right now. This has made people arise questions about Phillips’s sexuality.

But she has nothing to say about it. Coming back to her relationship status, Maddie was in a relationship but all of them were on screen. Apart from that, there no relationship exists for her right now.

Maddie Phillips Past Relationship

According to some reports, Maddie once falls in love. She once was in a relationship that does not exist right now. Even, Phillips has not talked about either anywhere.

maddie phillips boyfriend
Maddie Phillips isn’t dating anyone
Image Source: Instagram

Because of this, people have become curious to know about her previous relationship. Yet again, she has nothing to say about it either.

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There are some rumors that, because of her previous relationship, Maddie is heartbroken and doesn’t want to stay in any kind of relationship now.

Maddie Phillips (Cate Dunlap) On The Series Gen V

Maddie Phillips is playing the role of Cate Dunlap in the upcoming series Gen V. The series will be released this year. The fans are hyped to see Maddie Phillips once again on the screen.

The Gen V series can be aired anytime soon on Prime Video. Gen V’s first look was dropped on Youtube in December 2022.

Who is Maddie Phillips?

Maddie Phillips is a Canadian actress. She was born on 6th September 1994 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

This Canadian actress was born to a beautiful couple. Her father remains a businessman while her mother is a homemaker.

maddie phillips net worth
Maddie Phillips net worth is $5 million
Image Source: Instagram

Maddie begin her acting journey in 2013. The fact she was determined to be an actress from the age of six is impressive and she did achieve it.

Phillips is known for several movies such as Teenage Bounty Hunters, Ghost Wars, Supernatural, Loudermilk, and many more.

Now, Maddie lives in many people’s hearts as one of their favorite actresses. Besides acting, she was also seen in one of the music videos called Sleepin.

Till now, Maddie has worked in 36 movies and tv series and made a good fortune out of it. As of 2023, Maddie Phillips net worth is $5 million.

Maddie Phillips Instagram

Maddie Phillips is active on both Instagram and Twitter. On both of her social media accounts, she rarely uploads any pictures or videos.

Instagram: 159k followers

Twitter: 16.1k followers


Who played Harper Sales in Supernatural?

Maddie Phillips played Harper Sales in Supernatural.

Who plays Cara in Van Helsing?

Maddie Phillips played Cara in Van Helsing.

Who is Maddie Phillips dating?

As of now, Maddie isn’t dating anyone.

How old is Maddie Phillips?

Phillips is 28 years old.

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