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Playing the violin can be tough for many. But Lindsey Stirling is not one of them. She has been able to make a huge name with her violin-playing skills. Lindsey Stirling net worth is also proof of it.

lindsey stirling height
Lindsey Stirling height is 5 ft 3 inches.
Image Source: Instagram

Not only playing the violin with great ease but Lindsey Stirling is better known to be a composer, dancer, and performance artist. However today we will talk all about Lindsey Stirling net worth in detail.

Lindsey Stirling: Quick Facts

Full Name Lindsey Stirling
Net worth $12 million
Date of birth 21st September 1986
Birthplace California, USA
Age 37 years
Sun sign Virgo
Father name Stephen Stirling
Mothers’ Name Diane Stirling
Height 5 ft 3 inches
Weight 51 kgs
Body Measurement Not Known
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Sexuality Straight
Eye color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Profession Violinist, Performer, Composer
Sibling 1
Children None
Marital Status Single
Social Media Presence Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook
Last update on February 2023

Who Is Lindsey Stirling?

Lindsey Stirling is a talented violin player, performer, dancer, and composer. Stirling started to play the violin at the age of 5 years.

Lindsey Stirling Net Worth 2023 and Salary

One of the finest violinists of the time, Lindsey Stirling has made some massive progress when we talk about it. As of 2023 Lindsey Stirling net worth is $12 million.

The initial success for Lindsey came from her social media popularity. However, in recent time, violin expert has been part of some of the big projects.

lindsey stirling net worth
Lindsey Stirling net worth is $12 million.
Image Source: Instagram

When we talk about the salary, Lindsey Stirling has been able to make $6 million annually as a part of her salary. Having said this, Lindsey Stirling net worth will only increase.

Lindsey Stirling Youtube Earnings

One of the bigger reasons why Lindsey Stirling is a household name is due to her fame on Youtube. She has been able to make around $6400 per day from her Youtube channel.

Talking about Youtube earnings, she makes around $2.4 million annually which is the key. She has been part of some of the tours which add to her earnings with ease.


As the skilled task is of playing the violin, Lindsey Stirling loves to spend it on luxuries. A huge amount of Lindsey Stirling net worth has been used for the purchase of a house.

In total the house cost her $2.38 million which she paid all in cash. Fair to say that she has quite the sum collected.

The LA house has some of the finest etiquette present in it. From the area of 2000 sq ft to the hardwood floors and natural decor, the house can make you fall in love.

Similarly, there is the presence of three beds, two bathrooms, and a fully furnished kitchen with limestone countertops.

Detached guesthouse with own kitchen, bedroom suite, garage, romantic dining space outdoor, and the children’s playset. Fair to say that it is one of the finest living properties for Lindsey.

Lindsey Stirling America’s Got Talent Fame

One of the biggest reasons why the world knows Lindsey Stirling is due to her magic with the violin in America’s Got Talent. Although she didn’t make it all the way to the final she was pretty good.

Lindsey at the age of 23 was part of America’s Got Talent 5th season. Judges liked her performance and even called her hip-hop violinist.

Her skill set of playing the violin and also adding dancing to it was the key to things. Following the exit in the quarterfinal, Lindsey was able to do bigger shows and earn more fame.

Collaboration with Yamaha

One of the biggest achievements in the life of Lindsey Stirling is the collaboration with Yamaha. She has been able to work alongside Yamaha for the creation of her own violin.

The concept for the violin came to Yamaha when they saw the Youtube video named Crystallize. Stirling was fully focused on creating a cost-effective violin.

lindsey stirling age
Lindsey Stirling age is 37 years old.
Image Source: Instagram

A violin player who loves to upgrade their instrument can easily purchase the Lindsey Stirling-inspired violin and enjoy their time.

Along with the collaboration, the violin player has been able to launch her own Branded Rosin. This Rosin is used in the violin to provide an excellent grip and also deliver a clear tone for the players.

Lindsey Stirling Movies and TV Shows

As she gained popular fame, works started to flow for Lindsey Stirling. A huge amount of Lindsey Stirling net worth is the result of association with big movies and TV shows.

  • A Fabled Holiday
  • Pete’s Dragon
  • The Old Man and the Gun
  • A Ghost Story
  • S.A.L.E.M
  • Upside
  • Underground
  • Sleepwalking


If you gain success pretty early, controversies are something that comes along. Lindsey Stirling, isn’t liked by another fellow violinist.

Other fellow violinists have said that Lindsey creates music that is ear-pleasing, mass-grabbing, and not classical.

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Stirling has also been criticized for the fact that her music doesn’t have the right precision and rigor which is needed.

Similarly, one of her tweets related to not respecting women did make things harder. She wasn’t in full support of the LGBTQ community.

Some of her fans even stated that Stirling being a woman has not shown the right support for females. This created a big buzz and Lindsey did stand her ground with the lack of support.

Charity Works

Lindsey Stirling net worth might not be a huge number but she has a very big heart. This musician diva was able to help people in need through the charity work in The Upside Fund.

The Upside Fund is dedicated to providing medical help and services to people who come from a certain income threshold.

Stirling did provide a generous amount to the cause. Along with this, Lindsey was also part of the outreach program during the COVID-19 days for families with low-income backgrounds.

Through this outreach program, Lindsey has been able to donate millions of dollars. Not only single-handedly but there were donations to the Upside fund which did help people.

Lindsey Stirling Youtube

There has been a huge fan following when we talk about Lindsey Stirling through her social media handles. You can even follow the diva on:

Instagram: 2.2m followers

Twitter: 490k followers

Youtube: 13.6m subscribers

Facebook: 4m followers

Interesting Facts about Lindsey Stirling

  • Lindsey took her interest in the field of violin at the age of 5.
  • Stirling was part of Season 25 of Dancing with the Stars alongside Mark Ballas.
  • Lindsey has a pet dog Luna Latte which is pretty close to her.
  • Her song Crystallize was the 8th most-watched song in the year 2012 on Youtube.


What happened to Lindsey Stirling?

Lindsey Stirling suffers from aneroxia. She found it out while working at a treatment centre.

What is Lindsey Stirling net worth in 2023?

As of 2023, Lindsey Stirling net worth is $12 million.

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